10 Side Effects of Pineapple You Need To Know

Pineapple, of course everyone is familiar with this tropical fruit. This fruit can be easily found at traditional market, especially in tropical countries. Pineapple is a fruit that has a rough skin and spiky leaves.

In the Western, people usually eat it with their pizza, they also drink it as smoothies, healthy juice, and people usually use it as part of some dishes.

In the Eastern, particularly in tropical region such as Southeast Asian, people usually eat pineapple just like it is; they take the rip ones, peel the skin, and cut them into bite sizes and eat the pineapple with sweet and spicy peanut sauce.

Pineapple can also be consumed as juice, or as part of ingredients for cakes and cookies. Pineapple can be proceeding in a various way, but it will still give a particular sweet, sour, and refreshing taste. Some people even crop pineapple plant on their garden or backyard, in order to make their yard look pretty and unique. Read more about Dangers of Eating Noodles Everyday

Pineapple is also rich of vitamin C which makes it into the list of fruit you should eat as the source of vitamin C. Some people believe pineapple can be a natural medicine because it helps to control stomach acid, digestive process, clear your skin, etc. However, no matter useful and delicious pineapple is, it also has side effects it you consume it carelessly, which you need to be aware of so that you will not get affected by it. Here are some of the side effects of pineapple.

  1. It Might Disrupt Pregnancy

The first possible side effect appears to consume pineapple is the occurrence of damage during pregnancy process. Women who are pregnant need to be aware and careful about this because eating pineapple might endanger the fetus in the womb. It is advisable for pregnant women not to consume pineapple, or at least consult with your doctor beforehand if you crave this fruit during pregnancy.

However, for those who are experiencing menstrual delays, pineapple is good for you because it is believed that the fruit can help the shedding dead-cell process in the uterine wall.

  1. Increasing Blood Sugar in the Body

The next symptom that appears because of eating too many pineapple is, increasing blood sugar in the body. For those who are diabetics, it is advised to avoid eating pineapple, so that the condition will not get worse. In addition, to the symptoms of low blood sugar is also harmful for the body.

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  1. Rheumatism

The next side effect of eating pineapple carelessly is you are at risk at having Rheumatism. This is because the pineapple fruit will be fermented into alcohol in the process of digestion. This is the cause of the emergence of side effects of eating too much pineapple. Thus, make sure to eat the said fruit in moderation, especially for those who already have Rheumatism.

  1. Allergy

Allergy is also one of the side effects of consuming too many pineapple. Some people are allergic to pineapple because their body could not process some substance that can be found in pineapple. Usually, the sign of allergy after you eat pineapple are feeling itchy on the skin, having rash, and swollen mouth or lips.

If the allergy does not get better after you treat it with your usual medication or remedy, call your doctor immediately. Read more about Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder

  1. Headache

You might experience headache if you eat too many pineapple. Like any other things especially food, consuming too many of it will bring no good for you. That being said, it is better to eat pineapple moderately.

  1. Kidney Stones(Renal Lithiasis)

Another side effect of consuming too many pineapples is you are at risk of having Kidney stone or Renal Lithiasis. The Calcium Oxalate, which is a salt compound that contains calcium ions with oxalate ions, in pineapple, if consumed excessively might disrupt your kidney.

For that once again, not over-eating is the best way to avoid the side effects, because there is no dangerous risk that will attack you as long as you do not consume it excessively.

  1. Vitamin C Overdose

Consuming pineapple fruit in large quantities can lead to side effects of overdose Vitamin C. It is because pineapple contains quiet high amount of vitamin C. Although the said vitamin has good benefits for the body, but consuming it in high number will make you sick instead.

The most common thing that you might feel if you eat too many vitamin C is, you feel pain on your stomach. Read more about Dangers of Not Washing Your Hands Before Eating

8. Might be Dangerous when on Medication

Another side effect of eating excessive amount of pineapple is your body might not take it if you are on medication. Some drugs contain substances that might not get along well with the substances in the pineapple. Pineapple and some drugs could have made a bad reaction in your body and obviously it can be dangerous for your body.

Thus, it is better to ask your doctor first about what to eat and not to eat while you are on medication, and see if you are allowed to eat pineapple.

  1. Increasing Stomach Acid

Stomach acid can rise because the pineapple contains very high acid substances. That being said, if pineapple is consumed in large quantities it might make you at risk of experiencing sharp pain in the stomach. This will make the stomach hurt. Especially for you who are suffering from ulcer, it is important to regulate the pattern of pineapple diet so as not to affect your health.

  1. Nausea and Vomiting

The last but not least side effect that can arise after eating too many pineapples is a feeling of nausea and vomiting. This can happen either because of allergies, or the bad reaction that happen in your body towards pineapple which might make your body want it to be out from your body’s system.

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