20 Effective Ways How to Treat Lack of Self Confidence

Experiencing an extreme lack of self confidence can be debilitating. You won’t enjoy life as much you want to because you’re unhappy with yourself. Some opportunities might pass you by because you don’t believe in yourself. Turn your life around to better days by doing these 20 Ways How to Treat Lack of Self Confidence. Also read the causes and the effects to help you reflect on what you need to improve.

Causes of Lack of Confidence

  • Insecurities
  • Appearance
  • Trauma
  • Overthinking

Effects from Lack of Confidence

  • Easily embarrassed
  • Not socialising
  • Hinder success
  • Less happiness

Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Do these things to give yourself that extra boost of confidence:

1. Keeping a Journal

If you keep too many negative thoughts about yourself inside your head, get them out. Write them down on a piece of paper or a journal. By writing these negative thoughts, you are letting yourself free. When you put those crippling thoughts away, you can make space to think more positively.

2. Surround Self with Positive People

Reflect on the people that you socialise with every day. Do they give you good vibes or bring you down? In case that there are certain people who only make you feel bad about yourself, limit your contact with them. Instead, surround yourself with people who are willing to accept your flaws. These people will make you have a more positive outlook about yourself.

3. Have a Mantra

It is said that if you keep repeating something to yourself, you will eventually believe it. Have a specific mantra that will increase your confidence. The mantra could go “I am good enough” or “I deserve to be happy”. Repeat the positive mantras at least 10 times before you start your day. Eventually, you will become happier with yourself.

4. Focus on Success

Lack of self confidence often comes from too much focus on your failure. Your failure is a great reminder to become better but don’t forget about your success. Your successes are important too. Remember the one thing that you are the most proud of. It can help you regain your confidence back. You will start to believe in yourself more.

5. Keep Positive Quotes

Some people like to collect positive quotes. These quotes help them to feel more enlightened. You can use this method to increase your confidence. Collect some quotes that you like and make you feel good about yourself. Keep them or write them down. In case you need some inspiration or a boost of confidence, you can read the quotes.

6. Work on Your Goals

Everybody have dreams or life goals that they want to achieve. List down the goals that you aim for. For every goal that you reach, cross it out. This will help in feeling so fulfilled in your life. Over time, you will have crossed out the many goals that you have. You will feel confident for achieving your dreams and aspirations.

7. Join a Theatre Group

Consider joining a theatre group in your community if you have one. Performing and acting can train your self confidence. You need to be very confident to be able to perform in front of many people. You will also feel more brave when you join this kind of group. The people around are willing to help you out. You might even make friends in the group.

8. Taking Care of Yourself

Treat yourself and make yourself feel special. Take care of your body and groom yourself. Get a nice haircut, paint your nails in a colour that you love or spray your favourite scent to your body. Paying attention to these little things can make you feel more confident. You will feel less fear when you surround yourself with people. You might be interested on how to make discoloured nails white naturally

9. Exercising

Exercising will make you feel good. If you’ve been insecure about your body weight, then get your ideal one from working out. Once you attain that ideal body, your confidence will skyrocket. Other than that, exercising is healthy. Getting rid of all that toxins from your body will make you feel fresh and healthier.

10. Perfecting a Skill

If you have a skill that you think you are good at, continue to improve it. But in case that you don’t have one, then learn something new. Being good at a specific thing can also make you feel good about yourself. If it makes you happy, it will make you confident too. People can also start to take notice of your skill and you can be proud of that.

11. Dress Nicely

Try your best to dress nicely at all times. You don’t have to buy expensive clothes. You just need to put together an outfit that will make you feel and look good. This can help you feel better about yourself. Some people do judge you from the first meeting. You won’t need to worry so much when you look neat.

12. Stand Straight

Pay attention to your posture. Avoid slouching and don’t look down frequently. Stand straight, stand tall and keep your head up. This posture will instill more confidence in yourself. People will also take you seriously when you don’t slouch.Standing straight will also prevent your body from experiencing an unnecessary back pain.

13. Practice Good Hygiene

Practicing good hygiene is the way to go. Besides you feeling fresh about your body, you will also be confident around people. Don’t be lazy and shower regularly. Scrub away any dead skin from your body. You will feel squeaky clean when you keep up with your good hygiene habit. In case you experience a bad case of smelly feet, quickly stop it from smelling.

14. Improve Public Speaking

Practice your public speaking ability. If you are shy and not entirely a social person, this skill will help you gain more courage to talk to people. Learn how to speak eloquently. Speak with confidence and poise without fear. People will want to hear you talk and you’ll feel good about yourself.

15. Making Peace with Yourself

This is an important thing that you have to to gain the ultimate confidence. Making peace with yourself means accepting yourself as who you are. Embrace your flaws and your faults instead of being embarrassed by them. Once you are comfortable with yourself, you will also feel comfortable with the people around you.

Other Ways (16-20)

Below are more ways that you can try.

  • Smiling: It will make you look approachable.
  • Being Kind: You will feel better about yourself.
  • Have Clean Space: Boost positive thoughts. Clutter creates negative thinking.
  • Keep Learning: Increasing knowledge will make you confident.
  • Staying Grateful: Confident in everything that you have.

Being happy with who you are is the main key to happiness in life. There is no instant way to increase your confidence. You have to work at it every day at your own pace. In the end, it will be worth it as you find yourself worthy.

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