Can I Bathe with Soap During Chicken Pox? Controlling The Itch with Natural Remedies

Chickenpox or varicella is a well-known disease for most of the people. This disease generally infect young kids, especially kids that are below the age of 10. Although, it is still possible for adults to suffer this disease as well. Chickenpox generally can be observed by the occurrence of red dots on the skin. The dots will become more and more as the time goes by, and it surely will affect your appearance. Besides, people who suffer chickenpox will feel itch, tired, fever and the body will feel weak.

Although generally this disease is not categorized as a very dangerous disease, it can make the sufferer’s immune system fail. If in certain condition and not immediately treated, it surely can lead to death. It is very important for the sufferer to maintain the nutritional intake of the body.

Because with great nutritional intake, it will make the immune system of the body stronger. Little by little it will get rid of the chickenpox virus from the body. People who suffer chickenpox is also advised to pay attention to any activities that can make chickenpox worse. One of the activities that should be avoided or not allowed is taking a bath or shower.

By taking a bath or shower, it will make the rashes to take more time for the healing process. It will cause the rashes to dry slower because of the humidity and later will create effects such as many black spots. That is the reason why people who suffer chickenpox is not allowed to take a bath or show often, because it will somehow slow down the healing process.

The question is can I bathe with soap during chicken pox? Other than, taking a bath or shower, there are a few things for people who suffer chickenpox to avoid:

1. Not Getting Out Of The House

For people who suffer chickenpox, the second prohibition is not getting out of the house. When exposed by outside air, it is very likely for allergy to occur and it will make many more red dots on the skin. This condition surely will affect the healing process. So, if it is really emergency to go outside, it is better to wear long sleeves shirt and long pants. Using umbrella is a good option as well. With skin being covered, it will prevent the allergy reaction.

2. Avoid Cold Weather

Can I bathe with soap during chicken pox? Weather in particular can affect the healing process. The cold weather somehow can be bad for people who suffer chickenpox. Chickenpox virus tend to be easily grow and spread if the weather is cold. It will make the red dots on the skin become more and more.

This is the reason why people who suffer chickenpox better avoid the cold weather. It is even much better to be able to warm the body during these circumstances. Especially with people who have allergy of cold, need to know about ways to prevent allergy of cold. Here are more to read: Natural Ways to Get Rid of Chickenpox on Body and Face Faster

3. Do Not Get Too Close With Other People

It is not a good thing for people who suffer chickenpox to get close with other people. Chickenpox virus is very easily spreaded through air, let alone through direct physical contact. It is very important to note to prevent our loved ones to get infected by chickenpox.

4. Do Not Change Clothes

The next prohibition for people who suffer chickenpox is changing clothes. When wearing clothes, the virus will stay on the clothes. This also happens when using the towel.

So when people who suffer chickenpox change clothes, the virus will be exposed and it can infect other people as well. So it is better to avoid it, because chickenpox virus is really contagious and can easily replicate itself. Here are more to read:  Traditional Ways to Cure Chicken Pox Fast

Natural Remedies for Chicken Pox

Other than the prohibitions mentioned above, people who suffer chickenpox is obligated to know the treatment of chickenpox. So, the contagious disease can get out of your body system immediately. These are the treatments:

1. Using Skin Moisturizer

Skin moisturizer is necessary for people who suffer chickenpox because it will keep the skin moist. Dry skin will make things worse, the red dots will become bad and easy to burst. When the dots burst, there will be water or some kind of disturbing slime that come out of it. Moisturizer can be found in pharmacy story or directly from the doctor.

2. Eating Warm and Soft Food

There will be times when people who suffer chickenpox will feel the body weakness and lack of energy. Warm and soft food will make the body feel more relaxed and comfortable. With great nutritional intake from the warm and soft food, it will really be helpful for the healing process. Here are more to read: Can I Give Egg to Kids Suffering from Chicken Pox? Knowing and Understanding Before It Gets Worse.

3. Eating Noni Fruit

Noni fruit is really recommended to eat for people who suffer chickenpox. This fruit is really effective to treat chickenpox on the body because it contains a lot of vitamins needed by the body. Eating noni fruit regularly will be really helpful for the healing process.

4. Eating Mung Bean

Not only great to become porridge, mung bean is also really beneficial for people who suffer chickenpox. Mung bean has important nutritional values that are needed to treat people who suffer chickenpox. Other than that, mung bean is also capable to heal the black scar or spots caused by chickenpox disease. Here are more to read: Traditional Ways to Cure Chicken Pox

5. Wearing Light Weight Clothes

Light weight clothes made of soft material will be very comfortable and not will scratch the skin. The red dots on the skin will not be scratched or even burst. This is important because if the red dots burst before the right time, it will slow down the healing process.

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