14 Recommended Foods to Prevent Leukorrhea – Women Have to Know!

All women must have experienced vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is actually a natural reaction from the body which act as a natural cleanser of the vagina to avoid viruses and bacteria or other causes of leukorrhea

Pregnant women will usually experience vaginal discharge more often due to hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. When vaginal discharge happens, a woman will remove mucus produced in the cervix and carrying impurities inside the vagina. 

The amount and color of vaginal discharge will usually depend on the menstrual condition experienced. Normal vaginal discharge will usually consist of white odorless mucus, without being accompanied by pain and itch around the pubic area.

If you experience vaginal discharge accompanied by itching, unpleasant odor and not white in color, you should be alert because it is one indication that you experience abnormal vaginal discharge. This abnormal vaginal discharge is very rarely experienced by young women who have not entered puberty and those who already menopause. 

So, if you, your child, your friends and relatives experience abnormal symptoms of vaginal discharge, you should immediately check with your doctor to get the right and optimal diagnosis and treatment.

Abnormal Type of Leukorrhea

As mentioned earlier, vaginal discharge can also be abnormal. This abnormal vaginal discharge occurs because of an infection. Abnormal vaginal discharge is also an indication of the existence of a more serious disease so you should watch out for. The following are the types of abnormal vaginal discharge you need to know:

  • Leukorrhea with brown mucus or mixed with blood, this type of vaginal discharge is usually occur due to irregular menstrual cycles. But you are still advised to see a doctor because it can be an indication of cervical cancer. 
  • Leukorrhea accompanied by pain and bleeding,  if you experience pain in the pelvic bone area and part of the vagina when urinating, or if it’s accompanied by blood, it could indicate the presence of gonorrhea or chlamydia. Both diseases if left untreated can cause sexually transmitted disease infections which can damage a woman’s organs. This disease is dangerous, so you are strongly advised to immediately check with your doctor to get the right treatment.
  • Leukorrhea with green, yellow, and foamy mucus, this type of vaginal discharge is usually caused by the presence of Trichomoniasis parasites which causes one type of sexually transmitted disease. Whitish mucus like this usually emits a very unpleasant odor and smells fishy, large in amounts, and when urinating usually also accompanied by a very unusual pain. The vagina will usually experience itch and red spots. If you experience it, you should immediately check the doctor.
  • Leukorrhea accompanied by blisters in the genital area,  this type of leukorrhea is usually caused by the presence of genital herpes. Symptoms of leukorrhea of ​​this type are characterized by blisters just like canker sores around the genital organ. This disease can also be contagious and can be overcome by using an antivirus. But for sufferers, they must always be vigilant because there is a possibility to relapse in the future.
  • Leukorrhea with pink mucus, those who suffer this type of vaginal discharge are usually women after childbirth. Leukorrhea mixed with parturition blood that has not healed completely.
  • Leukorrhea with white liquid mucus and itching, leukorrhea is caused by fungal or yeast infections that brings out white mucus with extraordinary itch but it does not cause an unpleasant odor. Mucus will results itching around the vaginal area and during intercourse. Leukorrhea is not a disease that is transmitted through sexual intercourse but must be treated immediately by using anti-fungals drugs widely sold on the market and can be found easily.
  • Leukorrhea with gray fishy mucus, this vaginal discharge occurs because the good bacteria in whitish mucus are less than the bad bacteria, causing bacterial vaginosis. Sufferers will experience headaches while having white to gray mucus as vaginal discharge, but not accompanied by irritation, itching and unpleasant smell. This is one result of infection but will not be transmitted through sexual intercourse. Patients are advised to take anti-fungal drugs widely sold on the market.

Apart from infection, bacteria, and viruses, abnormal vaginal discharge can also be caused by using soap that is not suitable for cleaning the vaginal area, so that the vagina will feel sore and painful. It is highly recommended that you use warm water and special soap so that the vagina stays healthy and free from abnormal vaginal discharge.

Foods to Prevent Leukorrhea

To avoid the emergence of vaginal discharge often and to avoid abnormal vaginal discharge, you are advised to consume the following types of foods that can prevent them. What are the types of food? Check out the following list:

  1. Banana

The first food to prevent vaginal discharge is banana. Eat at least one banana every day to make vaginal discharge rarely come especially the abnormal vaginal discharge. But remember, do not consume too much banana per day to avoid side effects of banana.

2. Green Vegetables

The benefits of green vegetables for our body is not a secret anymore. People use green vegetables to prevent various types of diseases perched on the body, one of which is vaginal discharge. The green vegetables that you consume can also be adjusted according to your preferences such as kale, spinach, onions, and more. Besides being able to eliminate the fungus that causes vaginal discharge, green vegetables can also be used as an antidote to naturally keep away free radicals from the body.

3. Milk and Buttermilk

These two beverages which are processed from milk can also be the right choices for you as a prevention of vaginal discharge. As we all know, milk is very beneficial. Some benefits of milk including giving you a lot of energy, especially when the vaginal discharge comes, so you will not easily get weak. Besides that, milk and buttermilk can also reduce the production of vaginal discharge and normalize it’s amount.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt consisted of natural ingredients which beneficial for fungi removal in our body, including the ones around the vaginal area. You can consume yogurt with various types of processed foods and drinks that are appetizing. Besides, yogurt is also beneficial for both our skin and beauty along with other foods to eat for a healthy skin. It can make your face look younger and fresh.

5. Water

Water is a remedy for all diseases and it is true, including to prevent vaginal discharge. Drink enough water, the recommended amount is at least eight glasses per day, but your needs may be higher or lower. So, if you are thirsty, you should drink immediately to maintain the stability of body fluids and avoid effects of not drinking enough water.

6. Unsweetened Foods

Another food you can use to prevent vaginal discharge is unsweetened foods. Sometimes sugar is not good for you and you might agree with this if you want to maintain an ideal body mass index. But even so, you are not advised to consume unsweetened foods in excessive amounts.

7. Fat-containing Foods

Foods that contain saturated fat are not good to consume. Besides being able to make vaginal discharge worse, foods that contain fat are also capable of causing various types of diseases such as cholesterol, clogged blood vessels, stroke, heart attack, and others. A way to avoid foods that contain saturated fat is to reduce the consumption of fried foods. If you have a habit of eating fried foods, you should reduce it now.

8. Betel Leaf

The next food you can use to prevent vaginal discharge is betel leaves. The benefits of betel leaves are very famous in overcoming problems in the female organs. How to consume it is very easy, you only have to boil a few betel leaves and boil them for several minutes. After that, wait for a bit to cool down, then drink while it’s warm. Do it regularly at least once a day to get optimal results. Not only is it able to prevent vaginal discharge but it can also reduce unpleasant body odor.

9. Garlic

Besides used as a spice in the kitchen, it is also useful for preventing vaginal discharge. Garlic is one ingredients use to naturally treat fungal infections.  This is because garlic has natural substances that are able to control fungal growth, especially those that occur in your female area so that vaginal discharge will also decrease.

10. Spinach Root

Another food best used for preventing vaginal discharge from happening often is spinach roots. It turns out that not only spinach leaves are beneficial for health, but the roots of spinach can also be used as a way to prevent vaginal discharge, and it also included as a food to increase progesterone hormone. How to use it is simple, first you just have to boil the root of spinach that has been washed. After cooked, you can drink the brew or use it to clean the vaginal area. Do it regularly to get optimal results.

11. Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds can also be used as a spice in cooking as well as can be used as a deterrent to vaginal discharge. You can use the natural prevention of vaginal discharge from coriander seeds safely and comfortably. You can use coriander in each dish or by boiling coriander seeds and then taking the water for the treatment of leukorrhea. Do it regularly.

12. Mango Seeds

If you eat mango, do not throw away the seeds because they can be used as food to prevent vaginal discharge. How to make it is a bit complicated but the result that you will get will be worth the effort. The trick is to dry out the mango seeds, after that mash until it becomes powder. If the powder is still wet enough then you have to dry it again or you can put it outside to dry. After the mango seed extract is ready, then you can mix it with water and then drink regularly twice a day.

13. Turmeric

Maybe most of you know turmeric as a spice and also as an herbal medicine for several types of diseases, but using it as a medicine to prevent leukorrhea is something that many people don’t know about. The trick is easy, just by drinking turmeric water that has been grated or what the Javanese usually call “Kunyit Asam”. This herb from turmeric is able to cleanse the body of all bad bacteria including those in the female organs. So, you will be more protected from unpleasant vaginal discharge.

14. Rose Root

Roses are beautiful, but did you know that roses can also be used as a deterrent to vaginal discharge and the part being used is the root? Rose roots that have been washed and then boiled with boiling water have properties to prevent leukorrhea. If you don’t like the taste then you can add lemongrass or bay leaves and java sugar to add flavor and aroma to make it more delicious and tempting.

Those are 14 recommended foods to prevent leukorrhea and a bit of information about vaginal discharge. Hopefully, you will find it knowledgeable for you.

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