How to Use Guava Juice for Dengue Fever (Home Remedy)

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) or Dengue Fever is a disease caused by the attack of Aedes aegepty mosquito that carries out dengue virus. These viruses, after they enter our body, will attacks the body cells and damages the immune system so that the patient’s body becomes weak and dehydrated.

Guava is a fruit that is very suitable for DHF patient due to it’s abilities to increase the number of platelets in the body, or to prevent low blood count. Not only that, guava is also believed to be able to help with gum infection,
and many other health and beauty benefits.

Benefits of Guava Juice for DHF

Eating directly guava fruit is the best solution for healthy people to prevent dengue fever, and is also effective for sufferers of DHF whose body can still carry out activities such as walking, standing, sitting and so on so that the healing process becomes faster.

But for DHF sufferers whose bodies already weakened and are helpless or not allowing themselves to be able to eat guava fruit directly, then giving guava fruit in the form of juice is the best solution because guava juice frequently recommended by nutritionists and doctors. So, without further ado, here are the seven benefits of guava juice to treat DHF:

1. Increase Platelet Count

Consuming guava, especially the red ones, is included in effective ways to increase blood platelets. Nutrition in guava can double the number of platelets in patients with DHF so that the body is protected from bad effects of dehydration.

2. Accelerate Wound Healing Process

Guava is a fruit that contains high vitamin C which is equal to 87 mg in one average Guava. The benefit of vitamin C is that it can act as an active antioxidant and is useful for protecting injured body tissue, infection or inflammation due to bacterial and viral attacks so it could speeds up the healing process.

3. As an Anti-virus

Vitamin C is able to act as a collagen builder which can accelerate the process of wound healing, inflammation and infection due to dengue virus that causes DHF. Vitamin C can be a strong anti-virus in the body so the body has the power to block the movement of the virus and the virus transmission can be prevented earlier. Guava juice is suitable for DHF sufferers because it’s high in vitamin C, even higher than kiwi and orange.

4. Tissue Protectors

Guava has 25 IU of vitamin A which can support the benefits of vitamin C in the body so that it can maintain healthy eye tissue even though one’s has been attacked by symptoms of DHF.

In one guava there are 0.02 mg thiamine (vitamin B1) content which proved to be quite reliable in helping one’s endurance and all muscle tissue in good condition despite being attacked by dengue fever.

5. Maintain Healthy Heart

In guava juice there are compounds that actively protect the tissue while protecting other organs from getting infected by dengue virus causing DHF. Phytochemical compounds consisting several benefit-rich acid namely: linoleic acid, psidiolate, corbigen, ellagic acid, cratogolic acid, oleonolate, guaijaverin are able to maintain heart condition in patients with dengue fever so that the function and performance of the heart is not disturbed, including stabilizing the heart rate as long as the dengue virus is still in the body.

6. Stabilize Blood Pressure

Minerals in guava are consisted of potassium, magnesium, manganese and others can control excess fat in the patient’s body with DHF so that blood pressure remains stable even though their red blood cell is continuously decreasing.

7. Maintain Stamina

Minerals contained in guava potassium, phosphor, iron, manganese and calcium are able to help the body condition of DHF patients to remain strong and enable them to move the body properly.

How to Consume Guava to Overcome Dengue Fever

Guava can be consumed in variety of ways but has the same goal, to cure dengue fever.

1. Plain Guava Juice

The simplest way to make guava juice for DHF is by blending a washed and peeled guava. Don’t forget to remove it’s seed beforehand too. After that, the juice can be consume directly without adding any sugar.

2. Guava Juice (along with the leaves)

Making guava juice for DHF can also be mixed with a few young leaves of guava tree. First, wash and cut the guava into several pieces. Then, add some water. Lastly, add some young guava leaves. Both have the same ability to increase platelets in the body, to boost immune system, and repair cells that have been damaged by dengue virus attacks.

3. Guava + Honey + Milk

Last but not least, making guava juice for DHF can also be done by adding one teaspoon of honey and pure milk which are beneficial to protect cells from further damage and speed up the healing process of wounds or inflammation that has occurred in the body due to dengue virus.

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