Fastest Ways on How To Prevent Acid Reflux for Stomach Health

When exposed to acid reflux, can actually be overcome by avoiding the cause. A case that is quite common in most people is excessive stomach acid that triggers the stomach acid to rise towards the esophagus. When stomach acid rises, our activity will be quite disturbed.

Please note, that this stomach acid actually plays an important role in the digestive system in our body.

This stomach acid serves to help the process of food described in the organ of the stomach so easily absorbed by the body.

But, if we do not maintain good health of the stomach, then the stomach acid produced is actually going to be excessive causing stomach acid up to our esophagus.

Stomach acid rises, indicating a disturbance in the digestive system or called by the term GERD or Gastro Esophageal Reflux). GERD occurs because of the way the acid gastric acid is reduced to produce excess, so the defense system is not strong to resist stomach acid, which eventually rose into the esophagus. Food that passes through the esophagus also can not pass through smoothly.

When this excess stomach acid rises, then we will feel the burning sensation around the chest area. In addition, rising stomach acid can also lead to other gastric illness even to the occurrence of complications how to cure inflammation of the intestine.

Some complications due to high gastric acid that occurs such as esophageal inflammation, inflammation of the esophagus, narrowing of pneumonia to cancer. Read more about Ways to Make Glowing Face with Aloe Vera

Avoid Stomach Acid

If you have problems with stomach acid that often rise or excess, then you should be careful of the type of food consumed. Especially when you go to bed at night. Foods consumed before bed can trigger a way to prevent stomach acid rises and cause complaints of other diseases.

That is why, food becomes the biggest factor causing the rise of stomach acid. A stomach acid doctor, Doctor Kaufman suggests the following points, so that one can avoid the greatest risk factor for rising stomach acid:

  • No Eating and Drinking 4 Hours Before Sleep

Should someone who has ever or even often experience stomach acid that goes up, should avoid certain foods and drinks at least at least 4 hours before bed. It’s good, we do not consume a lot of nutritious food and drinks for children that trigger stomach acid, such as spicy and sour foods.

  • Sleeping in an Empty Stomach

The recommended 4 hour time is needed to make an empty stomach. Perhaps some people will be hungry, but if you want stomach acid does not rise, you should sleep with an empty stomach. Read more about How to Overcome Wrist Pain When Pregnant

That way, the performance of the digestive system can be easier. Because food and some drinks turn out to be the trigger for the rise of stomach acid into the esophagus or high stomach acid, then we should avoid the food and drink. if necessary, avoid to treat our excess stomach acid back to normal within a certain period of time.

  • Experiencing Gastric Stomach

Some other people even feel the symptoms are quite disturbing. When stomach acid rises, there is pain when breathing in the lower chest, even to the back. Usually these symptoms occur when excessive stomach acid is severe enough. It is also caused by a stomach ulcer.

Stomach ulcers are part of the wound that is on the wall of our stomach. If you have never experienced upset stomach acid, for preventative measures you can avoid the foods mentioned above. It may not be easy to avoid food or drink that is mostly a favorite of many people. Read more about Symptoms of Having Scabies in Human

However, if this is for our health, at least reduce the consumption of foods and drinks that actually trigger stomach acid up.

Meanwhile, for you who have been and quite often experience stomach acid rise, you should be more vigilant. Stomach trigger factors rise generally is due to consuming foods and beverages mentioned in the list above. in addition, to prevent stomach acid from rising again, preferably by taking herbal medicines that are devoted to reducing stomach acid rise and restore stomach acid.

Here is a list of foods and drinks that should be avoided, so we no longer experience stomach acid that goes up into the esophagus:

  • Carbonated Drinks

This type of drink is soft drinks or soft drinks that have a high sugar content. If both types of soft drinks and sugar contained is consumed, it can increase the production of stomach acid in our stomach.

  • Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic drinks are often warned not to be consumed because of the risk of causing several diseases. Drinking alcohol can relax our throat valve. When we fall asleep after drinking alcohol, stomach acid will rise.

  • Chocolate and Candy

Chocolate and candy are also favorite foods that most people love. However, if consumed in less precise time, such as at night before bed, can trigger stomach acid. Instead, avoid this favorite food if you want to sleep at night.

  • Energy drink

Energy drinks are also less appropriate if consumed at night and when going to sleep. This drink contains high enough caffeine. Caffeine can make the stomach valve to dilate and the stomach acid easily up into the esophagus.

  • Ice cream

Ice Cream is a sweet and refreshing meal. But behind this sweet taste, ice cream contains a lot of fat. In addition, the sensation of chill is also less good for people who have problems with the stomach.

  • Sandwiches and Burgers

This popular food seems to be a mandatory food menu that is easy to make any time, including at night. Eating sandwiches and burgers that are solid in shape can relax the throat and slow enough to be processed during digestion.

  • Nuts

Nuts that contain good protein are needed by the body, but back to the time to consume them. Eating nuts during the night before bedtime can also trigger how to prevent stomach acid up.

  • Coffee and Espresso

Coffee is also a favorite drink of most people. However, coffee that contains caffeine can also trigger stomach acid up, as it relaxes the esophagus and other gastric problems such as ulcers or peptic ulcers.

  • Pizza and Cheese

Consuming pizza and cheese is also less good at night. Therefore, this favorite food should also be avoided. Pizza and cheese are also fatty foods, so it can trigger the rise of stomach acid into the esophagus.

  • Citrus and Apple

If you know, citrus and apple have an acidic taste. Although including a healthy fruit, but both are not good if eaten at bedtime. Sour taste in this fruit can also trigger acid rises.

Other Factors Causes of Stomach Acid Up

factors of food and beverages above are the main cause of risks rising stomach acid. but, besides that, there are several other factors that also trigger the rise of stomach acid into the esophagus. these factors are often experienced by some people today, following his review:

  1. Pregnancy Condition, A woman who is pregnant is usually susceptible to stomach acid, because of the position of the stomach that is pregnant, so the food is difficult to digest
  2. Experiencing Stress, someone who has a high enough level of stress can trigger the production of stomach acid into up the esophagus. Read more about  Causes of Heart Rhythm Disorder
  3. Suffer Obesity, people who are overweight are also susceptible to stomach acid rise, because of excessive eating patterns, disrupt the digestive system
  4. Often Delaying Time Eating, high activity often makes us forget to eat, even to delay the time to eat. this is not good for the digestive process.
  5. Unhealthy Lifestyle, smoking, and drinking alcohol are also factors that make a person susceptible to acid reflux

Some of these factors are particularly vulnerable at this time. In the modern era of instant paced like this, some people do tend to run irregular lifestyle.

Various diseases easily arise because of the pattern of life and eating patterns that are less regular. Although the modern era, our digestive health should still be considered because healthy is expensive.

Stomach acid can attack anyone if the person does not pay attention to his nutritional needs well. should consume foods and beverages that are healthier and easier to digest, than foods and drinks that taste good, but interfere with our digestive activity.

By knowing how to prevent stomach acid from climbing into the esophagus, we can start a healthy diet and prevent stomach acid from rising, not returning to recurrence.

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