12 Disadvantages of Taking A Bath in The Evening for Health

We often hear or get advice from our parents or our close relatives when we decide to take a bath in the evening. They say that taking a bath in the evening is not good for our health. We can get several disease, such as rheumatics or other diseases. So, how if we should do that because we just finished from our activity?

Is that true about what they have said to you? Let us see. Here are several information about the disadvantages of taking a bath in the evening for our health.

1. Taking a bath in the evening causes rheumatics

Rheumatic is an autoimmune diseases, which is a disease that occur when there is a sore in our joints so person with rheumatic will feel  a very painful sensation in their joints.

bahaya mandi malam hariThe causes of rheumatic are still unclear. According to the health and medical experts, this disease occurs because of genetic disorders which can occur to anyone in their  productive ages.

Here are several rheumatic symptoms that you need to know:

  • Pain in the joints
  • Some reddish parts in your joints
  • Joints area are warm when you touch it
  • Stiff joints in the morning
  • The functions of affected joints decline

This disease is actually not harmful but if you feel or you have the symptoms of rheumatic, it is better to look for doctor’s treatments. And, if you have rheumatics, and if you have to take a bath in the evening, you are recommended to use warm water because cold water will make your rheumatic severe.

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2. Early aging

Taking a bath in the evening can cause early aging. Several people say that their body is not strong enough to be poured by cold water when they take a bath in the evening, it then causes an increasing to their body metabolism. Therefore, the body requires calorie supplies as well as high level of oxygen to stabilize it.

3. Pneumonia

Taking a bath in the evening can cause pneumonia. Actually, this myth is incorrect. It is caused by virus infection and bacteria from the air. The person with pneumonia is usually experiencing cough, hard to breath, and trembling.

Pneumonia is unable to be cured for a long time. The symptoms of its light disease are similar to those who are having a common cough and influenza. Read also: Ways to Prevent Shortness of Breath.

4. Uric acid

Taking a bath in the evening can increase the risk of having uric acid. This disease occurs when the uric acid in your body is increasing. Then, it can cause your kidneys are unable to accommodate and also to release those compounds. Read also: Causes of High Uric Acid at Younger Age

Several symptoms of this disease, such as:

  • Pain in your joints
  • Swollen and reddish

In the morning and evening, the frequency will be higher than usual. And those with severe uric acid, it will be very painful. It attacks the fingers, feet, heel, elbow, or wrist. And if you are having the symptoms or even the uric acid, stay away from coffee is recommended.


There are some disadvantages of taking a bath in the evening for our health. You have to avoid to eat foods containing purine substances, such as in the nuts, seafood, or canned food.

5. Disturb your metabolism process

When you take a bath in the evening, you have to be more careful because it can disturb your metabolism process. Why is that? It is because, during the night, your body temperature is declining and it needs a rest. And, if you take a bath and the pores are opened, the water will enter your body and it can make a hormone disruption to your body.

6. Cold

Evening is a time for taking a rest. Therefore, taking a bath in the evening can cause cold, especially when you take a bath when your body temperature is still high and you still feel hot. 

7. Fever

It is related to body pores and warmth level of your body which are increasing in the night. Because, when our body is warm, and you pour it with cold water to the open pores of your body, it can make your body feels like you get fever.

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8. Muscle pain

Many people think that taking a bath in the evening will cause pain in their muscle because of cold water enter their body pores.

Is It Only A Myth?

Regardless its effects, there are medical experts who think that taking a bath in the evening which can cause rheumatic is only a myth. They also added that taking a bath in the evening is not the main factor causing early aging, because it can occur as a result from stress condition in the office, other disease, genetic, or other psychological factors. Nevertheless, it is recommended for us to avoid to take a bath in the evening.

Aside from its harmful effects, there are several usefulness of taking a bath in the evening. Here are the good news:

  1. It can re-stabilize our physical and emotional condition. After you have a full day activity, your body will be exhausted and sometimes you may get stressed. By taking a bath, your body will be re-stabilized because the toxins in your body can be removed.
  2. Prevent your self from insomnia. If your body is sweaty after you did your daily activity, it will be hard for you to take a rest in the night. By taking a bath, you will feel better and you can sleep tightly without any uncomfortable feeling and itchy sensation.
  3. It can relax your body.
  4. It can decrease your blood pressure.

Therefore, regardless its myths of taking a bath in the evening among the people and disadvantages of taking a bath in the evening for our health, it is recommended for us to be wiser when we get the information. Nevertheless, it is also good for you if you do not completely ignore the information about taking a bath in the evening to avoid severe complication.

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