13 Causes of Baby Hair Loss and Ways to Prevent It

Baby hair is a hair that is around the ears, forehead, and edge of the head area. In general, baby hair grows small and very smooth ladies yes, which is why the hair is said to baby hair.

In addition, there are also baby hair or hair that is owned baby and can fall out at any time.

If you want to know what baby hair is like and how baby hair or hair on baby can fall out, please refer to the following article

  1. A Natural Natural Cycle

Baby’s hair loss cycle is a natural thing for all of us, and it does not need to worry about it. Baby’s hair is smaller than the other hair, other than that it is softer and somewhat unruly. If baby hair falls out do not panic immediately, because this is a reasonable cycle. While the hair in a falling baby is also a natural thing because this cycle can happen to every baby.

If the baby is still under 6 months of age her hair does not go bushy or grow, so do not worry first because this is a natural thing. Infants under the age of 6 months will more often experience loss, this is reasonable because it entered the natural cycle of hair change. If your baby is experiencing this, then you should not panic or should consult a pediatrician and midwife.

  1. Stress

Stress is a cyclical disorder that is quite harmful to human health, even this disorder can cause sudden death. Hair loss can happen, whether it’s normal hair or baby’s hair every adult. Baby hair can fall out suddenly when we feel stressed, even a small baby can experience hair loss when feeling uncomfortable or stressful.

The cause of baby hair loss, which usually happens is panic. If parents panic then the baby will feel more and more uneasy. Anxiety can cause stress, so that will affect the baby’s hair fertility rate. Stress can be one of the baby hair loss protectors, therefore as parents should we still give priority to calm but surely yes !!

  1. Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is one of the unconscious habits that can occur in adults and children. This habit of extracting the hair unconsciously is very dangerous for scalp health. This habit causes your bald scalp and hair cannot grow normally anymore.

This trichotillomania can also occur in children and infants, causing the baby’s head to be more bald than usual, and even causing irritation to the baby’s scalp. If this habit is left continuously, then what will happen is the baby is more susceptible to scalp disorders. Therefore as parents, we should always consider the movements of the baby in living his days.

  1. Sleeping Position Always Same / Bearing

Sleeping positions that rarely change can cause hair loss in baby’s hair or regular hair. You can just change the position of sleep at night, so the risk of baby hair loss is getting minimal. The bearing is an ancient term, and it can also happen to children and infants whose sleeping positions do not change.

Baby hair will easily fall out when he was still under 6 months. This is very natural because the baby still can not move his body regularly and can not really get up from sleep with a strapping. Usually when the baby sleeps parents rarely move the position of his head. Moving the head position is very important so that the child feels more comfortable, not hot, and his hair is not bald next door.

  1. Less Nutrition

Lack of nutrients can cause hair loss, so this can make us look balder. Eat nutritious foods, to keep hair healthy and strong. Not only in adults, baby hair loss can occur in small babies also you know. Lack of nutrients in baby, in fact, can cause hair loss. Parents must be thoroughly legal in all matters concerning the baby. Before it happens to the baby, then we should anticipate by giving the little food full of nutrients. In infants aged 6 months who have eaten, give him vegetables and juice from fresh fruit.

  1. There Is Fungus On The Scalp

Frequent unconscious hair can cause irritation of the scalp, so it causes the appearance of mold on your scalp. If the scalp appears mushrooms, this can cause a blockage so that hair can fall out and difficult to grow. It can also happen not only in adults but also children or infants.

Fungus on baby’s scalp is not impossible, even it could happen to your baby. Baby hair loss may occur due to the growth of fungus on the scalp. Therefore, when bathing the baby, should pay attention to cleanliness of the head and the body. Do not let the child pluck her hair continuously, as this also sparks the growth of fungus on baby’s scalp.

  1. Decreased Hormone levels

The decrease in hormone levels can occur in adults and children. The decrease in hormone levels can also cause hair loss in babies. Hormone levels can decrease due to many things ladies yes, so you should really be able to balance your hormone levels well.

Babies also have hormone levels, and these hormone levels can also decrease over time. At the time of birth, the baby’s hormones are still good, this is because when he was in the hormone he got from the mother. And when he was born then automatically must produce his own hormone levels on his body. The baby will experience a hair replacement phase, and the hair he brings from birth will fall apart as new hair grows.

  1. Thyroid Disorder

Hair loss baby and other adult hair can occur due to thyroid disorders. This is very disturbing appearance ya ladies, so often the feeling of not confident it can appear. To overcome the loss, we should immediately consult a doctor. Ask what you should do to minimize the fall of baby hair or adult hair.

Thyroid abnormalities in the baby is a dangerous thing, and one of the symptoms can be seen from the loss of baby hair. This should be addressed immediately by parents, and should immediately consult a doctor if there is something wrong with hair loss baby.

  1. Not Suitable Shampoo

The shampoo can tell the baby hair loss in adults, or even to a baby. Material from shampoo can cause permanent baldness, therefore you should immediately do the shampoo cessation when feeling unsuited to shampoo. Not only in adults alone, children or babies can also experience hair loss due to unsuitable shampoo.

Hair loss can occur due to unsuitable shampoo. Shampoo can be something dangerous for babies, especially if the shampoo contains materials that easily irritate the baby’s skin. When choosing baby shampoo you should look for references from the internet or from friends. Choose a natural shampoo and if possible choose a shampoo that does not contain a perfume huh !!

  1. Changed the Shampoo

Who has a hobby changed the shampoo ?? you should stop the habit is yes ladies because this can cause dry hair and even fall out. Before choosing the shampoo should consider the content, and make sure if the shampoo is safe for you to use so do not need to change shampoo again. Not only in adults alone this can happen, because children and even babies can experience baldness due to mutual shampoo.

Frequent mutual shampoo can cause damage to the baby’s hair and scalp. If it becomes a habit, then you should immediately stop. Often change the baby shampoo can make baby hair damaged and even fall out. Make sure which products will be used long term, and make sure also if the product is safe for long-term use.

  1. Often Using Hats

Using a hat every day can cause baby hair loss in adults. Therefore you should avoid the use of the hat in excess, and if not necessary should not use a hat ya guys! Children and infants should also be considered in the use of their caps because their hair can also fall out due to the habit.

A baby with a small hat will look very funny, but too often give him a hat is also not good. If you want your baby to wear a hat, you should use a hat that is cool and lightweight material. If we give it a hat with a material that is not easy to absorb sweat, then their head will feel hot and hair more easily fall out.

  1. Less Vitamin B

Vitamin B deficiency is very harmful to us ladies because this can cause hair loss in our baby. Eat foods that contain lots of vitamin B, so that hair will not easily fall out. Vitamin B deficiency can also cause hair loss in a baby, so as a parent you must also be careful in providing nutritional intake.

Baby hair often falls out, but he was over 6 months. If the problem comes to your baby, you should give him enough B vitamins. Because it could be loss caused by vitamin B deficiency. Foods that contain vitamin B can be from vegetables or fruit, give them green vegetables for the nutrition fulfilled.

  1. Less Protein

Protein is one of the important nutrients for humans, because it also affects the health and fertility of your body. Ladies if you lack protein, your hair will more easily fall out, even children and babies over 6 months can also experience loss due to lack of protein.

Therefore should give children enough protein, for maximum growth. If the child is protein deficiency can cause hair loss. Protein can be obtained from animals and plants, and we as parents just stay adjust.

Well ladies, now already know what can cause the fall of baby hair. To overcome this should do the following.

  • Consumption of nutritious food
  • Use shampoo as needed
  • Do not mutually shampoo
  • Comb hair every day
  • Use conditioner
  • Use makeup to fill baby’s contours
  • Do not use caps continuously

To overcome the problem of falling baby hair, you can do some of the above. Take good care of your hair so that hair can grow well and healthy because your hair is your crown.

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