12 Ways on How To Eliminate Blackheads With Lime

Blackheads are one of the skin problems that are common to everyone. Usually, blackheads often appear in age stepping on teenagers where the production of oil glands have started actively due to hormonal changes in the body.

Blackheads are not a serious skin disease but if blackheads many skinned can disrupt the appearance.

In addition, the presence of blackheads especially facial skin can lead to acne. Blackheads are usually found in the skin of the active face of producing oil glands.

The facial skin such as nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. As for the type of blackheads are divided into two parts, among others:

  • Blackheads

Blackheads are blackheads located on the surface of the skin so that oxidation with dust in the air causes blackheads to black. Based on the location of blackheads is classified as blackheads are easy to clean. Blackheads are also blackheads that are white before. In general, black blackheads are often found in the skin of the nose and forehead.

  • Whiteheads

Whitehead is a blackhead located far enough from the surface of the skin so to remove these blackheads from facial skin should use a blackhead clamp tool. White comedones are commonly found in skins that produce excessive oil glands. Like the facial skin and forehead cheeks are easier to overgrown by white faces in the face.

That is the explanation of the various blackheads contained facial skin. So the difference of blackheads can be seen from the color of the blackhead itself and also its location on the skin. Read more about  Benefits of Washing Up with Ice cold Water Every Day

Lots of ways to overcome blackheads to lose on facial skin, ranging from using natural ingredients to using toothpaste. Natural ingredients are an alternative because the use of natural ingredients is easier and does not cost much.

One of the most widely used natural ingredients is toothpaste. Toothpaste is believed to help remove blackheads on the skin. But there are also dangers that can lurk for your skin if using toothpaste to remove blackheads.

As known toothpaste serves to clean teeth after eating, the goal is to remove the remaining food attached to the sidelines of the tooth. Because if the remaining food was left then it will cause cavities. For that use of toothpaste, not everyone can make it as an option to remove blackheads. The following description of the dangers of eliminating blackheads with toothpaste include:

  1. The trigger blackheads into acne

In some cases, the use of toothpaste to remove blackheads turns badly. Blackheads are the triggers of acne on the face. However, due to improper handling of this action actually makes blackheads turned into acne.

As a result, acne that appears on face contains pus due to infection. Therefore it’s good not to put toothpaste on blackheads because it can lead to such side effects. Read more about  How To Overcome Oily Face Naturally

2. Irritation of the skin

Some of the ingredients in toothpaste can sometimes cause skin irritation. However, not all kinds of toothpaste have a negative effect on the skin such as irritation. All of this back again on the skin condition you have, quite sensitive or not. In addition, by looking at the content contained in toothpaste is used.

  1. Thermal sensation around blackheads

To remove blackheads using toothpaste can be done by smearing it on the skin. But after a few minutes, you can just feel the sensation of heat around the skin smeared with toothpaste. Read more about Side Effect of Excessive Yawning

This means the toothpaste content is not suitable for your skin. So you should avoid using toothpaste to remove blackheads on the face.

  1. Allergy to sensitive skin

The danger of eliminating blackheads with toothpaste is an allergy. Allergies are skin reactions due to the smearing of chemicals that are not suitable for the skin. Usually allergic reactions that are felt itchy and sore and then accompanied by swelling. So for you who have sensitive skin should be more careful in using the product on the face.

  1. The skin becomes cracked

This does not apply only to sensitive skin in people with normal skin who have experienced this cracked skin problem. This one skin problem can be caused by the excessive application of toothpaste on the skin. The impact of the skin becomes dry and cracked. Therefore it is better to avoid this chapped skin by applying a facial moisturizer to help restore natural moisture to your skin.

  1. Inflammation of the skin

The danger of eliminating blackheads with the sixth toothpaste is that it can cause inflammation of the skin. Skin inflammation is characterized by more complex skin problems than previous skin problems. Read more about How To Lighten Skin With Milk

In general, inflammation of the skin due to toothpaste because the content of toothpaste is hard enough for the skin. If you experience inflammation of the skin due to dabs toothpaste should immediately stop using toothpaste.

7. Blackheads more and more

The danger of eliminating blackheads on the facial skin by using the next toothpaste is to make more blackheads. In certain cases, smeared blackheads can cause dead skin cells to change the pores this makes them more and more blackheads that exist.

Blackheads are more and more certainly can make your appearance so disturbed because blackheads are making the skin more and more beautiful to look at. Read more about How To Overcome Night Foot Cramps

On the other hand, the presence of blackheads on the skin also makes the skin surface becomes rough because of the grain on the skin on your face.

  1. The skin becomes very dry

The danger of using a toothpaste for a blackened skin for the eighth sequence number is that the skin feels very dry. Dry skin is caused by fluoride content in toothpaste.

As we know that dry skin facilitates the appearance of wrinkles and pain in the skin. For that should avoid toothpaste that has a content of fluoride in it.

9. Bacteria propionibacterium acnes

As we know the presence of blackheads on the face is also caused due to bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes. These bacteria are also the originator of acne on the skin. breeding this bacteria is not visible. But by using the aid of a bacterial microscope it will appear on the facial skin.

One way to stop blackheads and acne is by killing these bacteria. So the use of toothpaste to remove blackheads can increase the breeding of these bacteria if not done properly. So it’s good if blackheads on your face do not disappear stop using toothpaste.

  1. Excess oil production

Some problems using toothpaste to remove blackheads is the increase of oil production on the face. Facial oil is used to moisturize the skin naturally. Read more about How to Overcome Cold Allergies in the Skin

Yet another case if increased oil production this can make the skin so oily and clog face pores. For that, the best way is to avoid the use of toothpaste on your facial skin because it can increase oil production on the face.

  1. Dead skin cells

The danger of using toothpaste to remove blackheads in the next face is not lost dead skin cells. In general, the face regenerates by removing dead skin cells and replace it with new skin cells.

This method aims to improve the beauty of the face from day to day. But there are several causes of exfoliation of dead skin cells to be inhibited one of them with the use of toothpaste smeared on the face.

With such circumstances could have dead skin cells accumulated on the face and make blackheads reappear.

  1. Scaly skin

Last danger to remove blackheads by using toothpaste is to make a scaly skin. Scaly skin is usually identical to the characteristics of white flakes in the skin, especially mengkedo that mengkedo, after you apply toothpaste on the skin. Scaly skin is not too dangerous for health.

However, scaly skin can disturb your appearance because the scaly skin makes the skin look unkempt. Not to mention the existence of skin on the face. Read more about How To Cure a Fever for Pregnant Mom

Though the face is one of the criteria of one’s beauty, especially women. The face is the part that is first seen by others when you meet. For that skin beauty on the face is one of the most important parts to support the appearance

That’s some danger of using toothpaste to remove blackheads. For that for those of you who have problems with the use of blackheads should be avoided only. Because sometimes the use of toothpaste to remove blackheads is not suitable for everyone. Only a few are successful and suitable for eliminating comedy using toothpaste.

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