13 Dangers Due to Excessive Salt Consumption

Salt does serve as a seasoning food, but if you consume it too much, it would not be good for your bodies. Food without salt would taste different and less delicious indeed.

However, we need to know that salt is one of the causes of the body to be damaged because it can be toxic for the body.

Below is a list of risks that you might get due to consuming salt excessively.

  1. Hypertension

Consuming salty foods excessively and frequently might make the blood pressure rises. High blood pressure or hypertension or blood could cause many serious diseases, such as stroke and heart conditions. There have been studies that prove it, which is named INTER-SALT research, and also some medical records that conducted since 1994.

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  1. Stroke

As mentioned before, high blood pressure could cause stroke. This case will occur if we ourselves do not have the awareness to limit excess salt intake. It has been proven that the risk of stroke can be reduced by about one-sixth by reducing the salt intake of 1 gram. Decrease in risk will occur by one-third when you reduce consuming 2 grams of salt a day and the risk could decrease by half if you cut 3 grams of salt on your daily intake.

  1. Cardiovascular Disorders

Cardiovascular disease can develop into other types of heart disease which could be more serious problem. Excessive salt intake could make you at risk of having clogged blood vessel. Initially, you would think it is because of high blood pressure, but high blood pressure can then developed into cardiovascular disease or any other heart issues.

  1. Fluid Retention

Edema or fluid retention could happen because of too much salt intake. High salt intake is also present in some unhealthy dietary ways. This is what then triggers the body’s fluid retention so we have to consume a lot of water.

The symptoms of this condition, among others, are the swelling in the elbow and also the enlargement in the hands and feet. Consuming salt excessively is not good. Thus, it is important to follow healthy diet tips with balanced nutritious foods.

  1. Osteoporosis

Excessive salt in the body will make calcium absorption inhibited and slowed down. This is the beginning of the occurrence of osteoporosis. It has been proven through study and research that that whose salt intake is too high is prone in having osteoporosis because the calcium could not be absorbed like it should be.

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  1. Hair Loss

Excessive salt will lead to hair problems. Uncontrolled salt intake may cause early gray hair. Not only that, hair loss can also occur.

  1. Dehydration

The problem of dehydration can actually be reduced and prevented by consuming enough salt. Salt itself actually has a function to make the body fluid level well because of the electrolyte in it.

However, drinking sea water or consuming too much salt could make you more dehydrated instead. It is happen because salt ‘works’ like magnet, fluid will be drawn in the blood and make the body dehydrated. It is better to consume salt as much as your body need only.

  1. Indigestion

Some people really like the taste of salt, even it has been reported that there is someone who like to consume it like a snack. However, the side effect of consuming salt excessively could attack your stomach as well. It is because excessive intake of salt can adversely affect, especially can lead to low level of pepsin, the occurrence of cancer, as well as ulcers or cuts in the stomach and duodenum.

  1. Hyperglycemia

High level of salt in the body and if it is not immediately controlled, could make hypernatremia to appear. Actually, salt is not the only reason and factor, because the use of certain drugs was able to trigger this condition. Even the presence of abnormalities in the body that makes the absorption of water slows down and reduced body fluids can be the cause.

However, in some cases, it has been found that indeed this hyperglycemia can be caused by excessive salt intake. Proven in 2005 through a study by scientists from the University of Hamburg, consuming too much salt is bad. The excess salt that is used to trigger drunken person to vomit could lead them to death. It is because at that time there was hyperglycemia at a fatal stage.

  1. Disturbance on the Nerves

The sensitivity of the human nerves is supported by the salts that cooperate with potassium. This is because nerve function can be sustained in the process of sending stimuli to nerve fibers. But when the salt level that exists in the body is too high, it might cause disturbance in the nerve. If that condition is not immediately obtained, it might get worse and will cause you to have nerve issues.

  1. Kidney Disorder

Excess salt in the body will make the kidney could not function as it should be. The functions of the tubules and glomeruli that support the screening process and the absorption and release of toxins and urine can be damaged.

Glomerulus is a part of the kidney organ where the occurrence of blood filtration happens. It is a place for the process of filtering the content of urea, water, salt, glucose, and amino acids. The real urine is produced by the distal contrast tubule, and then the collective tubule will accommodate it to be sent to the bladder.

When both parts of the kidneys are damaged, the kidneys automatically would experience a loss of function because the two parts are playing an important role for the kidney. People with kidney disease who do not keep their food intake properly will experience worse conditions. If you continue to consume salt and do not limit it, the condition of kidney disease would be more serious and could be life-threatening.

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  1. Swollen Heart and Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

There are some people who do not experience any of the side effects of consuming too much salt. However, it is shown by the medical record that those who do not have any symptomps are suffering from left ventricular hypertrophy.

The condition is the same as the enlargement of muscle tissue. Consumption of salt that is not immediately pressed will exacerbate this situation which could be dangerous for your health and life.

  1. Death

High doses of salt can be fatal to humans. Only in a short time, the consequences of excessive salt intake can make a person lose his life. It will get worse and need more attention and caution if we consume 1 gram per kg of body weight.

That’s why we need to pay attention to every nutrient intake. Everything that is excessive will not be good for health and even could make you at risk of having sudden heart attack, and eventually death. Sodium or salt should only be consumed as much as 1500 mg up to 2300 mg daily. But if you have certain diseases, consult your daily intake with your doctor.

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