13 Types of Extreme Diets You Must Be Aware Before Try

An extreme diet is usually done to get an ideal body in a very short time. If done correctly, this kind of diet will provide maximum results and priceless satisfaction. Below are several types of extreme diets that are quite popular.

1. Paleo Diet

Paleo diet mimics the diet of our ancestors in ancient times. This means that dieters should not consume processed foods and can not use spices in the food. Examples of foods that are allowed are:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Beans
    Beans are one of foods high in zinc that have many health benefits.
  • Grilled meat

While foods that become taboo for example are fried chicken, cereal, milk, foods containing preservatives and salt.

2. OCD

This diet is popularized by Indonesia’s public figure Deddy Corbuzier. He was inspired by the diet of the Shaolin monks. Basically this diet resembles fasting. You can eat at the time window. The rest of the time you should only drink water. For example, you decide to try 6 hours window time during the day. Thus, from 12 pm to 6 pm you can eat anything. But from 6 pm to 12 pm the next day you should not eat at all and not snacking as well.

3. Mono Diet

Mono diet is quite popular in recent years. Mono Diet only allows you to consume one type of food throughout the day. For example, let’s say you choose to consume only fruits. Then at breakfast you eat bananas, at lunch you eat apples and at dinner you eat watermelon. Or it could be as follows, at breakfast you only eat protein, at lunch you only eat fruits and at dinner you only eat vegetables. This diet cuts massively the amount of calories that enter the body so it is expected to lose weight fast. However, dieters are likely to be bored quickly because the food menu is not varied.

4. Five Bites Diet

This diet means five bites literally. You can eat anything for only five bites. You order pizza, you eat it only five bites. You order fried chicken, you eat it only five bites. You order steak, you eat it only five bites. And so on. Because the amount of calories that go into the body is drastically reduced, the body will burn its fat stores to meet energy needs.

Thus weight will decrease. This diet still allows you to get a balanced nutrition. You can include carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, vitamins (read benefits of vitamin B5 for body health) and minerals into your daily menu. Drink plenty of water when you run this diet to keep your stomach full and avoid dehydration.

5. Fist Diet

Dieters measure the portion of their meal based on the fist. For guidelines, one meal consists of one fist of carbohydrate, one fist of protein head, two fist of vegetables and three fingers of fat.

6. Air Diet

It is probably the most extreme diet because you are only allowed to smell the food and strictly prohibited to touch it. You can see it, sniff it, but you can not eat it.

7. Nose Diet

This is arguably the opposite of the air diet. When you eat, you have to cover your nose so that you can not smell the aroma of food. It is expected that ultimately this way will suppress your appetite.

8. Ice Cubes Diet

Ice cubes can be used to manipulate hunger. It is because ice cubes can make the stomach feel full even if it has no calories. But if this diet is done continuously over long periods, the body will lack nutrients and inevitably have a negative impact on health.

9. Blue Glasses Diet

This diet is popular in Japan. Dieters are required to wear blue glasses while eating to make food look less attractive and ultimately reduce their appetite.

10. Fruit Diet

Of all types of extreme diets, fruit diet is unquestionably the most popular. Celebrities often do fruit diet to maintain their amazing body shape. This method is believed to lose weight really fast. As the name implies, dieters only eat fruits, any kind of fruits (except for  list of poisonous fruits in the world you should avoid). The most popular is apple. Although fruits contain many vitamins and minerals that are good for health, the fruit diet can not be done forever. The body still needs carbohydrates and proteins for energy sources and regeneration of body’s cells.

11. Chewing Diet

This diet was popular in the 1900s. It requires you to chew food as much as 32-40 times before swallowing. This aims to smooth the food so that when it comes to the digestive tract, the food nutrition can be absorbed easily. In addition, with chewing longer you spend more calories.

12. The Cabbage Soup Diet

As the name implies, this diet only allows you to consume cabbage soup. Cabbage does not contain carbohydrates and fats, two things that are greatly avoided by dieters. In the absence of carbohydrate and fat intake, the body will burn its fat reserves for energy needs. Thus you will lose weight very quickly. But cabbage soup diet should be done carefully. However, the body needs a balanced nutritional intake to function properly. By the way, cabbage is one of beneficial vegetables for low blood count.

13. Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet is popular since practiced by Jennifer Lopez and Kate Middleton. The diet recommends consuming only protein and water for at least five days. This will encourage the body to break down fat reserves into energy sources. However, it is not recommended to do this diet for a long-term.

Well, those are some types of extreme diets to add to your knowledge. If you want to do extreme diet, you should consult your doctor first. Extreme diets are usually performed by those who are obsessed with a slim body. They want quick results regardless of their health risks. But you can’t be a fool. Ideal body is not built in a day. A wiser and much better way is to watch what you eat and exercise regularly. Healthy lifestyle is also necessary to keep the body stay healthy and in good shape.

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