13 Reasons Why Your Hair Keep Falling Out

Some said that hair fall is normal. But some said it is not. Hair fall is one of the scary things that ladies could complain. You have done hair treatment, hair mask, vitamin for hair, cream bath, hair serum, and then you find out that your hair keep falling out in unusual amount . WHAT? Here are the answer for the scary things every human done.

1. Keep changing shampoo

Shampoo ads on TV screen or Youtube could make you interested to buy it. Changing shampoo is the first reason why your keep falling out. Because of the needs everyone hair is different. To avoid your hair keep falling out, you have to know first your needs. There are so many products that have different function, such as anti-dandruff specialist, hair fall specialist, and coloring hair specialist. Read more https://medicpole.com/how-to-make-and-use-shikakai-fruit-shampoo-for-hair-wash

2. Stress

Stress is a mental illness that could heal as easy as we get it. Being stress in longtime will keep your hair falling out and make your hair thinner than ever. You have to get clear your mind first. Avoid stress is as hard as we know, but if you want your hair is not fall, please love yourself and don’t be stress

3. Hormone change

Genetic hormonal take the important things on it. For women, imbalance hormonal come from women that have post childbirth or menopause, and also in period times. Hormone system of each people is different. Hormone change could influence your hair keep falling out. Stay healthy if you do not want to loss your hair more and more.

4. Less nutrients

You are what you eat. This sentence is perfectly statement for you. You only have junk food and fast food in your breakfast,lunch and dinner. Then you still ask why your hair keep falling out more? This is insane. You have to eat healthy to make your life healthy. Avoid fast food too. Fast food contain an unhealthy ingredients that you do not know. The more delicious French fries that you eat, the more you have unhealthy body, that keep your hair falling. You do not have these vitamin that your hair needs, so that’s why your hair keep falling out. Your hair need vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B-12,selenium, biotin. You have to eat more fruit and vegetables that content those vitamin. Read also https://medicpole.com/how-to-use-noni-fruit-for-boosting-hair-growth

5. Iron used often

Have you done your smoothing or re-bonding? Are you use the high heat for that? it is damage your hair and make your hair even worse than before. Ironing your hair could damage the hair until your scalp! and the bad news? Your hair will keep falling out more and more! Be careful while using ironing for smoothing your hair. Use keratin shampoo or keratin hairspray to protect your hair from the damage.

6. Weight loss accidentally

Wrong diet or called ”yoyo diet” will make you lose your weight in short times but it is also affect to your hair. You did lunch at once per day without count on the carbs? Is it enough? NOT AT ALL. Chance nutrients accidentally will make your body shook and messed up. Choose wisely before you do your diet. You need to get more nutrients such as fruit and vegetable for more healthy life.

7. Lupus

Are you sick?? if your hair keep falling in abnormal amount, this could be the merits of lupus. Lupus is a immune system disease. Please see your doctor if you are in this situation! Read also https://medicpole.com/how-to-make-and-use-shikakai-fruit-shampoo-for-hair-wash

8. Low Thyroid

Low thyroid levels could cause your hair keep falling out more than usual. You see yourself fatigue more than before. Then your weight gain accidentally and your hair keep falling. This could be the first merits of low thyroids. You have to see your doctor and check yourself if you are have had low thyroid.

9. Hairstyle

Are you tied your ponytail too tight? Or have you done the difficult knot tie hair? have you had using bobby pins more than 2 pins? This is could the reason why your hair keep falling out. It does not mean that you can’t have a good hairstyle. You could have it, but do not tied your hair too fasten and too long. You hair could not breathe if you do that.

10. High Fever

High fever or high temperature on your body could make your hair loss. The higher temperature, the more your hair loss. Follicles could burnt out because of your high fever and it cause your hair loss in abnormal amount. During high fever, you have to drink a lot of water. Drink water could assist you to lower you body temperature.

11. Do Not Care on Your Scalp

Now, there are many products of shampoo or hair care that could protect your scalp more. Why don’t you care? Healthy hair begins with healthy scalp. Unhealthy scalp will make your hair keep falling and falling. Now you have to take care of your scalp if you don’t want your hair thinner than before

12. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, hair loss may effect to you because of hormonal change. Good news is , hair loss while pregnancy is not forever. This can’t cause your hair loss and bald patches. It is about hormonal change. Hair loss will be end if you have born your baby

13. Birth Control

Birth control pills with progesterone will effect for hair loss. Before decided your birth control pills, consult your doctor first. In general, birth control that contain of estrogen is better than the one before. Make sure you know the contain of your pills.

Well, we have more to explain to you about 13 Reasons why your hair keep falling out. Now you know the reasons, then what’s next? You have to avoid these 13 reasons! Get up and stay healthy. Lets start this year with healthy life, healthy lifestyle. Eat more fruit and vegetables, Do your exercise more, drink water more and have a positive mind. Positive mind could cause a healthy mind too. Avoiding stress is very important. Hope this article could assist you to get a healthy lifestyle. Have a great day, everyone!

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