12 Worst Foods That Cause Hemorrhoid Flare Up

Hemorrhoid or so-called hemorrhoids are diseases caused by a lump of meat growing on the anus. Hemorrhoids are a medical term for this disease. A common symptom of hemorrhoid disease is the pain that is felt when defecating. To sit any patient who is currently having this disease will be difficult. For more severe conditions, can be marked by the presence of blood during defecation.

This bleeding can occur when a lump containing pus and blood rub against the hard poop when released. The hemorrhoids can be treated with medication by doctors. However, if the hemorrhoid disease has entered a severe phase, surgery to remove hemorrhoids should be done.

The cause of hemorrhoid

Symptoms of hemorrhoid suffered more by adults. Many factors can be the cause of the disease that may be embarrassing for this sufferer. Some of the factors that can cause hemorrhoids are as follows:

  • Constipation

Constipation  is a condition in which a person has difficulty in bowel movements caused by hard feces. Constipation can cause the emergence of lumps causing hemorrhoid. To prevent constipation, eat foods that contain lots of fiber (fiber) as found in vegetables and fruits. You can also consume yogurt for digestion as well as maintain digestive health.

  • Genetic (heredity)

Hemorrhoids can be caused by genetic factors. If any of your parents have a history of hemorrhoids, the risk of experiencing the same illness will be greater for you. You can prevent the disease by taking care of your diet and life properly.

  • Diarrhea

Symptoms of diarrhea can cause hemorrhoid. Diarrhea can occur due to lack of hand hygiene, due to contaminated food factors or bacteria or allergies in certain foods. The type of diarrhea that can cause hemorrhoid is the danger of acute diarrhea. To prevent diarrhea, do not forget to always pay attention to hand hygiene and the environment. Note also the food that goes into our body. If you have diarrhea, do not underestimate it. Do immediate treatment to stop the cause of diarrhea completely.

  • Drink less water

Approximately 70% of the human body component is water. Therefore the consumption of water is very important in supporting the work of the body equipment in order to remain functioning normally. Water needs can be obtained from foods that contain water. But that alone is not enough. The best type of water is mineral water. It has been proven that mineral water provides many benefits to the body.

One of them is to dissolve the toxins in the body so that the condition of the body remains healthy. Get used to consume mineral water at least 2 liters or approximately 8 glasses per day. Your need for water may be more due to the diverse daily activities. Also read: Things Not to Do When You Have Hemorrhoids

  • Sit or stand too long

Activity doing work in the office or in front of the computer that is done every day within hours can cause blood circulation is not smooth. So is the activity of standing for too long. This will trigger the onset of hemorrhoid symptoms. In order to avoid hemorrhoids, you should do stretching movements on the sidelines of your work activities.

  • Pregnancy and childbirth (pushing)

Pregnant women may experience hemorrhoids due to hormonal changes that are produced during the pregnancy process, the hormonal change can also affecting your mood that can be resulted to stress. Mothers who give birth through normal processes can also experience hemorrhoids due to over-strenuous activity. (Read more: 25 Effective Home Remedies for Stress During Pregnancy)

Foods that cause hemorrhoid flare up

It turns out that many factors can trigger the emergence of hemorrhoids. But did you know that there are also some types of food that can cause hemorrhoid? The list of foods below is not recommended for consumption by people who is suffering from hemorrhoids and also for those of you who want to prevent hemorrhoid.

Here are the foods that cause hemorrhoid flare up:

1. Green Apple

Green apples have a higher acidity level than other apple types. Acid on this fruit can cause indigestion. In addition, acid can also cause irritation of the digestive system. (Read also:  Dangerous Foods for Stomach)

2. Orange
Similar to apples, oranges also have a sour taste. Although oranges have vitamin C needed by the body, patients with hemorrhoid or symptoms of hemorrhoids should not consume oranges in order not to aggravate the condition.

3. Spicy food or with a strong flavor

Chili or sauce or other spicy food hazards are not fully able to trigger the hemorrhoid. But for patients with hemorrhoid, eating spicy will cause pain and tenderness when defecation becomes more severe. So also with foods that have a strong taste such as pepper and ginger. Some people have intolerable digestion when eating spicy or hot foods. This can lead to diarrhea that can be a factor causing the appearance of hemorrhoids.

4. Meat

Animal meat especially goats, has a hot nature. Red meat is a type of food that is difficult to digest so it can strengthen the stool. If hard stools and can not be released immediately, this will trigger the occurrence of hemorrhoid. Eat meat within reasonable limits and do not overdo it.

5. Fruit seeds

Seeds of certain fruits such as cashew nuts that are often inedible can not be digested properly by our digestion. Seeds that enter the intestines can be tangled and settle for some time. This can lead to constipation that can trigger hemorrhoid.

6. Junk food

Junk food is a type of food that is difficult to digest by the body. Consumption of junk food can disrupt the digestive system resulting in various disorders such as constipation or diarrhea that can lead to hemorrhoids. It’s the foods that cause hemorrhoid flare up so please avoid it.

7. Salt

Salt does not directly cause hemorrhoid when consumed within reasonable limits. But for those of you who like salty taste, from now on it is better to pay attention to the salt levels that enter into your body. Too much food containing salt can cause fluid shrinkage. This can cause swelling of the blood vessels, including those around the anus so that it can make the hemorrhoids worse.

8. Fried foods

Any type of fried foods other than high cholesterol can also trigger hemorrhoid. This is because the oil used to fry can cause damage to the intestinal wall that exacerbates the condition of hemorrhoid. Fried foods also include foods that are difficult to digest by the digestive system. If you want to avoid various health problems, reduce consumption of foods containing oil. Especially the oil used for frying many times.

9. Wheat Flour

Various foods made from wheat flour can be left behind for some time in the gut. This can cause constipation and pain that is felt in the abdominal area. Flour can also cause swelling of the hemorrhoids to be more severe.

10. Dairy products

In addition to difficult to digest, some types of dairy products such as cheese can cause gas production in the digestion. The gas can cause stomach cramps and severe pain. Foods from dairy products can leave fatty acids in the intestine that can trigger constipation.

11. Raw fruit

Are you a rujak fan? A local salad dish made from various kinds of fruit is indeed intriguing because it tastes fresh. Sour taste combined with spicy and sweet sauce so seductive. But for those of you who have symptoms of hemorrhoids, should not eat them. Rujak or other similar dishes that include raw or undercooked fruits can make the condition of hemorrhoids become more severe. Raw or undercooked fruit, in addition to tend to have a sour taste, it also includes a difficult to digest food.

12. Bread and biscuits

Bread is often a breakfast menu that is practical and filling. This bread can be served as a breakfast menu by serving with jam or burned. From children to adults mostly like fresh bread. But it turns out bread and biscuits can cause constipation that can trigger the occurrence of hemorrhoid. Likewise with other types of bread.

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How to Prevent Hemorrhoids

That is the list of foods that can cause hemorrhoid. Maintaining the food we consume is indeed one of the best ways to avoid various diseases. There are several other ways that can be used to prevent hemorrhoid. Here’s how to avoid hemorrhoid disease:

  • Drinking mineral water at least 2 liters or approximately 8 glasses per day.
  • Do sports regularly. (Read also: Disadvantages of Not Exercising For Body Health)
  • Do not hold your bowels for too long.
  • Note the consumption of fiber for healthy digestion.
  • Keep your weight ideal and not obese.
  • Keeping the area clean around the anus to avoid infection.
  • Try not to squat too long, stand up, or sit down.
  • Avoid alcohol. If you are suffering insomnia from alcohol withdrawal read more: 35 Effective Ways How to Get Sleep during Alcohol Withdrawal
  • Do not consume too much coffee. (Read also: 9 Negative Effects of Drinking Coffee on an Empty Stomach)
  • Try to defecate regularly every day.
  • Do not eat too many preserved foods.

These are some other ways that can be done to prevent hemorrhoids. Now we already know the trigger factors and foods that can cause hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids or in medical terms hemorrhoid so as to do prevention. Avoid the foods that cause hemorrhoid flare up! Hopefully this article useful and can provide new knowledge for you.

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