23 Easy Ways to Relieve Back Pain While Sitting Fast

Sitting in front of a computer for a long period of time can cause back pain. Back pain may be a common condition for adults, especially for office-workers who spend their day sitting in front of computer desks. But it’s just hard to deal if it keeps happening and distracting us from doing everyday activities.

Back pain occurs when there are problems with the components of the human back including muscles, ligaments, tendons, disks, and bones. Treating your back in the wrong way will lead to back pain cause the complex structure of your back can’t work well. These are ways to relieve back pain while sitting that will help you reduce the back pain.

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1. Perform back stretches

An easy way to relieve back pain during sitting is to perform low back stretches. You can do this while sitting. First, sit with your feet flat on the ground. Next, reach over to the right and position your hands on the armrest. Slowly pull your body to the same side and rotate until you feel relax. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds and repeat again two to three more times followed with the other sides. You may also read about Home Remedies for Leg Pain Due to Nerves

2. Breathe from your belly

One of the simplest ways to relieve back pain during sitting is breathing from your belly. Belly breathing is simply inhaling using your diaphragm, a segment between your chest and belly, to fully saturate the lungs with oxygen. When you do this you will feel the oxygen pushing the belly outward. This method will strengthen your core and support your upper body to let your back relax.

3. Apply ice or heat

If the back pain makes you uncomfortable, you can try applying ice. You can use ice packs to your back for at least 45 minutes. This will give you some immediate pain relief and reduce inflammation that cause the discomfort.

4. Take breaks

Sitting for too long will make you feel tired on your back. If you keep neglecting it, it will cause back pain. So, take a break every few hours of sitting to let yourself relax and give your back some rest. If you’re sitting and working on your computer, take breaks by leaning on your chair for a while after few periods. This will reduce the tension on your back.

5. Walk around

Another way to relieve back pain during sitting is making time to walk around for sometimes. Sitting in a long period must be boring and tiring. So, no matter how busy you are and how long you sit, make time for walking around to relax your back.

6. Give yourself mini massages

Massaging the area of your back may help you relax and relieve any discomfort you have. You don’t need any properties and much time to get the benefits of massaging your back. Just gently rub any area you feel discomfort as far as you can reach. This simple practice will help you relieve back pain cause it helps you relax and boosts the blood circulations. 

7. Perform hamstring stretches while sitting

Sitting for too long can cause the hamstring muscles get tight. Performing dynamic stretches can help you keep them loose. Reducing tightness in the back will help the back pain relief.

8. Perform acupressure on yourself

Stimulating acupressure points on your back is another way to relieve back pain during sitting. Just gently press the acupressure points for back pain to help relieve your pain. These points are near the spine at about waist level and between the second and third lumbar vertebrae.

9. Employ heat therapy

Using heat on tense muscles can help relieve the back pain during sitting and also relax the muscles. You can use heating pads, heat rubs, or fill up a hot water bottle and do the treatments while you’re sitting at work. 

10. Stop phone cradling

Talking on your phone while working on your computer may be something common. But, do you realize that a habit of cradling phone, pinning the phone between your shoulder and ear while you multitask, is bad for your neck and back? This kind of position can obstruct the blood circulation that can lead to back pain.

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11. Stop crossing your leg

Avoid crossing your legs. This position can cause you to sit in less than optimal positions and contribute to your discomfort. It also obstructs the blood circulation that can lead to back pain.

12. Stop squinting

If you feel like you always have to look closer to your computer cause you can’t see clearly, try not squinting. It will only cause you bend your back and it’s not good if you keep doing that over and over again.

13. Plant your feet on flat ground

While you’re sitting, your feet should be resting flat on the ground. This can help keep your back in a neutral position and reduce your discomfort. You can use a footrest if you need one. It may also provide additional support for your back.

14. Choose your comfy seat

Make sure you pick a chair that allows your lower back to rest against a lumbar support. When you need to take a break and lean your back, your comfortable chair will give you good rest.

15. Support your lower back

It’s best to have an adjustable chair with support. You can place a pillow between your back and chair. You can also modify your desk space to get a more comfortable seat.

16. Take a pain reliever 

Another way for back pain relief is to try taking an over-the-counter pain reliever. It can help relieve your pain and also control inflammation. Ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen sodium are some pain reliever you can find in the counter. That’s the ways to relieve back pain while sitting naturally.

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Another Ways to Relieve Back Pain

These are some few things you should start doing to help the attempt of relieving back pain. Here are more ways to relieve back pain while sitting:

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Eat omega-3 rich food
  3. Arrange your desk within your reach
  4. Increase hi-calcium intake
  5. Maintain good position
  6. Keep your head up

Those are ways to relieve back pain while sitting that can help you ease the pain in your back. Back pain may not be a serious problem, but don’t wait until it gets worse to relieve it.

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