25 Effective Home Remedies for Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase where a mom is pregnant with her child. During this phase, the cycle of the body activities changes and revolve around how to maintain the infant inside the womb.

As a result, a mother may experience a certain unpleasant feeling called stress. Stress among mothers who are pregnant is common and many are seeking help to be able to recover from stress. In this article, you will find all about stress during pregnancy as well as how to relieve stress during pregnancy using 25 home remedies.

The Causes of Stress During Pregnancy

In order to get the best treatment for stress as well as deciding the level of stress, we need to know the reasons why we feel stressed during pregnancy.  There are several reasons why stress occurs during pregnancy.

  • Overthinking: Mothers tend to overthink especially during first pregnancy. They worry about their children and how to bear the children. As a result, they spend time worrying too much.
  • Physical Discomfort: During pregnancy, a mother has to bear another living being in the womb. They will experience discomforts such as difficulty to walk and heavy breathing. Thus, it can trigger stress.
  • Fear Birth Giving: Giving birth takes a lot of effort and pain. This scares mother as they can lose both herself and her children and give her stress as well.
  • Fear of Career: Mother has to postpone her career during pregnancy. This can cause stress, especially for career women.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: The hormone of pregnant women is unstable and it can cause unstable emotional state as well.


Those reasons can trigger many impacts such as:

  • Unhealthy Body
  • Threatening Condition of the Infant
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Prolonged Sadness

To prevent those effects to affect pregnancy, here are some home remedies and simple way to relieve mother from stress during pregnancy.

  1. Drinking Herb Tea

Herb tea is a tea instilled with herbs. Herbs will help to loosen the muscle and the nerve for it to be able to relax. The herbs are extracted from nature and are not dangerous to the baby inside the womb. In order to relieve stress by drinking herb tea, do it regularly by drinking it at least once a day. Make sure to buy only herb tea that is organic.

  1. Doing Yoga

Another way to relieve stress during pregnancy is by doing yoga. Nowadays, there are many clubs offering yoga service designed specifically for pregnant women. By doing some poses of yoga, it will help to relax the muscle and giving a more relaxing feeling both to mind and body. Yoga can also help to clear our mind and help them not to overthink. Start doing yoga at least once a week. Make sure only do yoga that is designed for pregnant women. Also, read Best Ways to Relieve Leg Cramps

  1. Eat Fresh Fruits

Sometimes the cause of stress is due to physical discomfort like frequent nausea. In order to lessen nausea, a mother can eat fresh fruits. Fresh fruits have more vitamin to revitalize the body and make the stomach feel lighter. However, acid fruits like pineapple or anything that can upset stomach, we should avoid them. Also, read How to Treat Your Stomach after Vomiting

  1. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has smell yo relax our body. This flower smell has the effect to relax the muscle in our body and brain. To use lavender essential oil, use a burning candle during the night. The smell will spread to the room and help a mother to relax. This method is effective to relieve stress during pregnancy.

  1. Reducing Coffee

Coffee is one of the most favorite drink of most people. However, pregnant women should not drink it too much. The caffeine in coffee can trigger anxiety and anxiety will trigger stress. Therefore, try to reduce its consumption. You may want to read about Home Remedies for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  1. Eat Magnesium Supplement

Stress can also happen when we lack mineral in the body. Study proves magnesium to be able to relieve stress. Magnesium will help to lessen contraction resulted from too much exertion and relieve leg cramps too.

  1. Do Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a traditional method to relieve some health problems. This method can be alternative to relieve pregnant women from stress. This should be done only by professional or people who know acupuncture well.

  1. Warm Water Therapy

A simple remedy to relieve stress during pregnancy is by doing warm water therapy. Warm water will help to relax the muscle and relieve stress. To do so, use the warm pack and spread them to the sore body. You can also soak your feet with warm water especially since walking for pregnant women is more exhausting.

  1. Regular Sleep

Lack of sleep or irregular one can trigger a more stressing hormone to be released. This is why a pregnant woman, a mother should try to have more regular sleep as it will affect the health of the baby as well. Try to maintain at least 7 hours of sleeping a day. You may want to read about How to Get Sleep Schedule Back on Track

  1. Eat Asparagus Soup

Another home remedy to relieve stress is asparagus soup. Warm and fresh asparagus soup has chemicals that will help to relieve stress. Make sure to include only the organic one and do not add monosodium glutamate or other flavors too much.

  1. Eat Oatmeal Breakfast

Aside from asparagus, oatmeal is also good for a mother who experiences stress. Try to eat oatmeal for breakfast regularly. You can also add fruits and vegetables to make it healthier. A healthy body is more resistant to stress.

  1. Smell Orange

Smelling orange gives a refreshing feeling. Even though orange does not directly relieve stress, but the refreshing smile will help to relax the mind especially after an exhausting day. To be able to use this method, all needed is fresh orange peel. Smell the orange peel for a few minutes and enjoy the refreshing feeling.

  1. Drink Fermented Drink

A fermented drink is one of the methods to relieve stress. The fermented drink will help digestion and lighten the stomach. However, as it also contains some acid, it is better not to drink it too much or frequently.

  1. Eat Salmon

Salmon with its fresh pink color is a good way to reduce stress. Fresh salmon contains a chemical that will relieve the mind from overthinking. Therefore, eating salmon is not only delicious but also beneficial for pregnant women.

  1. Enjoy Sunshine

The vitamin D in the sunshine can help to lighten the mood and relieve stress. Also, the warmth of sunshine will help to circulate the blood better. Thus, try to soak yourself in the sunshine before 10 am. The best time to enjoy the sunshine is in the morning as the ray is still healthy and the air is still fresh. Do not do it during the day or otherwise learn, how to heal your skin after sunburn.

Other home remedies for stress during pregnancy include:

  • Eat Dark Chocolate
  • Drink Fruit Juice
  • Eat Regularly
  • Eat Vegetable
  • Do Meditation
  • Avoid Sugar
  • Avoid Gluten
  • Drink Milk before Sleep
  •  Put Aromatherapy
  •  Drink More Plain Water

Beside what I explained above, here i give some tips of relaxation that you can applied to reduce stress when you are in pregnant. Check this out.

Stress during pregnancy is the source of worry. However, it is usually only temporary and will not stay long if the mothers can find ways to relieve it. Those are home remedies for stress during pregnancy to try that are simple and easy.

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