20 Causes of Itchy Feet and Legs At Night You Should Aware of

Basically, itchy feet can be cured by using traditional methods or medical ones under doctor’s prescriptions.

Nevertheless, if the itchy feet is hardly cured for a long time, it can indicate serious health problems. Here are 20 causes of itchy feet and legs at night.

1. Scabies

The common cause of itchy feet is scabies caused by female lice, called Tungau sarcoptes scabieis, which can enter to our pores and live under our epidermic part of the skin with incubation time around 30 to 42 days before you feel the itchy.

2. Tinea Versicolor

Tinea versicolor is a cause of itchy feet and legs at night and tends to leave white spots in the skin. Tinea versicolor often attacks people from tropical countries, such as Indonesia. This condition is caused by fungus attacking our body. There are natural ways to treat tinea versicolor at home.

3. Eczema

Eczema is a cause of itchy feet and legs at night and attacks people for all ages. Eczema is a condition where immune system responses quickly to the injury or irritation in the skin, including feet, ankle, toes, and knee. Eczema causes itchy and tends to relapse if the person has genetic diseases or allergies.

4. Prurigo

Prurigo is a cause of itchy feet and legs at night attacking children if their skin are too sensitive and causes rashes and itchy. The skin easily get irritated, then becomes darker after you scratch it.

5. Foliculitis

Foliculitis,  the causes of itchy feet and legs at night that can occur to all ages. It is caused by bacteria, called Straphylococcus aureus which attack our hair folicel, including feet. The bacteria can cause skin infection which is started by rashes, swelling, and itchy.

6. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is caused by abnormality of autoimmune. Means, the immune system cannot recognize health cells which should be protected. In contrast, the immune system attacks the cells and then causes abnormality to the skin. It can occur to the feet. It can cause red rashes, thickening skin, dry skin, and itchy skin. If you scratch it, the skin will easily get irritated. 

7. Ringworm

This disease is contagious to others. It is caused by parasite that can attack the keratin.

8. Reaction to allergies

For some people, allergies can cause itchy feet because of the usages of certain drugs, such as antibiotics or aspirin which are consumed without doctor’s prescriptions. The allergies appear as a body response of any chemical substance contained in the drugs consumed.

9. Insect bites

Insect bites can be a common cause of itchy feet that can occur to all ages, from children to elders. It is caused by the bites which trigger the itchy from their bites, such as from mosquitoes or lice. 

10. Variola

Variola can be classified as several forms. It can cause itchy feet when the variola occurs in the feet, such as the toes. It can easily spread from any splash of blood or saliva or any direct physical contact. The virus causing variola called Vericella or Vericella zoster (Virus – V2) that attack the body.

11. Tinea pedis

The next thing causes of itchy feet and legs at night is tinea pedis which mostly attack children. It is because the children are often playing in the dirty water and sometimes contains water bug or Cladocera. It can cause red rashes and very itchy. It mostly occurs in the feet, such as toes, heels, or other area in the feet.

12. Menopause

Menopause women will be more vulnerable having itchy feet in the hands or feet. It is caused by the changing of their hormone that producing collagen under the skin decreased and causes dry skin and itchy. There are functions of collagen for our body. Menopause mostly occurs to the women aged more than 50 years old.

13. Neurodermatitis

Neuro-dermatitis or in medical perspective called lichen simplex has no clear causes until now. Nevertheless, in several medical check-up, the rashes and the strong and often itchy are more likely to happen in because the person are experiencing psychological disturbances related to long-term stress and depression.

14. Hookworm Infection

Hookworm infection can cause itchy feet and legs at night because it can easily enter to our body through the feet. This usually occurs to the children.

15. Pitted keratolysis

Pitted keratolysis mostly attacks the lower part of the feet, such as the soles or toes. It is caused by bacteria triggering a serious itchy and red rashes. The main cause is actually human sweat gland which is over-active which then the bacteria can easily spread to our body.

16. Urtikaria/Hives

Utikaria or hives is a skin reaction which are very sensitive to the strange particles and changes to be toxic, such as from calamary, clams, lobster, crabs, and other compounds from alcohol.

17. Disruption to the human internal organs

Several health complaints can be a cause of itchy feet which then leads to the severity of diseases’ symptoms of our body, such as anemia related to deficiency of iron, hepatitis symptoms, lymph symptoms, kidney disruptions, thyroid syndrome, or early symptoms of heart diseases

18. Condition of the air

Environmental factor is a common cause of itchy, including itchy feet, either in children or elders. The condition of the air with low level of humidity or by using AC excessively in the room can be a main cause of dry feet, red rashes and very itchy, skin dehydration, and then skin irritation if scratched.

19. Disruption to human nervous system

The disruption of the human nervous system around the feet can be caused by diabetes, sprain, or any symptom of herpes. The disruption in the feet nervous system is a cause of itchy feet and mostly attacks the adult and elders.

20. Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause the changing of the hormone, metabolism, and also several body tissues for temporary. It triggers obesity and itchy to the body, including feet. Pregnant women need to be aware of dangers spicy food pregnant women.

Those are information about itchy feet that you need to know, including the dangers of wearing tight pants health.

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