11 Causes of Random Swollen Lips and How to Fix It

Lips is the most important thing for anyone. It is because, lips is not only for digestive process, but also for beauty requirement. So, it is not surprising if many people start to look for lip treatments. They do it, not only for their lips health, but also for beauty treatments or their appearance. Therefore, if there is unhealthy part of the lips, it can disrupt your lips’ health as well as it appearance. One of many diseases that occur to our lips is swollen lips.

There are many this that can cause swollen lips. For several people, it is very disturbing and they become not comfortable to eat or to talk, especially when the swollen lips is followed by heat feeling, such as burning sensation, itchy, sore, and numb. It is very disturbing too for women, especially for their lip beauty. It is true because face, including lips, is the part of women’s beauty and it is one of their appearance. Therefore, if there is a disorder in their face, including lips, it is easily recognizable. It is very disturbing and it can make the people feel uncomfortable. Thus, here’s the causes of random swollen lips and how to fix it.

The Causes of Swollen Lips

Below, there are several causes of random swollen lips that may occur in our daily life.

1. Allergies

One of many causes of sudden swollen lips is allergies. Allergies can occur because there is direct infection in the skin or as an effect after the people eat foods with allergenic compounds in it. Every people has their own sensitivity to allergenic food. Some of them may have high sensitivity on allergenic foods. The varieties of allergenic foods are seafood, pollen, drugs, or any chemical substance.

After the exposure of the allergenic foods, the mouth or the lips will have tingling and itchy, and then, it can turn into swollen lips and reddish in several hours. Many people experience severe allergies, such as swollen in the whole face and they may be hard to breathe.

2. Herpes labialis

Herpes labialis is an infection caused by Type-1 virus of herpes simplex that attacks the mouth. Actually, there is another type of herpes simplex’s virus, but the one that infected the lips is the type-1. As the result of this infection, the lips turn into inflammation and swollen. The person usually will have itchy and sore and then followed by wound. The lips’ skin will turn red, swollen, and the surface will be rough. The transmission of this virus usually occurs as a result of the direct contact with the person with it.

3. Gum and teeth disease

The disease around the gum and the teeth are rarely causing swollen lips. But, when the severe inflammation, such as gum can cause swollen lips. To ease the swollen, you have to treat the causes first. Read also : Ways to Prevent Swollen Gums

4. Trauma on the lips

Trauma on the lips usually occurs to our daily life. The trauma can occur because of bitten lips or got hit by something. The bigger cause is usually accident. As a result of the inflammation is the excessive production of liquid or because of bleeding, which can cause fluid accumulation around the lips and cause swollen. 

5. Insect bites

Many people will experience the swollen lips caused by insect bites. The main cause of this bite is ant bites or bee sting. The ant bites usually happen when we are asleep. And then, for bee sting, it can occur when you are riding motorcycle or bikes and then suddenly you are stung by bees. The swollen may occur because of the inflammation caused by the insect bites or the sting, and also because of the toxic produced by the sting itself. As a result, there may occur hypersensitivity reaction. Read also : Natural Ways to Get Rid of Itchy Bug Bites

6. Sprue

Sprue may happen to anyone. The most unpleasant thing is because it causes pain which is very disturbing and it can make our conversation in daily life, eating, and also drinking, become uncomfortable enough. Actually, other than the pain, sprue also causes swollen lips or mouth.

Moreover, if the sprue in the mouth has big size and the number is more than one. The sprue may happen because of infection or started by trauma first. Nevertheless, many people may feel the pain as the worst part of the sprue. 

Treatments for Swollen Lips

If the swollen lips occurs, the person may feel uncomfortable. Any kind of treatments will be taken to ease the swollen lips. There are several treatments for swollen lips that you can consider.

1. Using cold water

The first thing that you can do is by soaking towel with cold water and putting it to the trauma. It is recommended to ease the swollen lips by shrinking the blood vessel and then will stop the inflammation as well as the capillary bleeding.

2. Anti-inflammation

If the swollen lips is caused by inflammation, you can use anti inflammation drugs. The drugs you can use are paracetamol, ibuprofen, or mefenamic acid

3. Antihistamine

The swollen lips caused by allergies or insect bites can be cured by using anti-histamine. The usage of anti-histamine is to ease the allergies process (hypersensitivity) by inhibiting the work of histamine in our body. The example of anti-histamine drugs are CTM and loratadine.

4. Antivirus

The swollen lips caused by infection of herpes virus can be cured by consuming the anti virus drugs. By inhibiting the spreading of the virus, it can treat the swollen lips quickly. One of anti virus that you can use is acyclovir.

5. Antibiotics

The antibiotics are not directly used to ease the swollen lips. Nevertheless, the usage of antibiotics is to cure the gum infection (which is caused by bacterial infection) and it can cause the inflammation and swollen to your lips.

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Meanwhile, that’s all the causes of random swollen lips and how to fix it. Please contact your doctor for better treatments!

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