12 Surprising Dangers Of Sauna For Health

Sauna is a therapy that is done specifically by using evaporation to result sweat. Sauna therapy has been used since many years ago in Scandinavia, this therapy is useful to health, to remove toxins from the body, to help slimming the body, and also to improve blood circulation.

The results of several studies have linked benefits, especially to certain people and to moderate conditions. In addition, sauna is also believed to cleanse the body and detoxification process.

Sauna can be divided into two types:

  • The conventional sauna, i.e. sauna which is done by air warming method
  • Infrared Sauna, a sauna that uses equipment as a method of warming, such as charcoal, activated carbon fiber, or other materials. Although Sauna is believed to promote health, it doesn’t mean that sauna doesn’t have risks or negative impacts on health. Here are some problems that can arise from the dangers of sauna:

1. Trigger burns

Some cases have occurred in some people who have passed sauna therapy, some of them require hospitalization due to burns after the therapy. Most of the burns come from accidental contacts generated by touching the heater used during therapy. Read more about Dangerous Effects of Not Having Enough Sleep

Although most of the burns are often insignificant, it can sometimes be more serious, even fatal. Burns can also occur due to exposure to the hot air used in the sauna. Exposure can be fatal because it can penetrate all the layers of skin that can cause a fainting effect for sauna patients.

2. Causing reproductive disorders

Men have to think twice before doing a sauna. It is because, while doing the sauna, body temperature will increase. It will also affect the testicular temperature, this can cause an impact on the decrease of sperm count. Read more about Dangers of Wearing Tight Pants For Health

A study found that saunas can lower sperm production within a week of therapy and it doesn’t return to normal for up to five weeks afterwards.In addition, for pregnant women should also know and realize that the sauna during early pregnancy can cause embryo or fetal abnormalities. 

3. Sauna can’t kill all harmful organisms in the body

Warm and humid temperatures in the sauna can be a perfect habitat for organism development. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that the case of a person who has been doing regular sauna therapy can develop fever, chills, and may develop into shortness of breath and fatigue.

4. Causing bulimia

The next impact of sauna is that it can cause eating disorders. Some people believe that by doing a sauna therapy, we can lose weight. When doing sauna, the frequency of water in the body will be reduced drastically because of the effects of sweat is going out from the body. Read more about How to Treat Bulimia Side Effects

This is what seems to give the effect of body decline. A report released by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1991 stated that 14 patients with bulimics are known to routinely spend long periods in the sauna as a weight control technique. They have abused the sauna with the added consumption of diuretics and laxatives that cause dehydration.

5. Causing dehydration

Hot temperatures that occur while doing a sauna therapy will cause a sweat that is believed to lose weight. However, this will actually cause the effect of thirst, as well as dehydration in the body. The danger of water shortage for the body can cause various deadly diseases for human body. So you should be cautious if there is dehydration happening.

6. Lowering blood pressure

Hot temperatures during a sauna therapy can dilate blood vessels on the skin surface. This causes the effect of blood withdrawal to the surface of the body which can later be cooled by the sweat that comes out of the body. As blood vessels dilate, blood pressure will decrease.

For someone who suffers from hypertension or low blood pressure, this is a dangerous indication because it is one of the causes of low blood pressure. Read more about Vegetables for Low Blood Count

7. Trigger fatigue

Doing sauna in excess will cause heat effect on the body. This can cause health problems. This is caused by the increasingly humid air during the sauna therapy can cause a discharge that will reduce the ability of the skin to cool the body.

In addition, it will cause a decreasing in blood pressure, severe dehydration and fatigue which will eventually lead to weak intake of oxygen in the body and is often called muscle fatigue.

8. Trigger heat stroke

This can happen when someone spends too long time in a sauna or sauna at too high a temperature. The first symptoms of this disorder are dizziness and nausea. If you experience any of these symptoms you should immediately leave the sauna to cool down your body.

9. Trigger hypovolemic shock

This is a combination of dehydration and decreased blood pressure. This happens when blood pressure and blood volume become so low that body tissue can not get the oxygen they need. Nausea and dizziness are the first symptoms of this disorder, and only by leaving the sauna and cooling and rehydration will prevent the risk of complications

10. Trigger heart problems

It only takes a few minutes to make the skin to get the temperature of the heat when doing the sauna therapy. A study conducted by Harvard Health Publications, states that the sauna can lead to an increase in pulse rate, forcing the heart to pump more blood, which is mostly sent to the skin.

This can potentially affect blood pressure in the body. A person with a heart condition allows for further heart problems during a sauna. Read more about Early Symptoms of Heart Disease

11. Increased body temperature

The body has an internal cooling system to keep the body’s core temperature at a safe level. When the body experiences extreme hot temperatures such as in saunas, it will make the body’s cooling system overloaded, especially if it happens for too long.

At the time the body fails to maintain body temperature, will affect the danger to the body. This was revealed by Columbia Healthcare. Read more about Negative Effects of Sleeping while Wearing Bra

12. Pregnancy disorders

Pregnant women should avoid sauna activities, because the sauna may trigger hyperthermia or sudden increase in body temperature. This can increase the risk of damage for pregnancy. A study suggests that hyperthermia can lead to birth defects, especially in first trimester of pregnancies.

Although after a sauna there are changes in the body such as feelings of peace, calm and clear mind, skin rejuvenation, and increased sensitivity. However, extreme heat exposure during the sauna therapy can also be dangerous. Read more about  How to Prevent Pregnancy without Side Effects

The best way to use a sauna is to do it in harmony with the condition of the body. Thus, before doing sauna therapy, you should consult to the doctor first.

Especially for someone with respiratory problems, heart problems, and other types of chronic diseases. In addition, pregnant women should also avoid sauna activities during pregnancy, because it can trigger a baby born in a condition of disability.

Sauna Tips

Here are some tips on taking a sauna:

  1. Before doing sauna therapy, you should drink plenty of fluids, especially after doing strenuous activities such as sports. This will help avoid overheating while doing this therapy.
  2. According to Harvard Health Publications, before doing sauna therapy you should avoid alcoholic beverages, eating too much, or consuming drugs such as stimulants, sedatives or other prescription drugs, as this can disrupt the body’s metabolic system and cause health problems.
  3. Don’t do sauna activity alone, this will provide assistance when things are not desired on you. For example, fainting, as well as other worrisome conditions during the sauna.
  4. Do not stay too long in the sauna room. If you start feeling dizzy, nauseated, or headache, you should immediately stop the activity. Read more about Dangers of Spicy Food For Pregnant Women
  5. Perform a gradual cooling of the body after a sauna. Wait a while before you take a shower with cold water. This can help avoid excess pressure on the heart. Drink cold water about 2 to 4 glasses after sauna. It is useful to help the body cooling process.

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