5 Causes of Paronychia Toe and The Effective Treatments

Bacteria and germs are the cause of almost all disease in the human body. If bacteria or germs concerning fingernails, it can cause a disease. Bacteria that enter the soft tissues of the fingernails will cause paronychia. Read Causes of Broken Nails

Paronychia Symptoms

It is easy to know that your finger get paronychia. If your fingernails feel pain when you press it, maybe its paronychia. In addition, your nails become so red and swollen. If this symptom is allowed, it will cause clumping of pus in your fingernail.

There are causes of Paraonychia Toe:

Here are the causes of Paronychia Toe:

1. Bacteria and Germs

Bacteria and germs are cause of almost all diseases in humans. They will easy to enter your body if you do not keep your body clean. Whatever your activities in outdoor or indoor, keep your body clean, especially for your fingernails. We know that fingernails is rare to be dirty. So we must take care the cleanless of them. See also Natural Ways to Treatment Paronychia

2. Candida Fungus

Not only bacteria and germs, but also fungus can make paronychia on your nails. If it is become cause paronychia, you can add ointment on your nails. The ointment must be fungus antibiotic.

3. Infection and Injury

Its possible you get injury on your fingernails. If you get it, you must take care of it because it can make infection on your fingernails. Bad habit also can make your fingernails get injury. For example, if you like to biting nails, that is bad habit. Read also How to Eliminate Biting Nails Habit

4. Wrong Treatment and Cutting Nails

Although we take care our nails regularly and diligently, but it can’t wrong treatment. We must cut our nails neat and hygienic. Do not cut your nails too short. If any part in your finger is unprotected, then germs can enter and cause infection.

5. Wearing Wearing Sandals or Shoes

This is the common causes of Paronychia Toe. For those of you who are get paronychia, do not wear wrong shoes or sandals. It recomended to wear slippers or loose shoes. Loose footwear allows your feet to get air circulation. Air circulation is important because it makes the wound is not moist. Do not wear shoes that are too narrow. In addition to the lack of air, the foot will be pressed and sore on the paronychia. 

Treatment of Paronychia

How to handle the right cantengan? Here are:

1. Soak in acetic acid water or vinegar

You can do this way if the condition of paronychia has not been severe. Soak your fingernails in to warm water, add some acetic acid or vinegar. After that, rub ointment to your foot. This methode can heal paronychia quickly.

2. Anti Fungus

If the cause of paronychia is due to fungal infection, the way of handling also uses antifungal antibiotics. You can also use ointment that can heal skin fungus. Read this How to Heal Fungus on Face

3. Lifting the nails

You can use this solution if paronychia already in a chronic condition and feels disturbing. But don’t do it yourself. You should go to the doctor for best treatment. Of course doctor have hygienic equipment. If anything happen to the nails, doctor will treat it quickly. 

How To Keep Your Nails Staying Healthy

To get a healthy nail, you must be diligent cleaning and also do nail care on a regular basis. Here are the characteristics of healthy nails:

  1. Healthy nails have common shape. Nail-shaped is matrix.
  2. The color of a healthy nail is red and clear.
  3. In addition, healthy nails can be checked by touching the nail surface. When the nail is smooth, the your nails is health.
  4. Cut nails with sharp nail clippers. Nail care is okay but be sure to clean it. In addition, too long nails are also at risk of a very large fracture. If the nails broken, inside of nails will be exposed. That will make bacteria and germ enter to your nails. Therefore for you who have long nails, should be more careful when doing activities involving nails.

Because the nail is also near the hands are much confused with the outside, or often used to touch. So do not forget to wash your nails. You can also use additional antiseptics if necessary.

Unhealthy Nail Conditions

Nail health turns out to show a healthy body as well. An abnormal nail can be an indication of a disease in the body. If your nails get paronychia that never healed, you better consult a doctor immediately. It could be an indicator of a disease.

Yellow nail condition, this can be a sign that diabetes or heart disease. For nails that tend to be pale white means someone indicated anemia or even kidney disorders. See also Causes Cramp on Toe 

Meanwhile, there are some causes of Paronychia Toe that we can prevent by keeping a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind to always protect and take care of nail health wherever you are!

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