How to Process Mangosteen Peel Extract Into Healthy Tea – Easy and Delicious

Mangosteen is one of beneficial fruits that well-known for its ability as a medicine for dysentery, disorders of the tonsils, and thrush because it capable to carry anti-inflammatory. Not only mangosteen meat, its skin or peel can also be used to improve body health.

Here are several recommendation on how to process mangosteen peel extract into healthy tea that you can easily try at home. Besides of its less difficulity to process, the taste it would give is delicious, though.

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Nutrient Contents of Mangosteen Peel

There are various nutritional contents that contained in mangosteen skin. These contents below are for our body health

  1. Anthocyanin – its function as an antioxidant that can keep our body to stay healthy is able to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders. You may also like to read how to prevent ovarian cancer.
  2. Xanthones – As same as anthocyanin which is good to keep body health, xantathones capable to increase endurance. It can also be an anticancer due to its ingredients that are rich of gamma mangostin and alpha mangostin.
  3. Tanin – Tanin works as an antioxidant that is capable to inhibit the development of tumors in our body, prevent diarrhea to occur, inhibit a number of harmful enzymes, and act as anti-hemorrhoids. Tanin is an important ingredient in mangosteen skin that can cure various dangerous diseases.

Mangosteen Peel Tea

Here’s the medical uses of mangosteen peel tea:

1. Dry Magosteen Tea

Make a tea from dried mangosteen peel is one of the easiest way to process it and you can simply process it at home. Althought the process is easy, don’t underestimate its ability for your body health.

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Method 1

  • You can start to peel the mangosteen. Separate between the skin and the meat.
  • Wash mangosteen skin by using clean water.
  • Cut the mangosteen skin that already washed where the size is around 4 cm.
  • Dry mangosteen skin afterwards until it completely dry. It will take 3 days.
  • You can take 5 grams of mangosteen peel to dry with 500 ml of water and boil them.
  • Drink mangosteen skin tea everyday. Ensure to make it warm.

Method 2

  • Peel the skin of mangosteen then wash it with clean water.
  • Cut mangosteen skin into small pieces to make it dry faster.
  • Dry mangosteen skin afterwards.
  • After the process of drying is done, dried mangosteen skin can be stored in a container that far from humid.
  • You can make stored mangosteen skin into a delicious tea by taking a teaspoon of mangosteen peel into a glass or cup, pur 200 – 500 ml of hot mater into it.
  • Wait until the tea is completely brewed. You can consume the tea 1-2 cups everyday.

2. Tea From Fresh Mangosteen Skin

Besides have to to dry the mangosteen skin first before processing it into tea, you can actually use fresh mangosteen skin instead of using the dried mangosteen skin.

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Method 1

  • You can clean the mangosteen skin that already peeled.
  • Use clean and running water to clean the mangosteen skin.
  • Cut mangosteen skin into small pieces.
  • Boil the mangosteen skin in 250 ml of water.
  • After boiling, remove, strain first if you don’t want to make it difficult.
  • Tea is ready to be consumed. You can add honey or sugar to make it more delicious.

Method 2

  • Wash the peeled mangosteen skin first.
  • Boil the washed mangosteen skin. Make sure to cut it beforehand into small pieces.
  • Brew the mangosteen skin that already boiled with hot water.
  • Prepare 1 cup of glass, take 1 teaspoon of mangosteen skin, then put it in the cup or glass.
  • Pour hot water, add honey or sugar to make it more delicous.
  • The healthy mangosteen skin tea is now ready.

These are several recommendation on how to process mangosteen peel extract into delicious tea which is good for your body health. You can simply apply the methods above at your home. Stay healthy, good people!

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