15 Natural Ways to Cure Ulcer in Leg Fast and Effective

Leg ulcers are really annoying, right? They are sores that caused by the infection on the surface of the skin. This infection then makes the skin becomes itchy that triggers reddish lumps as we call ulcers. Severe ulcers can be more painful that cause fever, intolerable itching, and also severe aching.

Types of Ulcer

There are types of ulcer that you have to know, these are the three of them:

  • Acne Cyst, is an ulcer that occurs on the surface of the skin due to excess oil. It generally appears on your face, especially someone who has oily face.The main cause of this type is the presence of bacteria in the oil glands where the bacteria flourish.
  • Pilonidal Cyst, a type of ulcer that usually occurs on buttocks. This ulcer frequently secretes pus and blood when it breaks. The common cause of this ulcer is the infection that occurs in the hair follicles. When the ulcer in the area is exposed to pressure and friction, this will be bigger and worse that induces unbearable pain.
  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa, is a type of ulcer that commonly appears on the under arms and groins. This type of ulcer will cause the most ache due to the friction with sweat glands.

Causes and Symptoms of Ulcers

Ulcers is mainly caused by the bacteria that live on the skin surface. Further,ulcers can also be caused by the following things:

  • Unhealthy eating patterns, too often consume fatty and oily food
  • Lack of personal and environmental hygiene
  • Immune system is weak
  • Unhygienic food

The most common symptoms that accompany ulcers are as follows:

  • The appearance of a large red lump like an acne on the skin surface
  • A reddish, burning, and itchy lump
  • A white dot in the middle of the lump
  • The lump will cause pain when pressed
  • Smelly pus when the lump breaks
  • Fever

How to Cure Leg Ulcers

Many people usually cannot bear to scratch ulcers on their skin, but this is totally not a good way to overcome ulcers. Scratching will only make it worse and will remain a scar on it. The scar can even last for a long time, especially during certain conditions. To avoid the ulcers become worse the appropriate treatments are needed.

When you already know that there is an ulcer on your body,you should immediately apply an antibiotic that is usually in the form of an ointment. If the ulcer is already big and containing pus on it, you may excrete it by using sterile equipment or you can visit a doctor if you feel not sure of handling it on your own way, especially when it occurs near the eyes or other dangerous areas.

Ways to cure ulcers can also be done by using herbs. Here are some herbs that you can use to cure ulcers easily:

  1. Aloe Vera

The first herb that is effective to treat ulcers is aloe vera. You just need to apply the sap or gel on the ulcer smoothly and slowly in a range of time. Then, let it dry. Do this as frequently as possible to get an optimal result.

  1. Spinach Thorns Leaf

Ways to cure ulcer in leg – You can also use the spinach thorns leaf as an ulcers medicine. Take few leaves and wash thoroughly. Then, pour the kitchen salt to it and knead it until withered. When it is ready, apply the spinach leaves around the ulcer, but try not to touch the white eye in the middle of the ulcer. The efficacy of this spinach leaf is to reduce burning sensation and itchiness that usually arise from ulcers.

  1. Cucumber and Nutmeg

Cucumber and nutmeg can be used as traditional herbs to cure ulcers. It is easy to apply which is bygrating the cucumber until soft. Then, mix the nutmeg that already smooth into the cucumber. After that, wrap the mixture with a banana leaf and boil for few minutes on boiling water. Take away and let it warm. Finally, apply the herb to the ulcer area. Do it regularly until the ulcer is recovered.

  1. Garlic

There are more natural ways to cure ulcer in leg. Garlic can be used as an antibiotic that will eradicate the bacteria which cause ulcers. Prepare some cloves of garlic that have been peeled and then ground until smooth. Then, apply it.  

  1. Betel Leaf

Betel leaf has many benefits for human health, one of the example is to treat ulcers. You can use betel leaf by pounding it until smooth, then applying it on the ulcer area. You can also use a bandage or clothas an aid for wrapping the ulcer area.

  1. Cambodian Leaf

Cambodian leaf can be used to heal ulcers in several ways. The first way is by putting the sap of Cambodian leaf on the ulcer area. Another way, you can also use it by pouring hot coconut oil on the Cambodian leaf. Besides, pounding the Cambodian leaf and mixing it with hot coconut oil can also recover the ulcer.

  1. ‘Waru’ Leaf

If you ever seen ‘Waru’ leaf before, which mostly used as a rice wrapper, this leaf can also be a way to treat ulcers. You just need to pulverize the ‘Waru’ leaf until it withered then patch it on the ulcer. Another simple way is by fumigating ‘Waru’ leaf until it withered.’Waru’ leaf may reduce the itchiness caused by an ulcer.

  1. ‘Iler’ Leaf (Coleus scutellarioides, Linn,Benth)

The method of using ‘Iler’ leaf to cure ulcers is almost the same with ‘Waru’ leaf.First, apply coconut oil on the ‘Iler’ leaf. Second, heat it on the fire until it withered. Finally, patch it directly on the ulcer area. You can trust this natural ways to cure ulcer in leg. 

  1. Red Onion

Red onion is not only for cooking. It turns out to recover ulcers by pounding the red onion which has been peeled.

  1. ‘Sosor Bebek’ Leaf (Bryophyllum pinnatum)

‘Sosor Bebek’ is well-known for its benefits which can cure various diseases such as headache, fever, vertigo, rheumatism, dysentery, gastritis, diarrhea, and also ulcer. The step to treat ulcer, especially on the legs is easy. First, prepare three leaves of ‘Sosor Bebek’. Then, add salt and pound it until smooth. Finally, apply it on the ulcers area. Do it twice a day to get a maximal result.

  1. ‘Katuk’ Leaf

Maybe you use ‘Katuk’ leaf only as vegetable, but in the fact, it can also be used as a natural medicine to treat an ulcer. The method is by crushing the leaf that has been added with salt, and then applying it on the ulcers.

More Natural Treatments to Cure Ulcer

Indeed, you can use those natural remedies to cure ulcer as its effective and proven. Further, you need to always create a healthy lifestyle to prevent any worse disease like ulcers. If the treatments above does not work, please call your doctor for a better medical treatments. Stay Healthy, Good People!

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