10 Ways to Prevent Pinworms Naturally – Causes – Treatments

In the human body, specifically the intestine, there are several types of worms that can endanger human health. These worms are roundworms, whip worms, hookworms and pinworms. Worms can cause infections. It can also grow and multiply in the our intestine. 

Pinworm is more scientifically known as Enterobius vermicularis. In several studies, infection caused by worm has more frequently attacked children. Up to 90% of children in Indonesia are infected with intestinal worms. But that does not mean that adults are safe from pinworms. Adults are also at risk for pinworms if they cannot maintain their body and environment hygiene.

Symptoms that arise when our intestines have pinworms are itching in the area around the anus. Other symptoms that may arise such as loss of appetite, infection in the skin around the anus, weight loss, frequent urination, difficulty sleeping, the cause of long-term fever, feeling nauseous and vomiting and in adults can cause vaginitis or inflammation that occurs in the vagina.

If you feel itchy in the area around your anus, then immediately take medication because it can endanger your health. Pinworms attack parts of our intestine through two phases.

In the first phase, pinworms in the anus comes out and attaches to objects around us, then enters or inhaled so it enters our intestines. 

The second phase happens after entering human bodies. The pinworm will develop and lay eggs to grow and reproduce and gnaw on our colon. After entering adult phase, pinworms will move towards the anus and there they store the eggs so that our anus will feel itchy.

Due to it’s small form, it enables to eat the contents in the small intestine. Pinworms’ eggs in the anus will come out when one’s scratched their bottom due to itching, and allow the worms to attach on the nails. Pinworms on one’s nails can re-enter the body when we eat but without washing our hands first. 

This incident will always reoccur, the worms out of the anus and re-enter through the mouth because the transmission is very easy, so that it must be stopped by maintaining body hygiene. If you want to avoid being attacked by pinworms that can endanger your health, then you can take some measures to prevent pinworms from entering and developing in your body.

Here is an explanation of some ways to prevent pinworms:

1. Wash Your Hands

Hands are essential parts of our body which always moving and allow us to do our activities. Often times, we are not aware that our hands are causing diseases or viruses for our bodies.

Germs, viruses, or diseases often stick to dirty hands, then without washing them first we use our hands to eat, and do other activities that allows the virus to enter our bodies when we, for example, touching our mouth or lips, or nose so that the disease can enter through the oral or nasal cavity.

Always wash your hands after doing something or about to do something and always do it properly because it will give you so many positive effects of hand hygiene. For example, after you defecate, don’t forget to wash your hands. When you’re about to eat, also always wash your hands first, so that the germs or viruses die so that they do not enter our bodies.

2. Wash Your Bed Sheets Twice a Week

The sheets need to be kept clean because it is a place that we use for a long night’s rest. If we sleep on dirty sheets that contains a lot of germs, it is possible for them to enter our bodies. The same rules apply for germs or worm eggs.

Even though it’s so tiny to the point where we can’t see it with our bare eyes, worm eggs can also be found on the bed sheets, and it can enter our body. Wash your sheets at least twice a week to avoid diseases and pinworm eggs from entering your body and to stay healthy.

3. Routinely Clip Your Nails

Long nails can be a nest for some diseases or germs, and of course, pinworm eggs. When we use our hands with long nails to eat, the eggs of pinworms which nested on our nails can enter our mouths and multiply in the intestines. 

Clip your nails once a week, or basically do proper ways to maintain your nails healthy. Do not let the length of your nails exceed the length of the skin of your fingertips so that germs, viruses, bacteria and worms egg cannot hide behind the nails.

4. Clean The Toilet

If people will assess a person’s hygiene, then what needs to be checked first is the cleanliness of the toilet. If the condition of the toilet is clean, the other must be clean and the sign is that the person is maintaining cleanliness. 

Toilet are a very easy place for various germs and bacteria to develop if they are not kept clean. Clean your toilet every day and use a toilet cleaner that can kill germs and bacteria. 

If one of your family members is affected by pinworms, it can easily be transmitted to other people through latrines if the toilet is used simultaneously. So keep the cleanliness of the latrines so you don’t catch pinworms.

5. Clean Your Home Environment

A clean home environment will nourish our bodies because it will kept away several germs that can harm ourselves. Keep your home clean every day. Don’t let the garbage pile up and rot. 

Separate between organic and non-organic waste. You can burn non-organic waste because it is difficult to decompose so if it is burned it will not accumulate in your home. If it accumulates, it can cause and bring in some nests of disease.

6. Consuming Probiotics

Consumption of probiotics can be in the form of capsules or yogurt to maintain your body’s health, so that your body will be ready to fight some diseases that can enter your body. Take probiotics regularly at least 3 times a week.

7. Wash Your Towels Once a Week

The towels we use after bathing also need to be kept clean. After bathing, the germs that are on the body will die, but if we use a dirty towel and there are lots of germs then our shower will be useless. 

Wash towels regularly once a week to keep them clean from germs that can attach to the towel.

8. Make Sure The Cutlery You Use are Clean

The cutlery we use such as glasses, spoons, plates and other tools can also be attached by pinworm eggs or bacteria and germs. When you want to eat, make sure that the tool you use is sterile from germs.

9. Use Hand Sanitizer

If you are too lazy to wash your hands, then always carry with you a hand sanitizer to kill the germs on your hands. Use it by applying it then rubbing it on your hands before and after doing whatever activity. 

The active ingredients in the hand sanitizer will help eliminate germs in your hands. Of course, always remember to use it in its proper amount to avoid negative side effects of hand sanitizer.

10. Use Antiseptic Soap

If you wash your hands, use antiseptic soap so that the bacteria that stick to the hands will die and do not enter the body. It will be better if your bath soap is also soap that contains antiseptic so that in addition to it’s fragrant smell, the germs that can attack the health of the body could be eliminated. 

Thus are several ways to prevent the attack of pinworms. Remember to always keep your body and environment clean. While you’re at it, you can also learn fast ways to get rid of pinworms naturally.

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