10 Side Effects of Wolfberry for Health You Need to Consider

Wolfberry is one of the berry fruit which has several good substances for the body, such as vitamin, mineral, etc. those are used to protect body from any radicals.

It is very good to be consumed in right portions, however if it is consumed overly, it will affect negatively to our body. The side effects of wolfberry are as follows:

  1. Influencing a medicine

There are some side effects of wolfberry. Wolfberry berry can interact directly with medicine, this especially for the patient whose consume medicine every day. The medicine is about warfarin. It is used to prevent the blood clod by curing the bloods which are formed because of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolus condition. Therefore, the best one is by avoiding wolfberry, if consume the medicine.

Wolfberry berry contains anti coagulant that comes from nature. Its substance should not be consumed for someone who wants to cure blood circulation. Anyone who wants to consume medicine is useful for thinning blood, he should avoid wolfberry because wolfberry will make internal blood bleeding. Someone who suffers from hypertension and low blood also diabetes should not consume wolfberry.

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  1. Influencing a diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases, people have known. Diabetes occurs because of excess blood sugar. Someone who suffers from diabetes, blood is easy to clot. Blood clots will make more difficult for blood circulation in the body. Fruit that can increase the risk of potential diabetes is getting worse wolfberry fruit. If a person has diabetes, then he is not recommended to eat wolfberry

Diabetes patients must consume certain medicine with certain dozes in daily life. this is to control diabetes within a blood. Wolfberry can influence pancreas and insulin. This reactions is contradictions with the medicine’s work. The great one for diabetes patients must avoid wolfberry.

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  1. Making Hypertension

Hypertension occurs due to the rise of blood pressure. Blood pressure is caused by consuming excessive food or drink. One such food is wolfberry.

Wolfberry if it is consumed excessively, it will make the body blood tension be higher, called as hypertension. After consuming the wolfberry, it is better to drink mineral as much as possible to reduce any substances in wolfberry which can trigger hypertension.

  1. Making Pollen Allergy

People whose have allergy toward powder, they will react directly if they consume wolfberry. It can be forms of sneezing, itchy skin, wheezing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes and itching.  From the results of research, side effects of wolfberry can be found that consume wolfberry, it will occur allergic reactions and interactions with anticoagulant. A quick or slow reaction may result in lipid-specific non-transfer. It makes cross-reactions with other foods, then causing symptoms of itching, allergies and so forth. 

  1. Making a sleeping problem

Wolfberry which has completed substance content, it can produce good energy for the body to do an activity. If consumed in excess, wolfberry will make consumers who eat the fruit be more power up in the activity because of energy produced after eating the fruit. Energy is very good when it is directed in daily activities, but if consumed excessive before sleeping, it will make it difficult to sleep because of energy which is produced after eating the fruit with the content of complex substances.

Wolfberry must be eaten in the day. If it is eaten on the night, it will affect on how the nerve works. It means the people who eat wolfberry, they cannot sleep well. This happens if they eat excessively.

  1. Disturbing Body Energy

Body energy is generated from food and drink. One of the foods that can increase body energy is the wolfberry. Wolfberry can disturb body energy if it is excessively eaten. It can improve the body energy, however, if it is overly consumed, it will make be hyperactive and nervous. Further, it affects concentrations and works

  1. Boostering Blood tension

The blood pressure present in a person’s body occurs and is influenced by daily activities, food, drink, and mindset. Food that affect blood pressure is wolfberry. wolfberry contains minerals, vitamin C, zinc, protein and so forth. If it is consumed excessively, then the blood pressure will also rise. It is because the process of food processing in the body which will result in the production of excess blood sugar. This triggers the heart to pump blood faster.

Wolfberry improves blood tension, if it is eaten excessively. The speed of blood tension can be up normal. It causes bad condition such as hemophilia. 

  1. Causing Dizzy

Dizziness occurs because many factors such as stress because the  pressuring of the mind, rising blood sugar, colds and so forth. Rising blood sugar can trigger a headache, because the blood circulation in the brain is not smooth. It gets worse if someone is consuming foods that can trigger high blood.

One of such food is wolfberry. It can affect blood sugar levels and stomach acid because of the content in them. It happens if the wolfberry is consumed excessively. Eating an excessive wolfberry will make the blood thick and acid levels rise in the stomach. If both of these things happen, then trigger dizziness. wolfberry contained atropine in large quantities, it has the potential to trigger dizziness, eye discomfort, blurred vision and hallucinations. This happens if the wolfberry is eaten redundantly.

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  1. Has High Selenium Level

You need to be careful about the side effects of wolfberry. Wolfberries contain a lot of selenium and can affect fetal growth. That is why pregnant women are forbidden to eat wolfberries. Selenium has been known to cause serious birth defects, abnormal sperm production and decreased sperm count.

10. Causing Indigestion

Someone who has symptoms of indigestion, usually caused by the presence of acid in the stomach is excessive. This affects the disturbed digestive tract. Excess acid can be found in foods and beverages. Foods that have acid is one of them is wolfberry. It can have a negative impact on digestion for people who have digestive problems. It triggers digestive disorders, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Those can be concluded that wolfberry should not be consumed by breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, someone who has low blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, someone who still routinely consume drugs doctor.

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