9 Results of Wearing an Egg White Mask For Too Long

Everyone already knows the benefits that can be obtained from egg white, both when consumed and the usage as a mask. Egg white masks have long been used to help tighten the skin naturally. But apparently, there are some side effects that may happen by wearing an egg white mask in a long time. Thus this article will discuss about some of these side effects in order to increase your alertness.

  1. Biotin Depletion

Wearing the egg white mask for too long can also cause thinning of biotin. Biotin is known as vitamin H or vitamin B7. Lack of biotin can later cause skin conditions such as cradle cap, uneven facial skin color, and seborrheic dermatitis. Reduced muscle tone, coordination, pain, muscle cramps are some of the health problems that can be caused when biotin depleted. Raw albumin contains avidin which is a type of protein. This is actually not a poison but can reduce levels of biotin in the body. As a result of wearing an egg white mask too long and too often, it can cause biotin levels in the body decrease due to the avidin.

  1. Allergy

Allergy has become the most common side effect of egg white, both when consumed and used as a mask. For some people who have egg white allergies, they are also allergic to protein albumin. Later, itching, rashes on the skin such as traits are not suitable for facial cream and skin swelling can occur as a common symptom of egg white masks.

Even for someone who has a severe allergy, the egg white mask can also cause swelling in the throat, difficulties in breathing, and dizziness even lost of consciousness. If you most likely have an allergy to egg white, then you should avoid wearing an egg white mask.

  1. Causing Acne

Egg white masks that are used for too long or too often every day but are not cleaned properly later can clog pores causing a dull and dark face. Clogged pores can increase the risk of acne on the face. Although eggs are a natural ingredient, like other types of masks, egg white masks also need to be properly cleaned using facial soap.

In addition, you should avoid using egg white masks throughout the night. The use of egg white masks for 10 to 30 minutes is enough to obtain nutrients in the egg white.

  1. Contains Salmonella Bacteria

As we know, when we buy eggs from the market, we often find the remaining dirt that is still attached to the eggshell. Salmonella bacteria from chicken manure can enter and mix in masks when you do not wash the eggs properly before breaking the shell.

Although salmonella bacteria are a good bacteria that attack digestion; however, it can also cause infections on the skin, especially when it is used for too long.

  1. Irritating the Eyelid

Most of the content in egg white is called albumin. Chefs or cooks know if the egg will become sticky when it dries. This effect is often used by women to tighten the eyelid area with an egg white mask.

But egg whites that are used as masks for the area around the eyes for too long can irritate the eyelids. Later, the area around the eyes will look reddish and it will be difficult to get rid of it. If you really want to use an egg white mask for the area around your eyes, then you should wash it until it is completely clean and avoid using for it too long.

  1. Dry Skin

Dry facial skin is usually caused by environmental factors such as sudden changing in temperatures, plus too often bathing in warm water, exposure to chlorinated pools, and even caffeinated drinks. But actually, the cause of a dull and dry face can also occur because of products that are used such as soap, detergent, shampoo, and even natural masks that can remove natural oils on the skin.

The content in egg white is very good for tightening facial skin. But when used too long, it can eliminate the natural oil content in your facial skin which causes the skin to dry out and even peel off.

  1. Redden Face

Sudden facial redness can occur when the sympathetic nervous system creates a series of accidental physical changes including blood vessels to the face that increases blood flow, making the face look reddish. In addition, redness on the face can also be caused by emotions such as embarrassment, alcohol, temperatures, eating hot or spicy foods, strenuous exercise, and also fever. Also, read How to Prevent Dehydration Because of Dengue Fever. However, using an egg white mask that is over the specified time can also cause side effects such as redness on the skin especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

In addition, the process of cleaning the skin that is done inappropriately can also cause the appearance of the face to look red.

  1. Peeling Facial Skin

Exfoliating facial skin is actually a facial thing that occurs as the body’s response in removing dead skin cells. But, in the process, it is sometimes followed by other symptoms such as itching, rash, causes of striped, and dry face which can be caused by many things such as skin irritation, sun exposure, infection or allergies on some ingredients including egg white.

For someone who has an allergy to eggs, then when directly in contact with the face with allergens, the skin will react immediately. The use of egg white masks can not only cause exfoliation but can also cause itching, blisters or rashes on the skin.

  1. Causing Blackheads

Although the use of egg white masks is very good for several facial problems such as wrinkles, dull face, fine lines, and black spots. When used too long, it can also cause problems such as blackheads. Also, read How to Get Rid of Whitehead with Olive Oil.

Blackheads due to wearing an egg white mask for too long can occur because of the blockage of the facial pores from the egg mask. When the mask is firmly attached to a long duration plus the cleaning process is not good, then finally blackheads can appear in the blocked pore area.

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