Proper Ways on How to Whiten Face With Ice cube

Maybe all this time you think that ice cubes can only be used as a cooling drink.

Though ice cubes have other benefits, one of them whiten the face. Without the need for Korean doctors or skincare creams, you can also have sleek facial skin with ice cubes.

The use of ice cubes to whiten the face can not give instant results. But if you routinely apply it every day, guaranteed your face will look more radiant. This is because ice cubes are able to shrink the skin pores, reduce excess oil production, disguise panda eyes and fine lines. Well, here’s a review on how to whiten face with ice cubes.

 How to Whiten Faces With Ice Stone

 How to whiten face with ice cubes is easy. Provided you have a refrigerator at home, then you can apply this treatment at any time. Methods of use:

  1. Make sure you use boiling water (boiled water) or mineral water
  2. Wrap the water in a clean plastic and insert it in the freezer
  3. After the ice cubes harden, you can pick it up
  4. Make sure you wash your hands first
  5. Then cut ice cubes into medium size
  6. Wrap ice cubes with cloth
  7. Then wipe the face thoroughly gently for about 1-2 minutes
  8. This treatment can you practice every morning or 2 days.

Well, doing face treatment with ice cubes you should use a homemade ice cube. Do not buy ice cubes at a market or other place. Because maybe the ice cubes come from raw water, tap water or maybe water used. Using ice cubes from dirty water actually triggers skin problems, such as acne, panu, and so forth.

Risk of Whitening Faces with Ice Stone

Ice cubes are useful to whiten face. But if the way of wrong use then cause side effects that are harmful to the skin. Well, here are some risks to whiten face with ice cubes:

1. Damaging Capillaries in Face

Using ice cubes for faces is often not recommended. You also should not apply it directly to the skin. Such action may trigger a rupture of the capillary vessels in the face.

Simply use this treatment once in two days. And do not forget to wrap the ice cubes with cloth to avoid the risk of inflammation and rupture of capillaries.

2. Skin Infection

You must be careful in applying ice cubes to face. Some people are selling ice cubes from dirty water, so the effect is that the ice cubes contain bacteria.

If you use the ice cubes for facial facial then automatically the bacteria will stick to the skin and trigger the infection. To avoid that condition, make sure you choose a clean ice cube. It would be better if you make it yourself at home.

3. Triggering Inflammation

Sticking ice cubes too long on the face or overload (eg spending 2-3 pieces of ice cubes in one use) may increase the risk of inflammation.

The effects of cold provided will make the skin become cold and frozen, so there was swelling. Well, to avoid this risk, you should not put ice cubes in one spot only. Apply evenly and cuku about 2-3 minutes.

4. Reduces Skin Moisture

Ice cubes are claimed to reduce excess oil content on the skin. It is good because the face will look healthier. However, if used excessively, oil production is reduced so that the surface of the skin so dry. It may even be scaly and peeling. Therefore, again do not over-apply the facials of ice cubes.

Benefits of Ice Stone for Face Beauty

Using ice cubes for facials is not only beneficial to whiten the face. Ice cubes also have a myriad of other properties that can make your face look more beautiful and youthful. But with the record should be used correctly.

Well, here are some benefits of ice cubes for facial beauty:

1. Disguise the Panda’s Eye

Who the hell is not upset panda eyes? Skin darkening conditions under the eyes are vulnerable to adolescents and adult women aged over 20 years.

Factors could be due to the habit of staying up late, offspring, too often staring at the laptop screen, less intake of nutrients and cosmetic allergies.

Overcoming panda eyes or dark circles under the eyes is quite difficult. In fact, not infrequently the application of the famous eye cream products did not work.

Well, you can try treatment with ice cubes. How you can freeze roses in the refrigerator. Then compress the rose water ice on the skin under the eyes. Approx for 5 minutes. Regular maintenance can make the skin under the eyes brighter.

2. Shrinking Skin Pores

Today, many clay mask products are offered by cosmetic brands (both local and overseas) with the main function of shrinking skin pores.

Well, another alternative is easier and safer to overcome the problem of large pores that is using ice cubes. By applying ice cubes regularly on the face then slowly the pores will definitely shrink. Balance also with a healthy diet for optimal results.

3. Overcoming Oily Faces

You need to know that human skin has oil glands (sebum) that are useful for producing oil. The existence of oil on the skin is certainly not without function.

Benefits of the oil is useful to keep the face moisture. But if oil production is excessive then it could be a problem. The pores will become bigger. Dust and dirt easily stick. So that the effect of the face was vulnerable to appear acne.

Well, if you include women with oily skin type, you can apply ice cubes for facial treatment. By applying ice cubes regularly on the face, oil production will decrease slowly. Thus, over time the skin will become normal.

4. Smooth Blood Circulation

Not only shrink the pores and reduce oil production, the use of ice cubes for the face can also smooth blood circulation. This statement is written in several studies.

By utilizing ice cubes as facial facial, then the blood flow will smoothly so that the face looked more healthy and radiant. But remember, how to use it must be right yes! Do not stick ice cubes directly on the surface of the skin. Should wrap with cloth. Also do not overdo it. Just 1 time in two days.

5. Overcoming Acne

Are you a woman with acne skin problems? Well, the appearance of acne on the face is annoying. Whether it’s due to food allergies, heredity, infection or the use of cosmetics is wrong. Certainly make you so baseball confident.

Well, to overcome it You can use ice cubes. By applying a small piece of ice cubes to the area of acne prone skin will slowly decrease the inflammation. Ice cubes can also reduce acne scars so that the face becomes more clean and smooth.

6. Provide Relaxation Skin Effect

Not only the mind can be stressed, the skin was also at risk of stress due to pollution and sunlight effects. Well, to overcome this you can do the treatment with ice cubes.

First, rinse the face first with clean water. Wash your hands. Then grab a piece of ice cubes and wrap it in a cloth or plastic. Apply on face evenly.

Do not take too long 2-3 minutes. This action can make skin hydrated, give effect to relax and make skin look more fresh or fresh.

7. Overcoming Sunburn

We know that the ozone layer is now thinning. So the temperature on earth becomes increasingly hot. Especially when the daytime, the sun light was very stinging in the skin.

We also find it difficult to avoid, because although indoors, sunlight can enter through the ventilation and windows. Well, you know not, if the UV light from the afternoon sun can damage the skin.

In addition to causing dull skin, too long exposed to sunlight makes the skin so burn or commonly called sunburn. This condition is characterized by a skin color that looks reddish and slightly darker.

One way to cope with sunburn is to use ice cubes. After the move outdoors, leave the skin for about 30 minutes. When the skin is cold, you can wash it with water. Then compress with ice cubes. This treatment can help reduce inflammation in sunburn-exposed skin.

8. Make Long Lasting Make-Up

Likes do not upset if you wear make-up but messy? Usually make-up is difficult to stick on the face because the skin is oily. To fix this you can use ice cubes. The use of ice cubes will make make-up more evenly on the face and last longer.

You can use ice cubes before applying make-up. Or it could be after the primary use. After compressing face with ice cubes, apply other makeup like foundation, concealer, powder, lipstick and so on.

9. Reducing the Signs of Aging

Aging is unavoidable. But the signs can be slowed with a healthy lifestyle and skincare treatments. In addition, you can also use ice cubes as facial facial. By compressing ice cubes on the face it can reduce the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark skin, dry skin and so on.

10. Soften the Skin

Another benefit of ice cubes is softening the skin. Applying ice cubes on the face will shrink the pores and remove the pimples and scars so the face will feel smooth. And certainly healthier.

11. Healthy Lips

Another benefit of ice cubes for beauty is to take care of the lips. By compressing ice cubes on the lips, the problem of black lips, dry and cracked will be resolved.

You just do it regularly. Also balanced with a healthy lifestyle. Like eating fruits, water and vegetables. In addition, do not forget to use lip balm every day before using lipstick. You can also exfoliate the lips with sugar to remove dead skin cells.

Thus some ways to whiten face with ice cubes along with side effects and other ice cube benefits for beauty. May be useful for you

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