12 Signs and Symptoms of Swollen Liver in Adult You Have to Consider

Liver or well-spoken by mostly people as “heart” is one of the most important part in our body. Belong to human organ, there are several diseases that relate with liver. In this section, we are going to talk about about swollen liver that often experienced by adult.

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What is Swollen Liver?

Swollen liver classified as one of dangerous disease is a disease that occurs in human liver. In addition, any disease that relates with liver is categorized as serious issue. Therefore, people who experience swollen liver must be seriously treated.

Swollen liver often occurs in people who are adult. This type of disease is a sort of disease which is chronic. It can also be said that swollen liver is a inflammation that happens in liver. Swollen liver caused by the death of a tissue or liver necrosis, the addition of uncontrolled tissue.

Causes of Swollen Liver

The main cause of why swollen liver occur is due to viruses, fungi, and bacteria that infect our liver. Swollen Liver also known as hepatitis that classified into several parts. Another factor that makes people experience this disease is because of their unhealthy lifestyle. A non-proper diet and consumtion too many chemicals are two examples of unhealthy lifestyle that open the big opportunity for people to feel their liver get swollen.

This disease will get worse as if the person who experience it is on a pregnancy. Furthermore, it can turn a person’s body condition to become yellow because the liver which has the function to neutralize the poison unable to work properly.

How To Know Whether a Person Has Swollen Liver Disease?

The fact that liver is one of our internal organs makes it cannot to be directly known. It’s impossible to do surgery as well. Then, how to figure out whether a person experiences swollen liver disease? Here are the following ways to know it.

1. The skin looks yellow

A person with swollen liver will have a body color that is way different from normal people. Someone who experience this disease will get their body color turns to be yellow. For example their eyes and their nail parts.

2. The color of urine changes

Urine color that changes to yellow or white is what a person who experinces swollen liver will get. It caused as a result of a work from the heart. This substance has poisons, so it should indeed be thrown outside the body to avoid it to affect body’s metabolic system.

3. Nauseous in stomach

In addition, those who experience swollen liver will also experience nausea due to metabolic system that become chaotic. The substances that are caused by swollen liver can trigger stomach acid which make the pain in stomach. You may also read negative effects of drinking coffee on an empty stomach

4. Lose desire of eat

Because of the pain in stomach that caused by swollen liver, a person who classified as those who suffering swollen liver will lose their appetite even though they feel hungry, the appetite for eating does not appear at all.

5. The weight dropped dramatically

The effect of losing appetite will cause another problem. Weight dropped dramatically is what those who suffer from swollen liver are going to experience. Lack of consumption of food will lead them to lose their energy which important to attack the disease of liver.

6. Having diarrhea

Metabolic system of people who suffering from swollen liver is pretty bad especially if they don’t consume a proper food that rich of nutrition. What is the worst is that they will get diarrhea.

7. Lose Interest

Those who belong to swollen liver sufferer has that kind of characteristic which make them look like lose of interest. It’s happen for a reason, of course. Swollen liver sufferer will get easily tired and this makes their appearance become limp, sluggish, and dull. Therefore, they seem like they lose their interest.

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8. Enlargement of blood vessel

A person who experience swollen liver will found themselves also experience vascular problem that disrupts their metabolism.

9. Problem with sugar lever

Due to liver that get swollen, other parts of organ system will unable to work perfectly. Toxins that should be neutralized into objects that are disposed of, cannot be optimally cleaned and it will affect body sugar level that is going to be decreased and make the sufferer of swollen liver loses a lot of energy.

10. Often complain about the pain they feel

People who experience swollen liver will complain about the pain they feel. For several circumstances, they will complain about it that ruined their daily activities.

11. Fever

A fever will occur as a result of body immune system that tries to fight the disease. Usually this fever is accompanied by an increase in temperature. You may also read facts of deadly encephalitic fever.

12. Depression

According to research that has been tested, the most common reason why a person can feel the pain of swollen liver is come by their mind. Their daily life inconveniences open a big opportunity for them to be stressed that will affect to their body immune system. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi will be easily infect human body once they get stressed.

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Those are 12 signs and symptoms of swollen liver that often experince by adult. We hope that you can take a moment to take care of yourself to avoid your body from this dangerous disease. Stay healthy, good people!

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