14 Habits That Are Bad for Your Skin

Have you protected your skin immediately? Are you sure your skincare is enough? What about your habit? Is it related? Actually, your habit defines your skin. It affects your skin healthiness. Let’s scroll down to know more about it!

Make-up companies had launched anti-aging products for more than a few years ago. Why ? Because of women needs. Nowadays, women under 30’s years old had wrinkles and have no idea about health skin. It’s terrible ! Read also https://medicpole.com/how-to-whiten-skin-in-groin-area

Skin care products that are produced to prevent wrinkles and gave you the healthy and hydrate skin is all about expensive. Are skin care good enough? Well, Skin care that you bought won’t have any effects to your skin, if you do not avoid your bad habit toward your skin. Here are 14 bad habits for your skin. Let me explain to you more! Check this out!

  • You Do Not Wash Your Face Before Bedtime – Because of some reasons like tired, sleepy, and laziness, you do not wash your face before sleep. This action will give you the wreck, bacterial infection and also unhealthy skin. It is important to you to wash your face before bedtime.
  • Lack of Sunblock Usage – Do you mostly have outdoor activities but you do not use sunblock? It may harm your skin. Sunblock or sunscreen will avoid your skin from UV radiance. Use sunscreen or sunblock which contain SPF 15+ to protect your skin from the damage. It will take care of your skin protection, and prevent your skin from burnt.
  • Smoking – Smoking tends to damage your skin. Cigarette contains nicotine, tar, and more dangerous contents that gets rid of the nutrients on your body. Girls that like to smoke will always have unhealthy skin, wrinkles, and more dull. Stop smoking if you want to protect your skin!
  • Consume Too Much Sugar – Some studies find out that consuming too much sugar can speed up skin aging. For your information, the sugar that is mentioned is not only sweetener for your tea or coffee. Sugar can refined in white bread, pasta and other carbs. You have to lessen the consumption of sugar to prevent your skin from aging skin. Read more https://medicpole.com/useful-tips-for-skin-care

  • You avoid Vegetable and Fruits – Have you heard people says ” You are what you eat” ? Yes, we’ve tend to heard it often. But we did not realize these sentence could means a whole lots of meaning. Avoiding fruits and vegetable on your menu will get you aging skin faster. You have to recreate your daily eat or daily list for lunch and add some more anti-oxidant fruits and vegetable. Anti-oxidant that contained in fruits and vegetable can give you a healthy skin.
  • You’re An Alcoholic – Drinking alcohol is one of the part in our lifestyle. Wonder why we mention alcohol too? It is because of the content. Alcohol can increases the inflammatory to your bloodstream, and it makes your skin suffer from dryness and redness. Be careful with this! You still can drink, but not for more than one glass. Read also https://medicpole.com/effects-drinking-less-water-on-skin
  • Trying the Wrong Products – The more beauty blogger advertise new products, the more ladies interested to buy them. You should know the type of your skin, don’t just buy any products. It will give you the insanely damaged skin. This is very important, buy the skincare product based on the type of your skin and your need.
  • You Don’t Clean the Make up Brushes After Usage – Dirty brushes will cause bacterial infections and clogged pores. Brushes that are usually used everyday will get you a dirty skin. You have to clean up your brushes ! Although it’s just once a month. Washes the brushes with shampoo, then rinse well, let it dry overnight.

  • You did Exfoliate More Than Once a Week – Exfoliate your skin is important, but not for used for everyday. Once a week is enough. Harsh cleansing your skin with exfoliate will make your skin worse than before.
  • Less Sleeping – Stay up all night is not good for your health,body and even your skin. Sleep at night assist your body to repair the damage of a parts in your body and also give you a relaxation feels.
  • Less Exercise – Going to gym is also important to your body, to make your blood flow to your skin. Being lazy to go to gym? Just do some workout at home, it can make your cortisol level less than usually. The more you workout, the more your skin get clearer.
  • Stress – Keep in mind, that 80% disease come from stress. We do not know where stress come first, it could be come from over night conversation, late lunch, even from late reply message. Stress could come from anything,anywhere, and anytime. So, train your brain from stress, do yoga, when you have a problem let it go through the time. Stress can increase your skin more worse than you thought before.
  • Chlorine  – Swimming in a pool is one of the best favorite things to do. Well,do you know chlorine in swimming pool is bad ? Yes, it is bad because we do not know, chlorine are wash over or still left behind in our skin. Make sure you washes your body with rich soapy, foamy too.
  • Washing Face Often – Over washing face could cause a harm. You wash your face twice a day, day and night, and everyday. Is it too much? No, it is not. But the cleanser that you used, does it contain a powerful ingredients? Instead, you can use a gentle-soap cleanser when washing your face.

Well, we have done explore more about bad habit to your skin. Hope this article will assist you to the healthy life, healthy mind and healthy skin. Change your bad habit to the good habit, it will bring you the healthy life and happy life.

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