6 Causes of Broken and Split Nails – Symptoms and Treatments

Having beautiful nails is kind of pride for women. Moreover, if the nails are strong and not easily split, the person may be prouder because having strong, clean, and beautiful nails is kind of reflection for the owner.

Take your time to imagine if your nails are dirty, it would give an impression that you are a dirty and miserable person. Plus, others may judge you as careless person!

Other than that, dirty nails can also cause whit low or paronichia. Nevertheless, to have beautiful nails, which are strong and clean nails, you cannot let it “poof” and it is. Many steps that you have to do to have beautiful nails, such as treatment for nails.
There are several things that you can do. But, the most important one is you have to completely understand about causes of broken and split nails and treatments and, of course, the treatments so your nails won’t split easily again next time.

Causes of broken and split nails

Here are several information about six causes of broken and split nails and the treatments.

1. The body is lack of iron

Many of you may already know that iron is one of the most important substance for human bones, nails, and teeth. It is because iron is a substance that produces hemoglobin to the body which is a substance for nails strength.

The real impact to the body of lacking iron will damage the nails, such as brittle nails and then the nails will easily split. As previous research has revealed which is informed by nail specialist from Washington DC, Ella Toombs, split nails can be caused by two main reasons, there are:

  • Iron deficiency intake
  • Anemia

Therefore, iron intake should be maintained to avoid the risks of split nails. But, you also have to be aware about the damage of too much intake of iron to the body. For additional information, consuming food with high iron is very important for those who are having anemia.

2. Vitamin B deficiency

The next thing that causes broken and split nails is related to Vitamin B intake. Other than deficiency of iron intake, Vitamin B is also important enough for strengthening nails and hair. So, if you are lacking Vitamin B, it can be assured that your nails health is also interrupted, and worse, your nails are broken and easily split. Besides, your hair will be so dull and easily fall out. There are also several complicated diseases to the body when you are lacking Vitamin B.

Therefore, you have to consume Vitamin B routinely and take the vitamin everyday to maintain your nails strength. The recommended amount written in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology is approximately 2.5 mg of Vitamin B in a day. This amount can strengthen and decrease broken nails within six to nine months.

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3. Typing frequently

One of the causes broken and split nails is our daily activities that involve nails, such as typing in our personal computer, laptop, or mobile phone. It is kind of normal because everyday, your nails have to touch things with rough texture. Moreover, this probability is higher for those who are required to type on computer, laptop, or mobile phone everyday. It can increase the risks of split nails.

Look down. Here are three tips for those who are frequently typing on laptop, computer, and mobile phone:

  • Changing your ways to type: typing on keyboard using fingers not your nails!
  • Typing slowly.
  • Reducing the frequency of using mobile phone, including typing in your mobile phone.

4. Your skin and nails are very dry!

Here is the next causes of broken and split nails. A dermatologist from New York, Ellen Makmur, revealed that dry skin can cause cuticle that can easily dry. The effect is the nails will be easily broken and split because the condition of our skin is dry and it can influence our nails that can easily dry too. The factors that usually causing dry on your skin are aging, washing hands too often, and too much sun exposure. This condition often occurs to the person with diabetes.

Ways to treat your dry skin and nails:

  • Apply moisturizer to the skin and nails so our cuticle will stay moisturize and health.
  • Apply coconut oil and olive oil as your natural moisturizer.
  • Wash your hands properly so your nails health will stay healthy.

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5. Applying chemical products to your nails and skin is dangerous!

You might get used to use nail polish as well as the cleanser so your nails will look more beautiful and fashionable. Nevetheless, do you know that by using nail polish and the cleanser too often, it can damage your nails and lead to broken nails and easily split. It is caused by chemical substances contained in the nail polish. Therefore, by using it too often, you may have your nails easily broken and split.

Ways to treat split nails caused by chemical products:

  • Stop applying nail polish too often to your nails! Just use it occasionally.
  • If in your office you are exposed to chemical products, do not forget to use the gloves to avoid you from harmful chemical products, such as sulfuric acid in the laboratory.
  • If you are having skin allergic, use gloves when you are washing with detergent, soap, or other chemical products.

6. It might be symptoms for any disease

The next thing that causes of broken and split nails is it might indicate a disease in your body. It means, broken nails are also appeared on people who are having certain disease. The disease affects the nails and then becomes broken and easily split, such as hypothyroid, raynaud phenomenon, psoriasis (skin diseases), alopecia areata, endocrine disorders, malnutrients, and other diseases caused by fungals (fungal infections).

There are six causes of broken and split nails. So, you can start to avoid yourself from those things to maintain your nails’ health. When your nails are in good condition, you can be more confidence. Good luck!

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