7 Risks of Eating Raw Eggs For Body Health

Eggs are one of the most popular foodstuffs that taste good and will not cost you a lot of money. Eggs are used in a variety of processed foods such as omelets, cakes, or other foods.

In addition, in some countries such as in Indonesia, eggs are also commonly consumed raw as a mixture of herbal medicine.

Consuming raw eggs is believed to increase strength and vitality, especially for men. But have you ever thought that behind it all there are various risks of consuming raw eggs?

Yes, just like any other animal products which can be consumed raw, egg might also have bad effects for you if you consume it without cook it beforehand. With that, what are the bad effects of eating raw egg? Before you read the answers, it is better to know some dangerous substances that you can find on eggs:

  • Avidin substance, its function is to protect the egg embryo from harmful bacteria from outside that is by killing the bacteria.
  • Ovomucoid, a type of protein that acts as antitrypsin
  •  Melamine, this is a substance usually used in the production of plastics, paints, and various types of fertilizers.
  •  Salmonella bacteria, the bacteria that cause food poisoning in the body

That being said, does that mean we should not consume raw eggs? It is better to consume it when it is cooked. Consuming raw eggs continuously in the long term might cause the body to experience malnutrition such as lack of vitamins and minerals. In addition, it can also increase the risk of transmission of various types of dangerous diseases. Here are some of the harmful effects of consuming raw eggs:

  1. At Risk of Experiencing Food Poisoning

There is a bacterium called salmonella enteriditis in eggs. This is a type of bacteria that can cause food poisoning that will usually be detected after 5 to 36 hours after consuming animal products in a raw state. This poisoning can be characterized by the symptoms of diarrhea accompanied by abdominal pain, dehydration, fever, and dizziness. For children and those with weak body condition, this is very dangerous.

These bacteria will develop and cause you to feel sick, if you eat eggs or egg-containing products are left for several days at room temperature. To that end, health experts strongly recommend that we avoid the consumption of raw eggs, especially in the long term. However, not all eggs that are still in fresh or raw condition contain salmonella bacteria.

  1. Allergies

If you consume raw eggs, the Lysozymes substances which are proteins in eggs will have a reaction as antigens in the body that may pose an allergic risk to those who consume them, especially for those who are unable to process egg proteins. Allergies are usually characterized by the symptoms such as itching and rash on the skin.

The ovomucoid contents that are also present in the egg can also manifest against this skin disorder. Where the consequences of consuming this substance, can occur various kinds of skin diseases such as itching, the onset of skin rashes, swelling, papules, urticarial, and vesicles.

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  1. Lack of Biotin

At the beginning of this article, it has been mentioned that in eggs there is Avidin substance which is a kind of protein that serves to protect the embryo from bacteria that come from outside.

This substance can bind and interfere with the absorption of biotin or vitamin B7 as well as various important minerals in the body by the digestive system in the stomach.

When the body lacks biotin will cause metabolic disorders and nutrients in the body, which can ultimately impact on the emergence of various problems such as:

  • Excessive hair loss which will eventually cause baldness.
  • Drowsy
  • weigh loss
  • Sleep disorders (insomnia)
  • Skin disorders
  • Muscle pain
  1. Causing Dermatitis (Eczema)

Eczema is a skin disorder which is caused by the consumption of Avidin substance, one of which is contained in the egg. The cause of dermatitis is characterized by the occurrence of inflammation and skin irritation that causes blisters or small bubbles (vesicles) on the skin. This dermatitis can also occur due to the symptoms of dirty blood disease.

  1. Respiratory Disorders

Another health problem that may be caused by consuming raw eggs is respiratory tract disorders such as coughing and wheezing. This is suspected because of the Ovomucoid which is contained in raw eggs.

To avoid this disorder, health experts strongly advise not to eat raw egg whites, especially for babies and people who have potential allergies. In addition, you should familiarize yourself and your family to always consume cooked eggs, because by cooking the eggs before you eat them, the process of cooking can destroy the effectiveness of the Ovomucoid.

Respiratory disorders that often occur to infants and children are:

  • ARI
  • Sinusitis
  • Asthma
  1. Kidney Disorders

Eggs that produced by chickens kept on the farm are usually fed with a mixture of chemicals such as melamine. We know that melamine is one of the ingredients needed to make plastic, fertilizer, or paint. Although the levels are very low, the chemical elements can provide a very big effect for the body.

One of the bad effects is the emergence of disorders in the kidneys, for examples kidney failure and kidney stone symptoms. Moreover, until now scientist has not been found a way to neutralize the content of melamine contained in eggs. So the best step that can be taken right now is to consume eggs in a state of cooked.

  1. Lack of Nutrients

A study published in the journal of nutrition in 1998 has stated that almost more than 50% protein that can be found in eggs cannot be absorbed by the body when the eggs are consumed in a raw state. Conversely, when the egg is consumed after it cooked; the protein in the eggs that can be absorbed by our body can reach 90%. This means that cooked eggs are foods that contain better proteins than raw eggs.

Tips on Choosing a Good Egg to Consume

Eggs are indeed one of the foods that are the source of many important nutritional needs for the body such as selenium, phosphorus, zinc, protein, various vitamins (such as vitamin A, D, E, vitamin B complex), as well as various important other nutrients that can support the health of the body.

That being said, it is better to eat egg after it passes the process of cooking, because through the process of cooking will kill the bad bacteria nesting in the eggs. Eggs which are consumed in raw state might have a negative impact on your health, such as the above explanation.

In addition, we as consumers must also be more aware and careful in choosing eggs that are sold in the market. Here are some tips that you can use when buying eggs:

  • To prevent the eggs to be rotten because of it has been stored for a very long time, you should buy eggs just as many as you need. Eggs are the kind of ingredient that can’t be stored for too long.
  • Choose eggs that are in clean condition, and have an undamaged shell.
  • To prove good egg quality, you should try to soak the eggs in water. If the eggs are still good, it would sink in the water, while the rotten eggs will float above the water. You can also try to put the eggs above lamp lights. In addition, a good egg also has a clear white egg and yellow color that is in the middle at the time in the binoculars.
  • It is better to put your egg in the fridge, so that it will not get rotten too fast.
  • Always wash your hands after handling raw eggs, especially before touching anything including food. That will help avoid the spread of salmonella bacteria from the shell or eggshell.

From the description above, you notice that there are risks that might be dangerous for your health if you eat raw egg. Therefore, we should always be vigilant about what we eat, particulary raw foods.

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