8 Steps to Get Rid of Genital Lice in Natural and Healthy Way

Who doesn’t know lice? Lice is a small animal that becomes a parasite. Lice are not only be found in the hair, clothes, or food, but are also found in genital area. The existence of genital sure thing will lead anyone who infected by it to feel uncomfortable. Genital Lice usually occurs because of a bad body hygiene.

Lice in genital area will cause itching. Therefore, we have to cure this kind of annoying disease. You can try to apply these 8 steps of get rid of genital lice in natural and healthy ways below.

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1. Diagnose fleas correctly

Body lice are usually found in several areas such as the armpit, hair, and eyebrows. Furthermore, i can also happen in genital. Fleas are small animals that difficult to be seen through bare eyes. You have to diagnose the existence of it.

2. Buy a flea repellent

Another way to get rid of genital lice is by buying a flea drug that you can buy in the market. Make sure to buy flea drug that hace 1% permethrin or mousse containing pyrethrin and butoxide piperoni.

3. Wash the infected area with soap and water

The next step that you have to do is to clean your body properly because body hygiene is very important to make the steps above work effectively. You must ensure that your body is completely dry. You may also like to read benefits of washing face with warm water.

4. Apply medicine

After you make sure that your body is already clean and dry, you can apply the lice medicine and leave it for about 20 minutes. This treatment involves anyone whom your stuff you share with to such as bed, towels, and sexual intercourse.

5. Wash the medicine

After leave your body for about 20 minutes, the next thing that you have to do is washing medicine. This step is a must because lice medicine can affect other chemical drugs that can cause irritation or damage to the skin.

6. Take the remaining eggs

You can take a flea egg by using tweezers or a special flea comb to prevent the existence of lice again even though this treatment is usually only effective to expel, not kill the lice.

7. Repeat the treatment 7 – 10 days later

To make the lice can be completely destroyed, you can repeat these treatment 7 – 10 days later due the period of the growth of lice.

8. Shaving pubic hair

The next and final thing you have to do is to shave your hair even though you are unable to completely get rid of lice but at least you can reduce the existence of the lice. Make sure to shave your pubic hair correctly to avoid irritation.

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Those are 8 steps you can apply to get rid out of lice that occurs on genital area. Pubic hair that is infected by lice can cause several bad impacts for the health of your genital. Therefore, you have to immediately cure it. Stay healthy, good people!

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