13 Causes and Treatment of Hiccups in Adults

Hiccups are a condition that is no longer for us because not only adults who experience it. Infants, toddlers, children, adolescents to the elderly also often experience it.

Hiccups themselves can occur because in our body there is a decrease in mineral content, which is not the same as water.

The hiccup itself is a contraction of the diaphragm, the muscle that lies at the base of the lungs and becomes the barrier between the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity. When a seizure occurs in that part, the vocal cords become closed very quickly. From there is created a voice that can be used with the term hiccup where if penyusan will be very profitable indeed.

Contractions or seizures that can occur suddenly in our diaphragm and this will usually be triggered by our drinking and eating habits. When eating and drinking in a hurry, the result would be a hiccup because of breathing. The sudden change of money can also be the cause of hiccups. Then how safe hiccups for children and adults?

1. Hold your breath

When we are eating or hiccups that come suddenly while on the move but away from drinking water, breath resistance is the easiest way to do it. Do not take long, just enough to count 10 seconds while holding your breath, exhale then. Repeat until several times until the hiccup stops completely. Read more about  How To Overcome Insomnia During Pregnancy

2. Wearing a paper bag

If you have a bag stock made of paper, use it to stop the hiccups that do not stop. Hold your breath when the mouth is in the paper bag and hold for 10 seconds equal to the above. Breathe several more times as normally without a bag, then hold your breath again with the paper bag. Hiccups will most likely stop this way if done repeatedly.

3. Drinking Water

Drinking this water is the easiest way and even without wasting much time. But in drinking water to stop the hiccups, do it slowly and little by little. Drink a bit and wait until finally hiccup conditions stop by itself. Read more about  How To Overcome Insomnia During Pregnancy

4. Using Honey

The properties of honey are well known to our society and we only need to know now about how to distinguish real and fake honey. The benefits we crave are on the original honey alone and usually honey is able to stop the hiccups. Read more about  How To Lighten Skin With Milk

A mixture of warm water with a teaspoon of pure honey is very effective, let alone by putting it behind the tongue, then we swallow it. Not only that, the benefits of honey for people with stomach disease is also known to many people.

5. Wearing Paper Tissue

Kleenex tissue is also very useful in stopping hiccups naturally. It may be tried by taking one sheet of tissue paper and place it on top or the edge of the glass by closing it. Then drink the water through the tissue paper, and automatically our diaphragm will be drawn even harder to inhale the water. This is a pretty unique yet powerful way to stop hiccups.

6. Eat Chocolate Powder

Chocolate powder is usually a mixture of ingredients to make cakes or can also be used to make hot chocolate drinks. However chocolate powder is also beneficial in removing hiccups by eating it directly from a spoon.

Just take 1 tablespoon of chocolate powder and then swallow it directly without having to mix it with water. Since it is not easy to swallow a spoonful of chocolate powder, the hiccup stops. Read more about How To Eliminate Blackheads With White Eggs

7. Swallow the Sambal Sauce

When brave enough, take a swallowing sauce to stop the hiccups. If your child is also big enough and like spicy, it could not hurt to try this way if the hiccups continue. The reason why a reliable chilli sauce can stop the hiccups is because of the heat and burning effects that will make the body more focused on it than the hiccups.

One more way that is not so widely used but may also if at home you always ready peanut butter. Specifically this material is certainly safe for children and adults, just by eating a full tablespoon of peanut butter. In the process, you will chew and make the tongue and teeth work harder because it is so thick this jam. Read more about  How to Overcome Wet Armpits

As you chew it, you will then swallow it and this will affect your interrupted breathing process. From there hiccups will be stopped automatically. This method may be used if the hiccups do not stop even if you have used the previous methods.

9. Wearing Sugar

There are also many people who have proven that sugar has a big effect in making someone who constant hiccups can stop easily. A spoonful of sugary foods is included in a popular way to stop hiccups. This is because the sugar with a slightly rough texture can irritate a little part of our esophagus and eventually make the phrenic nerve become normal again. Read more about How to Overcome Eyelash Loss

10. Utilizing Vinegar

There is one more powerful way to stop the hiccups, vinegar. Similar to chocolate powder and sugar, a teaspoon of vinegar alone can make a stopping hiccup. The trick is to put it in the mouth and swallow it. The sour taste is the key to stop the hiccups that have been going on for quite a while. 

11. Hold Water Inside the Mouth

When in a standing position, you try to inhale the drinking water, but do not hurry down. Let the water stuck in the mouth until the mouth swell.

Then move slowly to bend like when you want to kiss the knee (water must remain in the mouth). Continue to swallow the water slowly and slightly offset by the rhythm of body movement re-established. When the body is upright, make sure the water is retained in the mouth was swallowed.

12. Chewing Lemon

In addition to vinegar, lemon fruit is also able to be your helper when the hiccups are difficult to stop. Do not much, just chew a slice of lemon that in a fresh state will greatly help restore the pattern of breathing and overcome the hiccups. With the sour taste is not less good than vinegar in making hiccups stop, but be careful for those who have acid disease stomach.

13. Using White Oil

Eucalyptus oil can also be used if you have it at home. Eucalyptus oil is commonly used to warm the body or prevent mosquito bites, but this time this oil can to stop hiccups. Apply the abdomen and neck with eucalyptus oil so that the internal organs can be normal again. The respiratory organs are included and the hiccups will stop. Read more about Dangers of Using Too Much Mouthwash

Note whether this hiccup is a safe thing because if too often certainly indicates a health problem in our body. Hopefully with the ways to stop the hiccups recommended above, you no longer have trouble when hiccups for a long time.

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