How to Fight Bad Breath with Betel Leaf – The 5 Easy Ways

Do you know that betel leaf can be used as herbal treatment to overcome a disturbing bad breath? Looking for complicated ingredients?

No, it is not necessary to do that because betel leaf can be used as traditional method to treat your bad breath as well as maintain teeth and gum health (read also: ways to prevent swollen gums).

Here are several ways about how to fight bad breath with betel leaf and you can prove the result.

  1. Water of betel leaf for mouthwash

This vines trees only can be found in Indonesia and there are many benefits offered by this herbal ingredient. It also can be used to overcome body odor. Therefore, it is worth a try to use betel leaf to treat the bad breath problem. Below contains information how to fight bad breath with betel leaf.

Here are the ways:

  • First method: The first mouthwash can be made by providing 10 betel leaves and then add two cups of water. After that, boil the leaves and the water. Then, the boiled water can be used as mouthwash. Do it for twice a day and do it routinely.
  • Second method: Provide a cup of clean water and also 7 betel leaves which are already washed. The leaves then are put into the cup of water and then squeeze it until the leaves crushed. After that, you can filter it. The water can be used to your mouthwash every morning and night before you sleep. Do it everyday routinely to get maximum result of the treatment.
  • Third method: To be the mouthwash, we can also prepare 5 betel leaves and also two cups of water which are boiled together until it remains one glass only. Let it cold or during the warm condition, which is around thirty minutes. Use the boiled water by gargling and do it for twice a day routinely to get maximum result.
  • Fourth method: The other alternative by using betel leaf to be your mouthwash is: first, prepare 7 betel leaves and make sure the leaves are already old. After that, squeeze it until the mucus are released. Then, boil the water by using enough clean water until boiled and then take it and leave it until warm. Then, you can use it to be your mouthwash and gargling with it. Do it for twice a day and routinely to get maximum result.
  1. Chewing the betel leaf and gargling

Betel leaf contains high amount of antiseptic substance as well as the antibacterial substance so you can use betel leaf to fight bad breath caused by bacterial. Regardless its side effects of excessive usage of betel leaf which are dangerous, this herbal is very helpful to treat the problem as long as you use it properly.

Here are the way

Prepare 2-3 betel leaves which are already washed thoroughly by using flowing water. After that, chewing those betel leaves until it really turns soft but do not swallow it. Chew it for 20 minutes and then drink warm water as your mouthwash while you chewing the betel leaves. Take ten minutes to wait while you are chewing and afterwards, you can wash your mouth by gargling using clean water. Make sure that after you take this treatment, do not brush your teeth for five hours afterwards so the bad breath will be overcame. Do it everyday to get optimum result.

  1. Gargling the water of betel leaf and drinking the remain

There are other alternatives to use betel leaf as your treatment for bad breath. The contains of essential oil in the betel leaf will help you to fight and overcome bad breath. Here are several steps to do about how to fight bad breath with betel leaf. 

Here are the way

 Prepare 5-10 betel leaves with four glasses of water. Wash the betel leaves first and then brew it with the four glasses of water until there is only two glasses left. Afterwards, you can filter it and then leave it until it gets cold. This water can be used as your mouthwash and the brewed water can be consumed after you finish your dish. Do it for a week routinely and you can prove the effectiveness.

  1. Consuming the water of betel leaf and honey

In order to overcome bad breath, one of many ways to treat the bad breath can be done by using betel leaf and mix it with honey. Here are several ways to use betel leaf to treat the bad breath problems as well as to treat several health problems in your body.

Here are the way

 Prepare 15 betel leaves and also three glasses of mineral water. These are important ingredients to be boiled together. After it gets boiled and it is only the ¾ left, let it cold or warm. In warm condition, add pure honey to be additional sweetener and consume it routinely. For sore throat and cough problems, you can use it to treat these health problems. Be careful with sweetener because there are dangers of excessive sugar consumption.

Those are several ways to overcome bad breath by using betel leaf that is worth a try when you want to treat the problem naturally. Do not forget to balance it by brushing your teeth routinely, increasing the consumption of food with high fiber, drinking enough mineral water, and limiting the consumption of food or beverages with special and strong odors. Do not miss the information about the causes excessive sweating.

11 Factors Causing Bad Breath

There are 11 factors causing bad breath that you need to know so you can decrease the risks.

  1. Oral hygiene
  2. Foods
  3. Noses – Related to unknown substances stuck in the nose which can cause bad breath.
  4. Throat infection
  5. Consuming tobacco
  6. Consuming alcohol
  7. Dry mouth
  8. Fasting – Related to the breakdown process of chemical substance which leads to bad breath and not fresh when breathing.
  9. Cancer
  10. Lung infection
  11. Dentures

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Indeed, now you know how to fight bad breath with betel leaf. You can try it! It’s so effective and been used by people in many countries.

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