The Benefits of Sugar to Prevent Acne

Acne is definitely an issue for your look. It may have a big effect on your confident.

Particularly for women, they will do whatever it takes to remove the acne from their face. But to be honest, women are not the only one who will be happy to see the acne go away.

Men also have a desire to get smooth and soft facial skin. Teens love to have flawless and dewy face as well.

Unfortunately, there are various causes of acne on the forehead for example. So getting proper skin care to prevent or remove acne certainly needs a lot of money.

With a shoe string budget, there are only limited options to get rid of acne. Beauty salon and dermatologist are surely off the list. But fortunately, there are a few natural ways to remove acne without breaking the bank.

Natural Treatments for Acne

Some might say that natural or traditional way, such as take benefits of sugar to prevent acne or maybe must know about ways on  how to use egg white for acne treatment, is less effective since it takes too much time. That is why most people are reluctant to choose natural way for eliminating acne. People would love to see if their acne could disappear in a blink of an eye. Acne-free face means a lot in boosting self confidence.

But frankly, the key to success in doing acne treatments is patience. It will bring the maximum results that you hope for. Therefore natural treatment is not supposed to be a problem. It has been proven over time to have fewer side effects. So it is good for you to try removing acne with natural treatment.

The Causes of Acne

Before moving on the natural way to remove acne, firstable it’s good to know the facts about acne and things that trigger the breakout of acne. Some are as follows.

1. Lack of facial hygiene

The most common thing that causes acne is lack of facial hygiene. For example, never allocate time for cleaning face regularly, rarely change a brush or sponge makeup that has been looked dirty, or use a towel that has never been washed. However, keeping the hygiene of face is important to prevent the breakouts.

2. Genetic factors

Genetic is scientifically proven as one of the causes of acne. Children, whose parents have acne problems, are most likely to experience the same acne problem. If the case is genetic, then it takes more effort to cure or avoid the acne.

3. Skin type

Oily skin is generally prone to acne. Nevertheless, that does not mean dry skin will be acne-free. It is just a matter of probability. Oily skin has higher chance of getting acne. But the point is acne still has the potential to appear on all skin types, whether oily skin, dry skin or in between them.

4. Cosmetics

Cosmetics can trigger or aggravate acne. It is because the application of cosmetics on the face, or makeup, has the potential to clog the skin pores. In addition, some ingredients in cosmetics contain chemicals that can irritate the skin. Acne can also be a sign of an allergic reaction to certain ingredients in cosmetics.

5. Hormone

Hormone also plays an important role in the breakout of acne. It is well known that androgen hormone is associated with sebaceous glands that produce oil.

Too much androgens will stimulate the sebaceous glands in excess so it produces too much oil. The oil inevitably will cover the pores of the skin resulting acne breakout. The hormonal changes that happen to women who are having period or pregnant inevitably will lead to acne problem. But most of the times the acne will disappear gradually as soon as the body hormone back to normal.

6. Lifestyle

Last but not least, stress can trigger breakouts. It has been proven scientifically. In addition, stress also makes people have trouble sleeping and skip their daily skin care. It is inarguably increasing the chances of getting acne.

Therefore unwinding, relaxing and balancing between work and pleasure are needed to manage the pressure of life. If you can keep stress away from your mind, then you have a better chance to stay away from acne.Try these tips on stress relievers.

By knowing the causes of acne, you can take actions for precaution. Maintaining the hygiene of face is the most basic and the most important step in preventing acne. However, if for one reason only God knows why you are awarded with acne, it does not mean the end of your life. There are various ways to treat acne including natural way.

How to Take Benefits of Sugar to Prevent Acne

One of the natural ingredients that can be used to get rid of acne is sugar. It is because sugar has the texture of grain-like scrub. Therefore sugar can be used for cleansing the face and get rid of acne. Sugar can also be modified to be mask for acne treatment.

1. Sugar Mask

It is quite easy to use sugar for removing acne.

  • First, mix sugar with little warm water.
  • Then apply it to the clean face.
  • Rub the face gently with upward movement.
  • Then leave it for 20 minutes or until dry.
  • Wash with clean water.

2. Sugar Mask with Honey

This type of mask is for sensitive skin and effective to eliminate acne on face.

  • Mix sugar, honey and a little warm water.
  • Then apply it to the face.
  • Rub the face gently then leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Wash with clean water.

It’s also good for you to know how to eliminate acne with honey.

3. Sugar and Lime Masks

Ingredients to be prepared include sugar, lime juice, and olive oil.

  • Mix all ingredients.
  • Then apply it on face and rub gently.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

Scrub also has other benefits such as making the skin more moist and soft.

4. Sugar and Tomato Mask

Tomato is widely known for having lots of benefits for skin. Combined with sugar, tomato can be used as a mask to treat acne.

  • Simply mix sugar and grated tomatoes
  • Apply it on the face
  • Rub gently
  • Leave it for 20 minutes or until dry
  • Then rinse with cold water.

Well, that is how to take benefits of sugar to prevent acne. Try it and see for yourself.

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