How to Treat Ingrown Hairs after Waxing with Home Remedies

Maybe for some people Ingrown hair isn’t familiar so this article will give you a little explain about ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs is one of condition when the hairs are grown under the skin, usually this condition experienced by people who have a curly hair. Ingrown hairs can heal by itself, sometimes you didn’t need a special treatment just didn’t often to get shave of your hair if you won’t to get this condition.

Shave isn’t the only one of reason of ingrown hair, waxing and revoke the hairs wit tweezers can cause the ingrown hair. when you waxing or revoke the hair you can apply them olive oil, because this way can make the waxing progress.

Follicles hair with a curly shape will make a curly hair and it will sharp, when you shaved can make the hairs back to skin after the hair has grown. This is the reason why if people with curly and curve shape always get this condition.

The symptoms of ingrown hair

Ingrown hair can happen in different part of body, for woman this condition usually appear in specifically at feet, mouth of vagina, and armpit. Ingrown hair also can happen to menn too. Usually ingrown hair for men can happen in a few part of body, like chin, cheeks, neck and also at head skin. The symptoms of Ingrown Hairs are :

  • a little lumps and solid like a pimple
  • skin are itchy and stung in the area of ingrown hair
  • the skin colour of ingrown hair is more dark compared the other part because of hyperpigmentation
  • hair that stunning of ingrown hair
  • the wound with full of pus or fluid like an acne

Ingrown Hairs is usually not a serious conditions, but it doesn’t matter if you check with doctor about this. Sometime you need a treatment if got hirsutism, hirsutism is condition when hair grown to excessively in some part of body at woman. The diagnosed of ingrown hair can be done from a doctor specialist skin with look at the skin condition also get to know about the habit of the patient.

But don’t worry If you are usually get waxing for reduce a hair in your skin, maybe you will get ingrown hair and you can treat the ingrown hair at your home.

How to Treat Ingrown Hairs after Waxing with Home Remedies

This is a few tips how to treat ingrown hair with home remedies :

1. Compress with warm water

Compress with warm water can help to heal ingrown hair warm water can help to open the pores and the hair will grown fast and make reduce swelling  also can help to kill a bacteria and you didn’t worry about the wounds , this way can make hair growing out.

How to treat ingrown hairs after waxing with home remedies? You can wet the towel with warm water, squeeze the towel and the press the towel to ingrown hair. After the towel are getting cold, just repeat that way about 10 minutes.

2. Exfoliation

Exfoliation can be one of methods to treat ingrown hair. Exfoliation can help to clean skin dead, oil at the skin, dirt at part of ingrown hair.

How to treat ingrown hairs after waxing with home remedies? You can use a small and smooth brush and you can use home scrub like salt, olive oil, or sugar. Just apply the ingredients to area of ingrown hair and brush it gently, don’t use strong power because it will hurt If you are using strong power. You may also read: Ways to Prevent Shrinkage on Natural Hair

3. Acne Medication

Sometime ingrown hair is like a acne with pus. Just buy an acne Medication after that you can rub the acne Medication and  than you brush with a gentle gesture. You can buy benzoyl peroksida, because benzoyl peroksida can help to reduce a swelling and it will make a room for hair to grown fast.

4. compress with milk and bread

Maybe you will asked “can this two ingredients help cure ingrown hair? Yes it can, you can use that two ingredients to hell you cure the ingrown hair. This is the way for you, You can use milk with bread to treatment the ingrown hair, heat up the milk not to hot and then dip it the bread.

How to treat ingrown hairs after waxing with home remedies? After that place the bread to ingrown hair area, it will feel hot but it’s doesn’t matter if the bread are cooling down just repeat that way about 10 minutes. See if the pores were open and you can pull out the hair with tweezers. You may also read: Causes Oily Hair After Washing and Ways to Fix It.

5. membrane of eggs

If we cook a eggs, you will see inside the skin of eggs with white colors and not have a texture, Membrane of eggs is one of ingredients which can heal the ingrown hair. Just separate the membrane from egg skin, and put it down to area with ingrown hair. Wait until the membrane dry, and then you can take off the membrane of eggs and the ingrown hair will take off together with membrane. You may also read: Best Ways to Heal Infected Ingrown Toenail 

6. Use a sharp tools

You can use a sharp tools like a tweezers or needle to help you treat a ingrown hair. First you need a sterile the tools, you need to keep it clean before pull out the ingrown hair. You can wet the towel with warm water after that you need to see if pores are open or not. If open you can use the tools to pulls out the ingrown hair.

But you need to be careful because the pores is not big, try to not injured your skin. But if you want to this treatment, I supposed to you for see the doctor. Because if the tools didn’t clean, the skin will get infected and it will be dangerous for your health skin. You may also read: Natural Ways to Prevent Ingrown Hairs After Waxing

7. keep clean the skin which have an ingrown hair

You must keep clean for the ingrown hair, with warm water and moisturizer soap can help to treat the ingrown hair and make the hair grown fast. You may also read: Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Ingrown hairs is a natural reaction after you shave or waxing the hairs, it because the body assume that hair is unfamiliar part of body. Structure and direction of growing hair is can be an important reason why this is happening.

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