17 Natural Ways to Heal Sprained and Swollen Wrist

Hand sprains can be caused by accident while on the move. A sprained hand accompanied by swelling makes us uncomfortable. This is because the hands are the main source of activity of our body.

Natural Ways to Heal Sprained And Swollen Wrist

To treat it, there are many ways, including the natural and here are some good treat ways to try.

  1. Pineapple juice

We will feel fresher when drinking pineapple juice. But do you know that pineapple juice can remove swelling and reduce sprain in hand? Pineapple juice can be made twice a day to be able to recover muscle sprain faster.

  1. Casters Oil

Caster oil may be foreign to you. This material is powerful in treating sprains and swelling of the body, including the hands. Castor oil comes from leaf distance.

Castor oil has the benefit of a muscle pain relief caused by a sprain. The use of this material is easy. Apply castor oil on your sore hands. Then you can give a gentle massage that lasts for 10-15 minutes. You may also read about Ways to Get Rid of Swollen Hands

  1. Garlic

Garlic is a spice kitchen that has benefits. One of the benefits is to relieve pain. Garlic contains iron, sodium, and potassium which are included in the mineral type. There is also vitamin E, B6 and also vitamin A is nutritious.
Chop the onion, then wrap it in a clean cloth. Squeeze the garlic using cloth until the oil comes out. Apply garlic juice on a sprained hand. You may also read about Ways to Get Rid of Onion Smell on Hands

  1. Turmeric + Lemon

Blend turmeric, then give lemon water. Then apply a mixture of both materials on a sprained hand. You can also use cotton fabric that has been smeared turmeric and lemon. You may also read about How to Treat Cancer with Turmeric

  1. Almond Oil

A mixture of almond oil and garlic oil can be a powerful sprinkling medicine. Apply the mixture on a sprained hand and give a slow massage. If you do this regularly, then your hands will soon recover from a sprain.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is a good natural ingredient to be used as a sprain medicine. You only need a few spoons and mix it with rosemary oil. The diseased hands can be massaged while applying the eucalyptus oil. In this way, your blood circulation will be smooth and the pain in the sprained part also subsides.

  1. Celery

Celery is one of the vegetables that riches in fiber. In addition, celery has a delicious smell and fresh so it can make the cuisine becomes more fresh. How can celery treat a sprained hand? Simply, mash the celery and mix a little water on the celery that has been finely ground. Apply celery collision on sick hands. 

  1. Chestnut Gel

There are aescin substances contained in chestnut gel has a function to relieve pain and mengempeskan swelling. The trick is simple, chestnut gel can be applied to the sprains evenly. If you do regularly, your sprain can heal.

  1. Ginger

In addition to being one way to cure vertigo, warm properties in ginger can relieve swelling in a sprained hand. The trick ahe taken sufficiently, then grated until smooth. Grated ginger is slashed into dislocated hands. Finally, to complete the treatment, handwritten gout grated by cloth.

  1. Lemongrass + pecan

Prepare pecan 3 grains that have been removed skin. Then the lemon grass is crushed until it is completely destroyed. Combine water and candlenut. Then heat to warm.

Lemon Water that has become warm and then apply to the arm sprained. If it is unused all, the remaining herb water can be used to compress the hand. Wear a clean cloth so that the juice can be absorbed into the skin perfectly. At least once a day the dressing must be replaced.

  1. Rice and Kaempferia Galanga

Kencur and rice is a natural remedy for treating sprains on the hands. Provide a handful of rice that you have soaked water and kencur. Puree and add water as needed. Make this material a powder that can be rubbed into the injured hand. Read also How to Treatment Wart on Neck

  1. Gynura divaricata + Curcuma + Curcuma aeruginosa

These three traditional materials are very effective for treating sprained and swollen hands.

Ways to heal sprained and swollen wrist:

  • Provide fresh Gynura divaricata about 15-30 grams, 25 gram Curcuma aeruginosa, and curcuma 25 grams.
  • Boil all the ingredients together with water 600 cc to boil and the remaining half aka 300 cc.
  • This boiled water is the remedy.
  • Drink this water as it’s warm.
  • If you consume regularly, this inner treatment will be very effective and you will feel the good effect. See also What Causes of Black Neck
  1. Leaf of Gandarusa + White Gathering

The concoction with white meeting and the leaves of this gandarusa is a herb that will treat sprains from both inside and outside by smoothing them. Place this herb on the part of your injured and swollen hands. For inner treatment, provide 15 grams of dried gandarusa leaves or select fresh leaves 30 grams. Then boiled with water 600 cc until the rest reaches 300 cc. Drink the potion and drink regularly until your hands get better.

  1. Coconut Oil + Smooth Salt + Kitchen Acid

Acid added with a little fine salt, then coconut oil is added sufficiently. Squeeze and stir until blended. Make sure that the ingredients are all mixed up perfectly. Use this herb remedy to rub on the affected arm. Do it regularly before bed then cleaned using warm water the next morning .

  1. Charcoal Water

Swelling of the hands caused by a sprain will be overcome with charcoal water. Provide coconut shell charcoal in hot conditions. Put hot charcoal into a cool water row. Charcoal water can be used to wash your swollen hands. By doing it twice a day, the swelling is deflated and the sprain is improved.

  1. RICE Therapy

To treat a sprained hand with swelling, do not try to use the way carelessly.

You can try a Rice therapy name like this:

  • Rest. Don’t have too much activities when your hands in not normal condition.
  • Ice. Compress the swollen hand 15 minutes per hour. Provide a thin cotton cloth to coat it so that the pain and bruises can be compressed.
  • Compression.
  • Elevation.
  1. Visiting Orthopedic

Continuing symptoms may occur in your sprained and swollen hands. Go to the orthopedist to get the perfect treatment. See also How to Treatment Paronychia and Causes of Paronychia Toe

Meanwhile, you can try those natural ways to heal sprained and swollen wrist. If it doesn’t work good, please call your doctor immediately.

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