10 Ways to Cut Off Genital Warts by Yourself at Home

Warts are one of the problems on the skin. Warts are usually marked by the existence of small lumps that have a rough texture. Its usually will appear small on the surface of the skin.

The occurrence of warts caused by a virus that attacks the skin layer. Viruses that attack the skin layer will make the production of protein and keratin on the skin to be increased rapidly. This causes the excess amount of protein and keratin needed by the body.

The presence of excess protein and Keratin is slowly on the top at the top to create a new texture. The textures are commonly referred to as warts. When you want to remove or cure warts then all you have to do is remove warts by pulling out from the roots. As for how to extract the root of the wart is as follows:

How To Root Warts

Here are the ways to cut off genital warts by yourself at home – Some ways you can do to remove warts both medically and traditionally.

1. Gynura divaricata Leaves 

Using the god leaves is one of the herbal ways to root out the warts. How to pull out the root of warts by using this god leaves is very easy. Just prepare 5 pieces of god leaves, then pounded until the leaves of the god is smooth. Then apply it on the wart you experience.

2. Baking soda

Using baking soda can also be one of the herbal remedies for removing root warts. This is because baking soda contains antifungal properties and anti-bacterial. So baking soda will help to the toes or hands can be free from various infections that can aggravate the situation of someone who has warts. By using baking soda you can make it as one of the easiest solution to extract the root of warts.

3. Garlic

Here’s the ways to cut off genital warts by yourself at home – Using garlic is also very potent used to extract the wart root naturally. How to make garlic herb to extract the roots of warts is very easy that is to smooth the garlic and then apply directly on the affected skin wart and then cover it by using Plaster. You may also read about Ways to Get Rid of Corn with Garlic

4. Banana peel

Many people think that banana peels have no benefit at all. Usually a person who consumes bananas will immediately remove the banana skin. But did you know that banana skin can be used to cure warts. How to use banana peel to be used as a wart remedy? Rub the banana peel into the wart you suffered. For maximum results you can do it everyday until your warts disappear. You may also read about How to Get Rid of Acne with Banana Peel

5. Vinegar

In addition to the skin along with some herbal remedies that can be used to extract the root of the warts naturally turns vinegar is also one of the herbal remedies that you can make for the drug util naturally. The trick is very easy just to prepare a piece of cotton and pour the vinegar into the cotton.

The next step is apply the cotton on the affected skin warts. In order for warts to disappear quickly and warts quickly healed then do it this way with regular and regular. You may also read about Side Effects of Apple Vinegar

6. Lime Betel

Using lime betel can also extract the root of warts from the inside naturally and without any side effects. This is to be used as an herbal medicine to remove root warts is mix whiting together. The next step is to rub on the affected skin warts. Silence the room for several hours until the whiting and the detergent dries. When the detergent and whiting have dried you can remove it and for better and maximum results then do this routinely. You may also read about Dangers of Lime for People with Stomach Ulcer

Medical Treatments to Cut Off Warts

Here are more ways to cut off genital warts:

1. Curette

Perform stroke method is one way to extract the root of the wart medically. Through this method later the skin tissue will be cut with a surgical tool and then will be removed. Actually by using curette method for some people will feel excessive pain and can cause scar. But you need to know that it turns out this way including one effective way of removing root warts. 

2. Cryotherapy

Similarly, cryotherapy curettage is also one of the medical methods that can be done by a doctor to remove warts. This method is similar to the freezing method. In this method warts will be given a variety of liquid nitrogen for white to be frozen so that the tissue contained in the warts die. Usually within a week the dead wart tissue will peel off by itself. Doing this method can also help to boost the immune system that is useful to fight wart virus.

3. Electrosurgery

How to extract the root of the wart by this method is burned and dried using electric charges channeled through the tip of the needle. For those who want to immediately remove warts from the roots you can use this method to overcome the wart you are suffering.

4. Laser beam

The last medical method for removing wart root is by laser light method. How to extract the root of the wart by this method is the blood vessels inside the burned warts using laser light. Usually When you treat a wart to a doctor the doctor will recommend some of the above medical ways. Consult ah to your doctor so that you always get handled well. You may also read about Best Way to Get Rid of Warts on Hands at Home

Thats all some way to root out the warts you should know. If root of the wart has been removed then most likely you will not suffer wart disease again. Hopefully with the article how to remove root warts can add insight and can increase your knowledge about how to root out the warts properly and correctly through medical or traditional care.

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