10 Disadvantages of Not Exercising For Body Health

Having a healthy and strong body is everyone’s wish, be it men or women. A healthy body will help you to do daily activities maximally and with no troubles. You will not get tired and sick easily if you have a healthy body, since you have stronger stamina and immune system.

Is it easy to have a healthy and strong body? The answer is, of course it is not easy. However, everyone is capable to have a healthier body. It takes a lot of effort to achieve that goal, such as doing exercise every day and pay attention to your diet.

Those are the hard parts, most people can only do the healthy routine for a month or two before they slowly skip their working out time or go back to eat high calorie foods like they used to.

People have a lot of excuses when they are asked about this issue. Some of them say that they are busy with work, some other say it is because they use their morning time, which is the right time to exercise, to take care of their kids to prepare them to go to school and do other stuff. They know that working out is necessary for their body but their daily activities and jobs are way more important.

A lot of people still have this kind of perspectives, but maybe if they are aware of the consequences of not doing exercise and keep living an unhealthy lifestyle, they would change their point of view about working out daily.

It is true that by doing working out once or twice will not give an impact on your body directly. Exercise is something you need to do constantly and slowly but sure, it will be your infestations in the long run. By exercising your body will be stronger and not prone to sickness. If you get sick, you will heal way faster than other people who don’t exercise and this happen even in your old days.

What kind of negative affects you would possibly facing if you don’t exercise on daily basis? Here are some of them:

  1. Premature Death

Apparently, premature issues are not only happen to babies who are born ahead of the supposed time, but this issue also can be related to human’s lifetime.

A study research shows that 1 out of 10 premature death cases (a case where time of death is faster than normal, because of old age) in the world is caused by the lack of doing exercise. This research has been published in a medical journal, Lancet, in 2012. 

  1. At risk to Die Like a Cigarette Addict

The aging state in someone who rarely works out is almost similar to those who have smoking habit. Smoking and the danger of cigarette smoke are already widely known by the public. From an American Heart Association research journal in its editorial entitled Circulation, mentions that there are about 250,000 deaths cases each year that are caused because of the negative impact of not doing exercise during their lifetime.

This figure is almost similar to the total number of deaths in people who like to smoke. Not doing exercise and smoking are an unhealthy lifestyle that must be changed.

  1. Prone to Depression

Based on the results of research that has been published on American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2013, one of the effects of lack of exercise is depression. The researchers did a research in more than 30 studies, and 25 studies say that people who do not exercise are prone to depression.

Feelings distress, depress, and anxious because of your way of living or your jobs need to be cured. Working out is one of the best ways to let go of your stress and all negative feeling that you feel. It will also prevent you from depression.

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  1. Mood Swing

Usually those who rarely exercise will be more susceptible to mood swing. This condition happens because they only occupy themselves with work and whatever is being done at that time. Although initially they look fine, look happy, but in a matter of minutes they suddenly change to look moody and sad.

Sudden mood-changed is also a sign that your body and mind are experiencing stress. There is a chance the cause of stress is because the lack of working out. One of the visible signs of people who experience stress is, they lost their desire to do various activities daily that they normally do.

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  1. Weak Body

Your body has its own strength stored neatly in it. If you do not use it, do not taking care of it, then that power will be wasted. Then how to maintain that power?

The answer is, by exercising every day. The longer you do not exercise the weaker your muscle will get, saturated fat will sit on your body tissues and will make your overweight, and you will prone to illness when you do heavy activities that you are not usually do.

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  1. Osteoporosis

The Mitochondria in the human body will be better functioning if we exercise. Those who rarely do sports activities do not preserve their bone density as they age. If we don’t maintain our one density, we are at risk of getting affected by various kinds of bone diseases,  one of them is Osteoporosis. Maintaining your bone health is very important in order to live your life joyfully.

  1. At risk of Broken Bone

Those who are not getting use to do sports activities will be more susceptible to bone fractures. Because the bone is getting older, bone’s function, elasticity, and density will slowly decrease. As a result, when they fall, the healing process for those who like to work out is way faster compared to those who don’t exercise.

In addition, people who don’t exercise tend to have less strength in their bones. Thus, the chance of having broken bones when some accidents happen are highly likely.

  1. Premature Aging

Those who never doing exercise tends to age faster. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, states that the bones of people who rarely do sport activities will likely to age sooner. Hence, it can be concluded that the cause of premature aging caused by lack of exercise.

To prevent this premature aging issue, the National Institute on Aging recommends people to spend 30 minutes of their time to exercise at least twice a week.

  1. Heart problem

Living a healthy lifestyle and working out regularly are important and it is something that our body needed. Those who love to exercise and maintain healthy lifestyle are so lucky because those who do not exercise, will be more likely to get affected by deadly diseases, such as heart attack. It deals with blood pressure that is often uncontrolled due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

  1. Prone to Flu

Having flu is something that is not unusual and not dangerous even though it is contagious. But having flu surely will make you feeling uncomfortable in doing your daily activities. Influenza virus becomes one of the biggest obstacles to do our activity optimally.

According to The National Institute of Health, exercise helps speed up the performance of white blood cells or leukocytes in your body.

Thus, if you do not get used to exercise daily, leukocyte work becomes slower. Finally, the body is susceptible to the flu, which becomes an indication of more severe disease. To prevent from getting flu, you should start to work out and do it constantly.

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Those are some side effects of not doing exercise. You could start to live a healtier lifestyle by doing some light working out, such as jogging in the morning. By doing jogging in the morning, you could avoid the risk of getting various kinds of diseases.

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