15 Ways on How To Lose Weight While Pregnant

Having a pregnancy that fits the plan can be a very fun thing for all couples.

Whether it’s the first child, second child or third child even twins at the same time the planned pregnancy can keep the mother from various disorders of pregnancy.

Including if you have put up Birth Control, then it can prevent pregnancy while still using birth control tool. But because pregnant women need proper nutrition then many pregnant women eat a lot. Mother always thinks that food is only for the fetus so surprised when exposed to obesity during pregnancy.

Because obesity disorders during pregnancy also cause some risks such as a large baby in the womb, diabetes and other fetal problems, then the mother must manage the weight.

Here is how to lose weight during pregnancy is the most healthy and can be followed by all pregnant women. Read more about  Effects of Smoking on Teeth

  1. Knowing how much weight to lose

Many pregnant women try to lose weight and they just think to lose weight alone. But they do not think with enough nutrition and fetal health.

Excessive weight loss can cause severe risks to the fetus including undernourished fetuses and fetuses who are born with low body weight.

Therefore the first thing you need to do is calculate how much weight you should achieve but you and the fetus stay healthy. This calculation can be done with some basis as with the calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index). Here is the basic calculation of pregnant women’s weight gain in accordance BMI:

  • Obesity if BMI values 30 or more with weight gain 4.9 kg – 9 kg.
  • BMI value 25 – 29.9: weight gain 6.8 kg – 11.33 kg.
  • Normal BMI: 18.5 – 24.9: an increase of 11.33 kg – 15.87 kg.

2. Try to decrease your daily caloric intake

The second step you can try is to lower the consumption of foods containing excessive calories. Caloric needs for pregnant women should be measured so that pregnant women are not excess calories.

This is due to excessive calories means the mother’s body can not burn calories according to body condition. As a result, calories only become weight and also not good for the fetus in the womb. Read more about How To Overcome Night Foot Cramps

Calorie needs for pregnant women should not be less than 1700 calories to keep the fetus get enough nutrition. Therefore, the mother can try to consult a doctor or nutritionist so that it can determine the daily calorie plan.

3. Exercise for pregnant women

Pregnant women do not mean no exercise just because to keep pregnancy. Pregnant women still need regular exercise so that the mother’s body is not exposed to excess weight. Exercise for 30 minutes per day can lose weight if the mother is overweight.

The conditions for choosing exercise are not excessive, harmless for pregnant and fetal women and do not increase the risk of pregnancy. Exercise is very good for maintaining pregnancy including to reduce the risk of fetal defects, pain during pregnancy, and the risk of preterm birth. Read more about How to Relieve Itching from Yeast Infection at Home

Here are some sports for pregnant women recommended:

  • Gymnastics pregnant according to pregnancy
  • Swimming
  • The morning walk
  • Gardening
  • Yoga
  • Respiratory exercise that can support breathing techniques during childbirth

4. Control weight in early pregnancy

Basically a good weight gain should occur in the second and third trimesters. This is important for fetal development in the womb.

However, pregnant women who gain weight early in pregnancy can certainly get into trouble because it is difficult to get the ideal weight in the second and third trimesters.

This weight gain pattern has been studied so you can pay attention to weight gain since early pregnancy. Read more about Side Effects of Too Much Vitamin C

Therefore, the nutrition of pregnant women, such as pregnant women’s food each trimester needs to be studied. If necessary then you can do nutrition planning with the family since the beginning of pregnancy.

5. Does not cut calories and exercise excessively

Many pregnant women are worried about excessive weight, so they deliberately cut calories quickly and large.

In addition they also exercise excessively. This action is very dangerous because the mother can experience the risk of miscarriage. While a healthier lifestyle change is more important than just wanting to lose weight.

Obesity is not safe for pregnant women but the mother should try to maintain the necessary nutrients. Read more about How to Whiten Face With Ice cube

6. Often eat small portions

When the mother goes into the first trimester then the mother is likely to be dealing with the problem of morning sickness. This condition can cause the mother to lack nutrition and low weight.

However, the mother still have to get enough food so that still get ideal body weight according to BMI value.

The way that mothers can do is try to eat often but in smaller portions. In addition to managing body weight then this is very important to maintain ideal body weight.

This habit can reduce the stomach wrapped in pregnant women due to eating a lot at a time. This habit needs to be done until the mother gives birth.

7. Adequate vitamin requirement for pregnant women

Vitamin pregnancy is very important for pregnant women. Vitamins can help the mother’s body stay healthy and not susceptible to infectious diseases.

Even vitamins can manage the ideal weight because various types of vitamins can help the process of burning calories. There are two types of vitamin groups that can be consumed by pregnant women is the usual artificial vitamins prescribed by doctors, natural vitamins from fruits, vegetables and other foods.

Consumption of special milk for pregnant women can also help the mother’s body to get the ideal body weight. Read more about Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose

8. Consumption of healthy foods for pregnant women

Eating a variety of healthy foods can be a way to lose weight during pregnancy. Healthy food for pregnant women means that these foods meet the nutritional elements needed by pregnant women.

Various types of healthy foods include: vegetables for pregnant women, fruits for pregnant women, low-fat milk, low-fat dairy products, yogurt for pregnant women, foods containing folic acid, and foods that do not contain saturated fat.

9. Avoid excessive salt in foods

When pregnant women cook or consume food should be foods that do not contain excessive salt. Salt can have a very bad impact on weight, including obesity. Salt may damage the balance of electrolyte fluids in the body of pregnant women. Read more about Ways to Get Rid of A Birthmark Without Surgery

Mothers can always feel thirsty when consuming too much salt. Then the effect can also make pregnant women exposed to high blood disease, stroke and preeclampsia

10. Avoid consuming instant food

All types of snacks and instant foods for pregnant women should not be consumed or only be eaten in limited quantities. Instant food is not good for mom and fetus.

Different types of ingredients in instant foods such as food flavorings, food preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals can make a serious effect for pregnant women. Even such foodstuffs can cause mental disorders such as autism for babies who are born.

11. Avoid caffeine and soda during pregnancy

Then pregnant women who already have a weight complaint should also not consume all types of beverages containing soda and caffeine. Both types of beverages contain high calories and can cause the mother’s body to receive excessive sugar.

Soda is also not good for mother and fetus because it contains preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Read more about How to Overcome Cold Allergies in the Skin

While caffeine can cause the mother to experience problems such as heartbeat too quickly, the risk of heartbeat problems for the fetus, the risk of fetal defects and other problems including yellow-born and asphyxia

12. Avoid all fast food

Pregnant women who have problems with weight should also not eat fast food. Fast food contains high calories including saturated fat, salt and various food flavorings.

Although this food looks delicious it also contains a very high carbohydrate. Various food ingredients that have been preserved can cause the mother’s body to have problems during pregnancy.

13. Replace saturated fat with healthy fats

If the mother wants to do how to lose weight while pregnant then can try to eliminate all foods that contain high fat. Read more about How To Clean Up Cervix after Miscarriage

Various types of foods that contain high fat include red meat, butter, fried foods, palm oil and other types. Replace all of these foods with healthier food sources such as fish rich in omega 3, canola oil, virgin coconut oil and olive oil.

14. Consume foods that contain high fiber

One of the problems often encountered by pregnant women who are obese or overweight is constipation. Constipation is very bad for pregnant women because it can increase the risk of exposure.

To overcome this problem then the mother can consume foods that contain high fiber. In addition to encouraging a better digestive system and healthy then the mother can also lose weight.

15. Drink enough water

Pregnant women if you want to lose weight then can also try to consume enough mineral water. Water is very good for managing weight because it can help the process of metabolism and burning calories in the body.

Water consumed by the mother should be mineral water that does not contain caffeine and various flavors of beverages with artificial chemicals. Adequate drinking water is also very good for helping mothers avoid dehydration. Read more about Dangers of Using Too Much Mouthwash

So how to lose weight during pregnancy should be done in a healthy and safe way for pregnant women. And if indeed the mother is overweight, then the diet plan from a nutritionist and a treating doctor is important to do to avoid diet errors during pregnancy.

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