15 Foods That Will Guarantee Chubby Cheeks in a Week

Chubby cheeks is a popular feature among women because this additional feature will appear once someone gaining more weight at the moment. Occasionally when someone are going to have a big day such as graduation, wedding, or any other special event, they tend to plan on having slimmer body and more tapered face just to look a little different and beautiful.

But, for some other people, having a chubby cheeks is a kind of a cute thing to have especially for a boyfriend of someone with a chubby cheeks. Girls with a fluffy cheeks are way cuter and pinch-able for men. They often times predicted to have a younger age than they actually are.

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If you are wondering why someone, or even yourself have a bigger size of cheeks, here’s why:

  • Genetic Origin
  • Obesity
  • Having a bad diet
  • Skin Allergic
  • Having Toothache Or Gums Pain
  • Menstruation Effect
  • Too Much Munching
  • Not Having Enough Physical Activity
  • Certain Chemical Drugs Effect
  • Not Having Enough Sleep Hours
  • Steroid Side Effect
  • Having ‘hypothyroidism’
  • Having ‘Cushing Syndrome’
  • Stress Effect

Food That Guarantee Chubby Cheeks

Having an ideal body type and feature will ordinarily related with the way someone eat. Our daily diet will affect our body shape and health. So, when we are planning on having tapered cheeks, we may need to adjust our everyday intake and filter it so then what we are eating is not going to bring us too much calories for our body. And, here are some of foods that will guarantee chubby cheeks in a month that we need to stay away for a while from now on.

  1. Salty Food

Eating food with too much salt will raise up our ability to bind more water inside our body, which then will make our body parts looking a little bigger than the way it should. We can start maintaining our diet using “mayo diet” rules to consume less salty meals to prevent having a chubby cheeks.

  1. Alcohol Drink

Any kind of alcohol drinks like wine, beer, and so on, have the ability to make our body suffer from dehydration. And dehydration may cause us to have a chubbier cheeks.

  1. Meal with Too Much Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates often causes weight gaining problems for women, so they tend to start cutting carbo as the solution and eating more protein and fat to substitute. Ketogenic diet is one type of diet that support our will to consume less carbo, you may want to know more about it.

  1. Sweet Dessert

Sweet desserts such as sweet cakes, candy, and so on will make us gain a lot of weight if we consume it regularly. Too much of sugar also triggering our possibility to be infected with diabetes problem. So, the option of consuming sweet treat as our dessert can be replaced with consuming fresh fruits instead. 

  1. Junk Food

Junk food is a very popular name for an instant meal that being sold by so many fast-food restaurant. It won’t take us too long to prepare this kind of food and it also tastes delicious enough for out appetite, but what it brings to our body is not good at all. Junk food contains too much calories, diabetes, with too much sugar and artificial contents inside it. Junk food often times becomes a cause of obesity. You may also read about Benefits of Vitamin D3 for Body Health

  1. Dairy Products – such as cheese

Dairy products contain of too much calories and fats which donate change to our face shape from its normal V-shaped to U-shaped faster. If you’re wondering, dairy foods include fresh milk, whole milk, skim milk, yoghurt, cheese, and any kind of milk-based products.

  1. Avocado

Avocadoes are a good source of fats with approximately 14,66 grams fat per-100 grams of it. But actually bigger amount of its fat are mono-saturated fatty acid (MUFA) that would help us reducing our cholesterol level, which is a good thing to gain. And another benefits from consuming this fruit are preventing cancer cell activation, heart problem, and liver disease. It also helps us having healthier hair and raising up our libido level.

More Food for Your Body Shape

And here are several more foods that might bring us too much fats and calories to our body and a U-shaped face. We can start to consume less of it as our attempt to get more tapered face.

  1. Black chocolate
  2. Salmon Fish
  3. Eggs
  4. Almond
  5. Peanut butter
  6. Olive oil
  7. Coconut oil
  8. Yoghurt

Thus, that’s the foods that will guarantee chubby cheeks in a month. 

Tips to Get Rid of Chubby Cheeks

So, having a chubby cheeks has its own plus and minus depends on each person’s viewpoints and purposes. But, if you really are annoyed for having such type of cheeks, we have a few information that perhaps can help you get rid of chubby cheeks.

Besides minimizing food that will guarantee chubby cheeks in a month just like what we mentioned at the top, we might need to re-adjust several habits or actions. Here are several tips to help you get chubby cheeks gone faster, and understand on why it happens that way.

  • Checking up our body for having “hypothyroidism” possibility
  • Having general check-up
  • Drinking enough water
  • Having a healthy diet
  • Consuming enough vitamin C
  • Consuming enough calcium
  • Sleeping for minimum 7 hours for a day
  • Managing stress in a good way
  • Avoiding food or treatment with a help of steroid
  • Exercising regularly
  • Changing our hair style
  • Choosing the right glasses frame shape
  • And the last option will be, having a medical treatment in ‘beauty clinic’ to reduce chubby cheeks – Please keep in mind to choose our own certified beautician with a lot of past successful experience before (just in case, we are handled on the right hand).

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After knowing general information mentioned in this article, hopefully we will know more about things that trigger chubby cheeks, foods that will guarantee chubby cheeks in a month, and tips to get rid of chubby cheeks. The medical treatment option might be the last option to try because that is the most expensive and risky one. When we choose the wrong beautician, then we might be haunted for another health issue in the future. So, it is suggested to play safely with natural options to be implemented such as doing physical exercise, eating healthy food, and so on.

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