12 Ways on How To Lengthen Eyelashes Naturally

One of the most beautiful parts of the human face is the eyelashes. Eyelashes not only serve as a protective eye but also as an eyelash framer that adds value to the beauty of the eyes and face.

The better the shape of the eyelashes, the more beautiful the eyes and face will look. Eyelash shape is nice is long eyelashes, so easily visible on the face and when blinking eyes, long eyelashes will swing beautifully.

Long eyelashes will especially look beautiful if the owner is a woman because it will further reinforce the beauty of their faces. For women, having long eyelashes is considered very lucky because it is easier to self. For example, use an eyelash curler. Short eyelids will be difficult to form with an eyelash curler.

While the long eyelashes will be very easily dressed to be thick and thick using mascara and eyelash curler to reinforce the makeup used around the eyes.

The cause of Eyelashes is not Long

Generally, people who have long eyelashes get it genetically, meaning it is passed down through both parents or other family members. In addition to the obvious genetic factors, someone who does not have a long and beautiful but eyes can also be caused by various factors. For example, too rough when eye makeup, so that the eyelashes damaged and easily fall out. Besides it can also eyelashes fall out due to certain diseases or habits rubbing hard – hard.

Longer Eyelashes with Natural Materials

For women who do not have long eyelashes from birth, do not worry about it. There is still a way to make eyelashes long naturally by using the following ingredients:

1. Olive Oil

Benefits of extra virgin olive oil for beauty commonly used in the form of benefits of olive oil for eyebrows and can also be used as a facial treatment by removing black spots on the face with olive oil. The content of vitamin E in olive oil is very good for growing hair, including lengthening lashes. How to use it is very easy, that is enough by applying this olive oil on the lashes. Be careful not to let olive oil into the eyeball.

2. Pecan

This spice is better known as ingredients to treat hair. There is a way to make candlenut for bald hair that has been known to many people in the world of beauty treatments, there is also a benefit of candlenut for eyebrows that become a way of thickening eyebrows with traditional pecan.

The content of candlenut in the form of protein, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin A, B1 and vitamin C is the source of its benefits for beauty. How to use candlenut to extend the eyebrows naturally is also very easy. You can pound the hazelnut and take the oil to be applied to the eyelashes, or use hazelnut oil that has been sold in the market.

3. Coconut Water

How to thicken eyelashes or how to naturally curl the lashes can be done by using coconut water. How to use coconut water to lengthen the eyelashes naturally is very simple.

You just search for young and fresh coconut fruit, then use the water to wash your face and eyelashes. The result, the face will be smooth and eyelash lengthwise. In addition, coconut water is known for its benefits as an antidote to toxins, anti-cancer and anti-aging derived from the content of cyrokinin, chlorine, chlorine, and high potassium.

4. Aloe Vera

The benefits of aloe vera for beauty comes from its content in the form of carbohydrates, calories, fats, vitamins A, C, thiamin, calcium, iron and others – others.

With the benefits taken from the content of the aloe vera can be used as a way of curling the eyelashes and how to make eyelashes naturally tap. How to use aloe vera to flick eyelashes is to take a little gel from aloe vera, then apply to the roots of eyelashes to the tip every morning. Please be careful when using this aloe vera on the lashes so as not to hit the eyeball.

5. Shrimp Eggs

Widely used as a way to grow a beard and how to grow chest hair naturally, shrimp eggs can also be used to lengthen the eyelashes naturally. How to use shrimp eggs is to pound it and applied to the lashes. It smells fishy, but the usefulness to lengthen the eyelashes is said to be very good.

6. Green Tea

The benefits of tea for hair is taken from the benefits of green tea for hair that can be used as a way of heavy hair naturally. How to use green tea to lengthen the eyelashes naturally is enough to brew green tea and apply tea water to the lashes. Should brew green tea directly from the form of tea powder rather than tea bags to get more antioxidant benefits. 

7. Betel Leaf

In addition to the benefits of betel to the eyebrows, betel leaf can also be used as a way to lengthen the eyelashes naturally. How to use betel leaves with aloe vera to lengthen the eyelashes is by utilizing the betel leaf stalk that is applied to the lash of aloe vera. In addition, water betel leaf can also clean the eyes like a regular eye drops.

8. Oil Casters

This oil is also often referred to as castor oil that contains lots of vitamin E. You can find this oil easily in stores that sell cosmetics and beauty equipment or in drug stores. How to use the oil of the caster is the same as the olive oil, which is to apply it to the lashes every day. Mix the castor oil with olive oil to taste not too dense. Castor oil can also be used as a way to remove warts naturally.

9. Eggs

Benefits of egg white for damaged hair is very nutritious to improve the condition of hair. Similarly, all parts of the egg have benefits for the hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes.

The protein contained in eggs is a great way to help your lashes become long. Biotin content in it is also good for improving the texture of eyelashes. Combine one egg and one tablespoon of glycerin to a paste, then use a cotton bud to apply it to the lashes and leave for fifteen minutes. Wash with cold water afterwards.

10. Lemon Skin

The benefits of lemon for hair and scalp are taken from its high vitamin C content. Soak the lemon rind of lemon in caster oil or olive oil for several days, then apply to the lashes to get long and beautiful lashes.

11. Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is rich in fat and protein that will help improve the condition of your eyelashes. Dip the cotton bud into the cool coconut milk and apply it to the lashes for ten minutes. Then wash with clean water. Do this twice a day for several months to get good results. In addition, the benefits of coconut milk for healthy hair is a natural way of thicken hair and how to straighten hair naturally.

12. Almond Oil

Oil containing many anti-oxidants and vitamin E is the source of almond benefits for hair, so almonds can also be useful to lengthen the lashes. How to use it together with other types of oil, namely by applying it on the lashes. Basically, other types of essential oils can also be used in the treatment of eyelashes to belong naturally.

How To Take Care Of The Eyelashes Everyday

Eyelash treatment is usually done every day also needs to be done, the point of course to prevent eyelashes become thin and damaged so it can no longer support the beauty of your eyes. Try some of the following to maintain the beauty of eyelashes:

1. Brush the lashes

Brushing eyelashes can help prevent dirt and dust from clogging the pores. How to brush the lash properly:

  • Apply a little vitamin E oil or petroleum jelly to the tip of the eyelash brush. Choose a brush made from soft and smooth.
  •  Use an eyelash brush to apply the ingredients directly to the lashes.
  • Brush the eyelashes with the movement pointing upwards. Start from the roots of eyelashes slowly to the end.
  • Do this treatment about five minutes twice a day to get the desired results.

2. Eyelid massage

Massaging the eyelids can encourage the growth of eyelashes by accelerating blood circulation in the eyelid so that nutrients can easily reach the end of the lashes. How to massage the eyelid are:

  • Apply a few drops of natural oil, petroleum jelly or shea butter on your eyelids.
  • Massage the area around the eyelid and the end of the eye line with the fingertips in a circle slowly.
  • Perform eyelid massage for about five to seven minutes every day for several months. Do not forget to rinse the petals after each massage.
  • Previously do not forget to wash your hands clean first.

3. Shave eyelashes

Cut the ends of eyelashes every two or three months to stimulate the follicles of the lashes to grow faster. Cut only in small amounts, approximately less than a quarter of the ends of the lashes. Always be extra careful when shaving eyelashes, and do with adequate lighting and minimal interference so that your concentration is not sidetracked.

Tips for eyelashes do not fall out

The eyelashes should be treated with care not to fall and make it look thin and short. Some things you can do to take care of everyday eyelashes are:

  • Avoid wearing eyelashes when using eyelashes or mascara curlers.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes hard.
  • Be careful when removing false eyelashes, as your original eyelashes may be plugged in.
  • Replace mascara every three or six months to avoid germs that can cause eye infections.
  • Clean eye makeup every day before going to bed gently.
  • Rest your eyes from makeup every day. Try to have a day without makeup so that the chemicals in the makeup do not damage the eyelashes if used too much.

Because eyelashes are part of the hair that grows in our body, nutritional deficiencies and nutritious foods will also make eyelashes difficult to grow long. Therefore it is good if you also eat a good food for hair growth such as fruits such as apples, guava, mango, green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and others. Also, remember to always sufficient body fluids with enough water consumption.

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