6 Medicinal Uses of Avocado Seed for Body Health – #Proven

Have you ever eat avocado? Avocado is a fruit that originally comes from Mexico and Central America. Avocado often uses as an ingredient for food, heath, and cosmetic.

Its vitamin A, B, C, E, K, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium make avocado good for your body health. Avocado also useful to protect yourself from various diseases

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Content of Avocado Seed

Seed is a part of avocado that is contain several beneficial components for our body. Here are several ingredients in avocado seed:

1. Antioxidants

Based on research, avocado seed contains antioxidants that is greater if we compare it to other fruits. The antioxidants amount of avocado seed is about 70%.

2. Soluble Fiber

Avocado contains soluble fiber which is good to maintain body health especially heart health. Solube fiber itself capable to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

3. Potassium

The pottasium content also be found in avocado seed if they are not too ripe. Therefore, if you want to effectively consume avocado which contains pottasium, eat avocado that is not too ripe.

4. Phosphor

Phosphor is important because of its role that capable to maintain bone health and bone formation. Phosphor also can be found in avocado seed.

5. Calcium

Avocado seed also contains 23 mg of calcium. Combined with these contents above, avocado seed is effective to maintain bone health.

6. Other Nutrition

Beside of these five contents that contain in avodaco seed, it also has other nutrients that are beneficial for our body. It can come from its vitamin A and vitamin C.

Then, what are medicinal uses of avocado seed after we have figured out its contents? Let’s take a look at these medicinal uses of avocado seed that good for your body health below:

1. Reducing Total Cholesterol Level

The rich amount of soluble fiber in avocado seed is indeed beneficial for those who experiencing high cholesterol levels in body. If your cholesterol level reach 240, you should immediately considering for diet. Consuming avocado is one of the effective way to reduce the cholesterol level. You may also like to read common carbohydrate sources for diet.

2. Treating Diabetes Mellitus

Avocado seed contains monounsaturated fatty acids that are good for our body. This ingredient capable to reverse insulin resistance so the blood sugar levels will be on its stable level which is good for those who belong to diabetes sufferers.

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3. Fight Free Radicals

Free radicals has been an enemy for everyone because it can trigger various diseases such as cancer. The rich amount of antioxidants in avocado seed is very beneficial to maintain body immunity and to prevent various dangerous diseases to occur.

4. Prevent Aging

Many women decide to use so many beauty products that claim themselves an an anti-aging. However, using natural ingredient like avocado which capable to treat your face is more secure yet less risk. Its antioxidants content, makes avocado seeds is good for your face health. You may also like to read tips for skin care you need to know.

5. Helps to Increase Body Metabolism

The content of phosphorus in avocado seeds can be an alternative ingredient to fulfill body nutritional needs so your body metabolism will be increased.

6. Controlling Blood Pressure

The high potassium that contains in avocado seed is useful for controlling blood pressure. Potassium works to control blood pressure that caused by high level sodium in our body.

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How to Process Avocado Seed

  • Don’t throw avocado seed if you have eaten the whole avocado meat. You can take avocado seed to improve your body health and keep it stay healthy because avocado seed is rich of good ingredients for your body.
  • Don’t consume avocado seeds by mixing them with sugar water because sugar water itself trigger various diseases to occur such as diabetes.

These are 6 medicinal uses of avocado seed alongwith how to process it in order to make your body become healthier and avoid various diseases to occur. Stay healthy, good people!

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