7 Causes of High Blood Pressure at Young Age

The cause of high blood level or hypertension at a young age can appear between the ages of 13 to 18 due to a person’s lifestyle and bad habits.

High blood or a more familiar called hypertension disease initially attacks humans with symptoms that are not visible, but along with unhealthy lifestyles and diet continues to take place then the high blood disease cannot be avoided.

Symptoms of Hypertension at Young Age:

  • Suffering from recurring headaches and more often with sudden intensity of mild pain until it becomes severe. The cause of Hypertension at a young age most often begins because of prolonged stress and eventually over time causes the blood vessels to narrow, because of the pressure from the stress itself which eventually trigger the emergence of headaches.
  • Suffering from sleep difficulties can strike people at young age because the blood circulation in the head is not smooth. This condition is very potential to cause the emergence of insomnia.
  • Bleeding in the nasal cavity with mild to severe blood debit. This condition is caused by the increase of blood pressure causes heat temperature to increase in the body, so that the pressure of blood supply is not flowing smoothly and it might result in coagulation.
  • When blood pressure rises in productive age, the most noticeable symptom is that the face turns red and appears pale afterwards. The cause of high blood at a young age is more due to the pressure of their daily activities.
  • Often drowsy and feel thirsty despite drinking enough water. This condition is triggered because blood pressure has caused the arteries to work hard and must be assisted by body fluids. That condition is what causes the body lack of body fluids.
  • Bone, joints and muscles of the body have decreased their function due to unstable blood flow in some of the arteries in the body. The body will easily weaken and experience fatigue.
  • Experiencing dizziness or vertigo. Vertigo in patients with elevated blood pressure especially young age can take place over and over again or only briefly.
  • Loss of ability to focus or concentrate on what is being faced. Often dazed, Easy to forget and tend to daydream.
  • Irritability, Frequent panic, Restlessness and unable to control emotions or become more sensitive to things that are not really important to.

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Causes of Hypertension at Young Age:

  1. Bad diet such as consuming too much fatty foods and contain a lot of salt. The food in question is the type of offal, Fast food or fried foods is cooked using coconut oil that has been used repeatedly.
  2. Consume alcoholic beverages can damage the blood vessel throughout the body, especially the artery to the head, If the central nerves are disturbed it will inhibit the flow of blood supply containing oxygen to the head gets the head cause the increase in blood pressure can not be avoided anymore.
  3. Smoking habits at a young age especially in excessive amounts susceptible to attack inhibition of blood supply in the artery to the brain, nicotine in cigarettes can injure the blood vessel walls, blood contaminate and inhibit the performance of the heart when pumping blood to spread throughout the body

  4. Genetic factors is where one of the parents or the age is the patient who has or has not healed hypertension is potentially will reduce the disease in offspring although in reality not all outhga will experience it.
  5. Lack of exercising is the main trigger of the emergence of high blood at a young age because without exercising the blood vessels will not be healthy, the nerves of the body narrowed and the new blood supply containing oxygen is inadequate.
  6.   Overweight and obesity could cause blood pressure to rise because excess fat in the body might block the course     of blood and slow down the blood to spread throughout the blood circulation, especially the brain. 50% of high blood pressure rapidly increases in adolescents allegedly because they are overweight.
  7. Prolong and Heavy stress will stimulate blood shrinking. This condition can suppress the nerves of the head that trigger the emergence of hypertension in young children.

How to Overcome Hypertension

Easy tips to overcome the causes of high blood Pressure at a young age:

  1. Mulberry leaves

Take some mulberry leaves then wash them thoroughly then boil them with 3 glasses of  mixed water vinegar. Wait until the water leaves about one glass. Drink boiled water 2 to 3 times a day to lower the high blood pressure.

  1. Garlic

Take some cloves of garlic, Peel the skin and then crush then add (brewed) with one glass of hot water. Stir until evenly distributed. After the garlic water is warm it can be drunk 2 times every day. Garlic contains natural antibiotics, Anti-Aging and lowers blood pressure rapidly.

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  1. Celery leaves

Take some celery leaves without the trunk. Wash with clean water then blend it with a mixture of boiled water to taste. Drink celery juice twice a day to allow blood vessels to head smoothly and lower blood pressure.

  1. Morinda Fruit

Take 2 pieces of old Morinda Fruit, peeled skin and wash thoroughly until it’s clean. Cut into sections then blend it and then squeeze the water using a thin cloth. Drink the Morinda Fruit juice 2 to 3 times per day so that the cause of high blood at a young age can be eliminated quickly.

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  1. Banana

Bananas have good nutrients for smoothing the blood flow in the body and protect the health of blood vessels from irritation or the entry of toxins from food and free radicals. Eating bananas every day in addition to improving digestive health turns nutrient bananas can strengthen blood vessels to the brain so as to prevent the emergence of high blood pressure at a young age.

  1. Phyllanthus Urinaria Leaves

Take a tumble of Phyllanthus Urinaria leaves then wash it and then smoothed by adding lukewarm water to taste. Stir until evenly distributed and ready to drink two to three times per day. Potent celery leaves lower high blood pressure and prevents the cause of high blood pressure at a young age to come back.

  1. Pegagan Leaves or Buabok

Take 20 sheets of Buabok leaves, and then wash thoroughly and then boil with 3 glasses of water until leaving only one glass. Strain the water first before drinking it. The boiled water of Buabok leaves is good to reduce blood pressure and cure high blood disease.

  1. Averrhoa Bilimbi

Take 3 Averrhoa Bilimbi that has ripen, wash it first and then then cut into pieces. Boil the fruit with water 2 cup only to boil and wait until half of it is evaporated and enough for one glass. Before drinking the water, it should be filtered first then let it chill for a few minute. Drink Averrhoa Bilimbi water after breakfast and after dinner / evening. Averrhoa Bilimbi contains high oxalic acid substances that can control the cause of high blood at a young age because it can lower blood pressure relatively quick.

  1. Avocado Leaves

Take 3 to 4 leaves of avocado, washed first and then mashed or pounded and after that brewed with hot water. Let until the dregs drop like a tea brew. This simple herb can be taken 2 times a day to heal the condition and prevent the appearance of the cause of hypertension at a young age.

  1. Cucumber

Take 2 to 3 cucumbers that were previously washed and remove the tip. Cucumber fruit can be grated or cut into pieces then blended with a little boiled water, and then squeezed with a thin cloth to extract the juice. Cucumber juice is one of the best natural high blood pressure’s medications that can overcome the cause of high blood pressure at a young age because cucumber cools the body temperature, calms the blood vessels, and lower blood pressure is increasing relatively faster.

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