13 Effects of Using Lime Mask Every Day

Using beauty products every day is not a good thing because beauty products are also not necessarily safe for you.

Before you buy beauty products, you need to identify the types of your facial skin in order to choose the right product for you. It is better to use a natural product, because the side effects are minimal and even almost none.

However, using natural ingredients as skin care also should not be arbitrary, because if not careful, it will cause the skin becomes damaged. For example, the dangers of using a lemon mask.

Lemon mask is believed to treat acne and is good for controlling oil, but it might be not good for people who have certain type of skin.

  1. Dry Skin

One of the effects of using lime every day is to make your facial skin dry. If facial skin is getting dry, the skin will become prone to wrinkles. And if the skin is wrinkled, it will automatically be very easy to experience premature aging. That being said, those who have sensitive or dry skin should avoid using a lemon mask every day.

If you want to know how to overcome dry and itchy skin, then you can also use a mask for dry skin made from fruits, such as avocado. Avocado can moisturize your dry and dull face. In addition, this fruit is also rich in vitamin E which is able to prevent premature aging of the skin.

  1. Spoiling Facial Oil

Using a lemon mask every day can be a bad thing, because the mask could cause your skin to be more oily. In addition, the oily face is also very vulnerable to blackheads and acne. To avoid the problem of oily skin, you should solve it by using face soap alone.

  1. Sensitive Skin

Do you use lime mask every day? But your skin is still sensitive? If so, you should stop using a lime mask on your face. The reason is because your skin may be more sensitive because of the effects of using the said mask every day. Lemon mask is good for facial skin, but if used in the long term and continuously, then it will trigger a danger to your skin.

For those who have sensitive skin, it is better to use honey mask instead because honey will give you a lot of benefits. Honey can nourish your sensitive skin.

  1. Acne Prone Skin

One effect of using a lemon mask every day is to make the skin easy to break out instead. Some people do not experience this kind of effects but if you do, it is better to stop using lemon mask.

If acne has appeared on the face, do acne facial treatments before bed. Use acne topical medication, such as a special acne ointment named Elocon, you can also use a special soap acne face. And if you want to use a mask, you could try another mask that is suitable for acne prone skin such green tea mask.

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  1. Dull skin

Using a lemon mask every day can cause your skin becomes duller. If the skin is dull of course we will feel lack of confident. Thus, avoid using lemon mask, and try other ingredients such as honey, olive oil, yoghurt and so forth. In addition you can also use moisturizer to make your face more moist and bright. You can also take vitamin E which is good for skin.

  1. Skin Shrink

The cause of the shrinking skin can be caused by the effect of wearing a lemon mask every day. Lime can make your skin thinner and even if used excessively, it might lead to premature aging. That’s why you have to control the use of a lemon mask on your face.

One way to prevent premature aging due to lime masks is by using other natural ingredients as a mask such as milk, coconut milk, or yoghurt mask.

  1. Skin More Sensitive

Lime mask is not good to be used every day, because the mask can cause your skin to be more sensitive. If the skin is sensitive, it could trigger skin problems. For example, the skin is easily flushed, and not smooth.

If you are still using a lemon mask every day, then you should avoid the mask and use safer fruits such as bananas and avocados. In addition, you can also find out about how to make milk masks for sensitive facial skin. And if the skin is already severe sensitive, you should try to consume vitamin E for the skin. In order to maintain the skin’s elasticity and skin can still be healthy as before.

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  1. Skin Feels Sting and Irritated

Lime mask can cause your skin to be sore, why is that? It is because the lemon mask can make your skin more sensitive than usual. If you do not want your skin to be sensitive, you should avoid using lemon masks. You can use a milk mask, honey, yoghurt, and even cucumber for a fresh skin.

  1. Face Feels Hot

Some people who use lemon masks says that their skin feels hot and burning after they use lemon mask. It can happen because lemon causes the skin to be more sensitive. If you feel your face hot or burning after applying lemon mask, then you should immediately wash your face with cold water and do not use any cream, because the cream can damage your skin even more.

  1. Scaly Skin

The effect of using a lemon mask every day, can cause your skin becomes scaly and of course this will make you very uncomfortable. If you experience it and due to lime mask, then you should immediately stop using the mask.

Lime masks are basically should not be used every day, because lime easily makes your skin irritated. You can take oral vitamins, or can also use other skin vitamins. Make sure if the skin vitamins that you will use are safe to use or consumed, so that will not have a negative impact on your body. You can also find out how to remove scaly skin on the face with traditional ingredients.

  1. Skin Face Peeling

There are many adverse side effects of using a lemon mask, and one of them is to make skin peel easily. If facial skin is easy to peel, then the face will be more sensitive. Therefore you should avoid the use of lime mask on the face.

Do not add face cream or anything to your facial skin, and make sure that your face is not exposed to direct sunlight. Heal your peeling skin with a face mask of cucumber. This mask will make your facial skin cooler. If the cucumber mask has no effect on the skin, then you can use drugs or vitamin E for the skin.

  1. Textured or Rough Skin

Using a lemon mask can make your skin even pimply and sensitive. This causes your skin to become not smooth and even become very rough. To avoid the rough skin, you can overcome it by using a natural mask of avocado and honey. In addition, this mask also does not contain harmful chemicals for the skin.

  1. Red Face

One of the causes of red face is a lime mask. If you use a lime mask and your face is reddened, then you should stop using the lime mask. You can use banana mask, coconut milk and so on to treat the red face due to lime mask. You can also use a special vitamin E so that your skin will be nourished from the inside.

Well ladies, now you know what the effects of wearing a lemon mask every day are. Try to apply different masks that are suitable for your type of skin, so that the skin will not experience irritation and so forth.

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