8 Side Effects of Java Tea Leaves for Health – Important Cautions

Orthosiphon aristatus or more commonly known as Java Tea Leaves or Cat’s Whiskers Leaves is a medicinal herb usually found throughout southern of China, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia and tropical Queensland.  It’s shrub-type plant with wet stem, usually growing up to 1.5 meters high. Java tea can grow in both dry and humid places, and it must be planted at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level.

As for some characteristics of Java Tea are its leaf and its flowers. Its leaf shaped like egg spurs. Its flowers emit stamens and white pistils. The most noticeable characteristic of java tea is the edges of its leaves that are roughly serrated.

Contained in Java Tea Leaves are high level of potassium and orthosiphonymous glycosides which is beneficial for dissolving oxalic uric acid and phosphate in our body. Java tea leaves are also beneficial for curing rheumatic and kidney disorders, high blood pressure, urinary stones, diabetes, and bladder infections. Java tea leaves have so many other health benefits, but it can also give various side effects as an herbal plant. These side effects can occur due to dosage incompatibility or other things. Here are 8 side effects of Java Tea Leaves for health:

  1. Kidney Disorder

Basically, java tea leaves is another herbal medicine beside apple cider vinegar that is beneficial for our kidney, to maintain kidney’s health, but consuming any herbal remedies excessively – without considering dosage instruction – will certainly cause side effects for the kidney itself. Therefore, it is necessary to know the dosage instruction before consuming the herbal remedy, because each body has its own immunity and that will affect each person’s susceptibility of drugs entering the body.

  1. Stomachache

Although java tea leaves are good for treating kidney stones, the side effect of consuming too much java tea leaves is disruption of kidney function. When kidney function is disrupted, of course the stomach will become painful. Stomach is indeed one sensitive organ to all types of diseases. Other causes of stomachache are ulcer and stomach acid, ranging from low stomach acid to high stomach acid.

  1. Poisoning

Consumption of any herbal medicine may cause poisoning, which also another side effect of excessive consumption of java tea leaves. Herbal medicine will not have this side effect if you consume it according to the dosage instructed by a doctor or an herbalist.

Without considering the dosage instruction, herbal medicine that heals turns into herbal medicine that causes diseases. This poisoning can also occurred because of the addition of other things in the java tea leaves brew. When food poisoning occurs, you have to treat it fast to avoid severe complications. Also read about Side Effects of Mahogany Seeds

  1. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath often occurs in life every day. We know that the cause of shortness of breath is numerous, some of those are dust or pollution. It is also possible that excessive consumption of java tea leaves is the cause of shortness of breath. This herbal medicine is basically very beneficial, but it turns out too much java tea leaves could make breathing more heavy, causing shortness of breath. Also read about Side Effects of Ginseng

  1. Heart Function Disorder

Excessive consumption of java tea leaves, even though it’s herbal, turns out can bring out symptoms of heart function disorder. Heart, as we know, is a vital organ, and without it we couldn’t possibly live. Heart is a blood pump, and so the consumption of herbal medicine still have to consider the dosage instructed by doctor or an herbalist, so that other complications will not happen.

  1. Low Blood Pressure

One infamous benefit of java tea leaves is to make high blood pressure back to normal. But, excessive consumption of java tea leaves is not impossible to make the blood pressure goes down until low blood pressure is caused.

As we know, when the high blood pressure is normalized using herbal medicine, but we keep on consuming the herbal medicine even when it is normal, it will certainly cause normal blood pressure to become even lower and cause low blood pressure. It will in the end cause dizziness and headache as a result of low blood pressure. That’s the side effects of java tea leaves for health. Also read about Bay Leaf Side Effects for Health

  1. Allergies

One side effect that often occurs because of java tea leaves and basically every other herbal medicine and sometimes chemical drugs is allergies. Allergies often occur if the body cannot receive drugs or herbal ingredients directly. A lot of people have this type of allergy.

It starts with small spots like rash on your skin, to pink face because of the allergy. If this happen, you have to treat the allergy fast with home remedies. So you better pay attention to any allergies that you have beforehand, and consult it to a doctor or an herbalist to determine the proper amount of java tea leaves that you can consume per day.

  1. Not Recommended for Pregnant Women

The potassium contained in java tea leaves is not good for pregnant women if consumed excessively. Pregnant women should consult with their doctor first before deciding to consume java tea. Some severe side effect of java tea leaves for pregnant women is miscarriage.

We definitely don’t want that to happen, so pay close attention to the dosage of java tea leaves you consume, Ladies! side effects of java tea leaves for health

Those are some side effects of java tea leaves for our health. Most of the side effects of java tea leaves are caused by excessive consumption. Any herbal medicines, including java tea leaves, are very beneficial, but you have to consider dosage instruction from a doctor or an herbalist before consuming the herbal medicine.

Without a proper dosage, consumption of java tea leaves could give you one of many side effects mentioned above. So make sure you know the right dosage to consume it beforehand!

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