19 Tips for Fasting Safely in Summer for Body and Soul

When we’re living in a country that has four seasons during a year, then summer time might be the hottest of them all. In summer, in many countries they normally having a school or university break during summer because the high temperature varies can possibly reach up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Many people take advantages on this situation by having fun at the beach, picnics, and going on a holiday. But, when the summer time happens in between Ramadhan season when we, as a Muslim, need to do fasting then these tips might be useful for us. Here are tips for fasting safely in summer:

1. Preparing Sahur and Breakfasting meal the night before

Having our sahur and breakfast meals is the most essential thing for us during breakfasting period because that’s what keeping us energetic during the day. We get stamina and energy from foods we eat. So, we need to take enough attention on what we eat, and make sure we do eat some nutritious meals to start our day. And it’s better to prepare our meals the night before we sleep.

Just in case we might wake up the next day for having sahur but it’s too close to Subuh Adhan. If we already save some food to eat, we just need to warm it up a little bit, then start to have our sahur meal. This is one of the tips to minimize our time to prepare sahur meal.

2. Consuming high-fiber food

Our digesting system need enough amount of fiber to keep it at normal function. It gives a long satiety effect, gives high energies, and also launches our digestive system. Food materials containing high-fiber such as roasted chicken, roasted veg, sauteed green vegetables, salmon, eggs, fruits plus non-white food (brown rice, bread and whole-grain pasta, oats) as healthy choice.

3. Consuming food with complex carbohydrate

Complex carbohydrates are there to help you hanging on to your breakfasting period. This one content contained in our food will help us feeling full a little bit longer. White rice, brown rice, and various wheat-based food can be the options to choose.

4. Minimizing processed & junk food

Processed food and junk food then to have less nutrition that our body needs. We might be feeling full after eating that kind of food but in fact, our body still lack of nutritious intake.

5. Consuming enough protein

Protein has the ability to build up new cells, fix our damaged cells, and help us maintain good metabolism in our body. It also has a role to be our main source of energies. We can have sufficient amount of protein by consuming various side dishes such as fishes, meats, eggs, and so on.

6. Avoiding meal with too much salt and sugar

Do not eat too many foods with excessive sweetness or salty. Excess sugar and salt can make you easily thirsty. While, you can substitute your daily meal with a lot of protein, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. 

7. Drinking enough water

Water will keep our body hydrated. Please drink at least 2,0 liters of fresh water a day during sahur and breakfast to reach our daily need intake of water.

8. Arranging your sleeping-time

Sleep for at least 8 hours a day so then when we wake up, we have full battery to finish each of our to-do list on that day. But remember not to throw your precious time just to sleep and unconsciously lost too much time.

9. Staying inside the house

In summer, the temperature might be very high our skin can turn very dry and lip cracked. The best advice can be staying at home as long as we can. It is way safer and nicer at home. 

10. Making “Daily Activity List”

Before starting the day, we better off having our own daily activity list with list of things that we need to get done on certain day, so we can invest our energies effectively.

11. Breaking the fast gradually

Don’t be greedy when we reach the breakfasting time already. It is suggested to break our fast with 2 phases. 1st phase by taking a glass of warm water with a little sweetness from dates, then praying Maghrib. After that, on the 2nd phase we can eat properly with heavy meal.

12. Keeping Al-Quran inside our pocket

To fulfill our free time at bus, or when we’re tired of sleeping, reciting Al-Quran can be the best option for us. Make this activity as our field of reward and collect as much reward as we can during this ‘doubled reward’ time. The Almighty Allah SWT let His servant get much benefits during the holiest month.

13. Follow Ramadan activities in the mosque 

Tips for fasting safely in summer – As stated by many religious leader and in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet, fasting period (or Ramadhan) is the best time for us to harvest reward from our good deeds.

So, lend as many helping hands as possible and scatter helps to all people around us such as helping to manage breakfasting event, Sahur on the road, study more about Islam, praying tarawih every night, etc. Fyi, even sleeping in Ramadhan can be counted as our reward.

14. Hanging out with friend while waiting for breakfasting time

It’s completely okay to accept our friend’s invitation to hang out during fasting. But for tips, we can discuss and set the meeting time closer to breakfasting time.

15. Keeping our view

As we do fasting, we are expected to behave better than our normal condition. We need to restrained lust, think positively, and learn to think and do good things.

16. Holding back our emotions

That’s one points we need to learn from fasting, we need to maintaining our good emotions and prejudice towards one another. Instead, keep a positive mind so then we won’t be bothered by what other people might do.

17. Protecting our lip by using lip-balm

Our lips might be cracked up a little bit but don’t worry, just bring and apply more lip balm can help us fix it! Just remember not to lick it up in purpose. Better choose the plain one, with no fruity or chocolate flavor. Read more on How to Cure Chapped Lips in 5 Minutes . 

18. Protecting our skin by using sunscreen lotion and moisturizer

We tend to consume less nutrition and water during breakfasting, and that’s why our skin will feel drier. More over in summer, the outside temperature may not be friendly to us. So, don’t forget to apply our favorite moisturizer at anytime we feel like we need it. Read more on How to Heal Your Skin After Sunburn .

19. Having strong intend to worship

After all, what keeps us motivated and alive during our hard time on our breakfasting period is our intend to worship to our Almighty God. Let Him value our sacrifice and let us do our best effort to fulfill our obligations.

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After knowing several tips for fasting safely in summer as explained above, hopefully we can be more prepared. We need to do certain things and have different approaches especially when we’re in our breakfasting time. Hope it helps. Happy fasting safely, everyone!

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