24 Best Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite on Calves (Easy Workout)

Cellulite is one of the most fearing health disorders for women. It is difficult to remove and this is the reason why women worried about cellulite. Cellulite usually forms on thighs, butt or stomach but can form on the Calves too.

Gastrocneminus and Solus, the function of these two muscles together is to elevate the heel both with the leg straight and when the knee is bent. The action of bending heal is used in a variety of movements as walking, jumping, running. Gastrocnemius the calf muscle that most visible from the exterior of the body. Solus is the deep muscle that not visible when looking at the leg externally. It lies beneath the gastrocnemius on the rear portion of the lower leg.

We may assume Cellulite is an aging process and may relate with overweight, fat. We can take the advantages to minimize by knowing the biological cause of Cellulite.  While many women use creams to get rid of Cellulite, which is not much effective result.  Still you need to follow a strict, discipline diet, physical exercise, mostly by natural way. Read with care these upcoming remedies suggested by MedicPole, no medicine, no side effect. Not only Cellulite on Calves, but these will help you for the all kind of cellulite, we hope.

What is Cellulite?

Fat and collagen fibers, combination of these two factors creates cellulite. An increased fat gather underneath the skin, when the collagen fibers connect tissues beneath the skin to fat cells, forms cellulite. The excessive of fat deposits strains against vertical connective tissues around fat cells in thighs or other area of body.

It is not related to obesity as mostly guess.Cellulite is mostly found on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks and also on calves of a person, mainly women.  Cellulite is rarely found in men,while 90 percent of women may develop it at some point and women of any shape may attacked by cellulite.

Cause of Cellulite on Calves

Cellulite mainly develops during the hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Genetics acts role in development of cellulite, also living as desk bound or inactive life a cause of cellulite too. Specific structure of skin causes developing Cellulite underneath the skin.

The connective cords that connect the underlying muscle with the skin turn into less elastic. Between the muscle and skin is a layer of subcutaneous fat. When the fat layer accumulates more fat in the area and the cords are unable to stretch to make room for the fat, and you develop the appearance of dimples. The dimply or hollow appearance is formed as the excess fat pushes up against the skin and the cords hold the skin back in certain areas.

As mentioned earlier about collagen fibers, Collagen distribution in men and women are different. Male fibers as crisscross and women’s fibers run up and down. Comparing to men, women collagen fibers in their body run vertically up and down, as blockade fence. The superficial collagen of men forms more of a mesh and distribute as chain link fence.This is the key reason that females get cellulite and men don’t. 90% of women have some degree of cellulite compared to 10% of men.

This is important because the vertical distribution of female collagen fibers, more common in the female lower body, form a sort of pocket in which fat cells then grows. As the fat cells grow in size they are essentially corralled in and packed tightly together by the collagen fibers. This tight packing of fat inside the “collagen pockets” creates the characteristic puckering or gathering and dimpling of cellulite. Try filling your pockets stuffed full with marblesor similar size balls and rub your hand along the outside. Can you feel the bumpy, uneven by your hand? That’s how Cellulite stays under the skin.

The connective tissue beneath the skin loses its elasticity with growing up age. When more fat gets accumulated in the space and the connective strands or fiber are unable to stretch, the fat pushes up towards the skin. At the same time, the strands hold up the skin. All these structural changes results in dimpling of skin in that area, causes to develop cellulite.

Women those who are using contraceptive pills are at greater risk of developing cellulite. Cellulite on calves is not as frequent as it is on thigh, buttocks and abdomen. But, it may occur in some people. Cellulite is more common in women than in men, may be due to structural differences in their skin. It is less noticeable in darker skinned people.

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Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Cellulite on Calves

Our body is unable to burn the trapped fat beneath the skin and utilize as fuel, no matter you lose weight or what diet or exercise you do, but on the positive side, living a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious food and exercising can reduce the overall fat which will make cellulite less visible.

To get rid of cellulite on calves is not as easy as it develops. Here are some simple home remedies recommended by MedicPole, might be helpful. Read and try, select which are suitable for you.

Best ways to get rid of cellulite on calves, try these well:

  1. Stair Case Step:

Square or quad and calf burner is to work out for all the muscles around your fat knees. If you don’t have access to a machine, then use some real stairs.  For added stress on your quads go up do this backwards. Alternatively you can perform this by Walking on hills exercise in case of unavailability of stairs.     

  1. Walking On Hills Exercise:

This exercise is a great alternative to the stair stepper. Same concept works your thighs and calves especially when you walk up a hill backwards. As an added bonus when walking or jogging up a hill you put less stress on your joints. 

  1. Cycling:

Biking or cycling can be a great fat knee exercise if you do with a little technique. The secret is, do not sit down on the bike for as long as you can handle. Turn the resistance up or the gear so that it is pretty difficult to pedal and move on as long as possible. Your thighs should really start to burn, when you can’t take it any more sit down and pedal slowly to recover until you can hit it hard again. This exercise is applicable for machine or bicycle both.

  1. Sprint:

Sprinters are never overweight, fat. Sprinting is a weight loss exercise. It exerts a lot out of those who put forth and honest effort and even releases some Human Growth Hormone which helps burn fat for energy and has many other benefits. Try to start with 50 meter sprints and keep working up in distance to 400 meter sprints.  Sprinting is a suitable exercise for fat burning.

  1. Lunges/ swing:

Use weight if possible and keep increasing the difficulty. Perform front, back and side lunges, to add some variation you may try lunge jumps. Start by standing straight and stepping ahead. Let your heel lands first then flatten your foot. While you move forward with one leg, your back knee bends down.

Stop lunging when your front thigh is at same level with the floor. You’re your upper body leaning further a bit. Now position your rear foot as, on the ball, with your back knee near, but without touching the floor. Push your front heel into the floor to rise back to the starting position. Perform again the move with your opposite leg to complete one repetition.

Proper breathing is also important. Breathe in as you step forward and breathe out as you push yourself up. Try to start with eight to 10 reps, perform three sets of 12 to 15 reps and take one minute of rest between sets.

If you play certain sports, such as tennis, lunging may be a very familiar motion to you.

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  1. Leg extension Exercise:

This simple exercise is an effective way, not only work the quadriceps or thigh muscles, but work great for the knee joint too. Whenever you work the knee joint, you are exercising and toning the muscle fibers that surrounding the joint, reducing accumulation of fat or cellulite.

Use the leg extension machine if you are at the gym. Hold onto the handles while sitting in the seat. Position the lower part of the shin against the padded weight bar at your feet. Start with low weight resistance. Sitting in straight position, tighten the abs and exhale, lifting the weighted bar with your feet, raising the bar to almost knee level. Hold for a second and then lower. Do again 5 to 10 times.

If you are performing leg extension exercise at home then sit in a chair, feet as flat on the floor. Hold onto the sides of the chair and lift your feet upward until your ankles are level with your knees. Add ankle weights if you like to. Lift and lower the feet, tightening all the muscles in the quadriceps at the top of the lift. Pause a second and then lower. Perform 15 to 20 leg extensions.  

  1. 90° Lunge Exercise:
  • Standing position as hands on your hips and feet at hip distance.
  • Make a big step forward with your right foot and lower down until your right leg is bent to 90° angle and your left knee is nearly touching the floor. Push back up to starting position.
  • Again make a big step to the right with your right foot, bending the right knee and keeping the left leg straight. Back to the starting position.
  • Now make a big step back with your right foot. Lower until left leg is bent to 90° angle and right knee is almost touching the floor. Back to starting position.
  • Do again with the left foot, stepping to the front, then to the left side, then back. The whole process in one set.
  • Perform as many as 15 sets.
  1. Calf Raise Squat:
  • Position as standing on feet at a hip distance. Bend at the knees and hips to lower down until parallel to the floor.
  • Stand up, then lift your heels and shift weight onto the balls of your feet. Lower your heels to back to starting position.
  • It’s completion of one rep.
  • Perform the process for 15 reps for better result.
  1. Straight Leg Exercise:
  • Stand straight on your feet at a hip distance. Carry and hold one weight by both hands as palms facing your body.
  • Keeping legs straight hinge at hips to lower torso until it’s almost parallel to the floor.
  • Back to the starting position and,
  • Perform the process again for 15 times.
  1. Strapping Boot:
  • Standing position as your feet at shoulder distance. Bend to touch your toes.
  • Bend your knees and lower your butt until it nearly touches the floor. Allow heels to lift if needed.
  • While keeping your hands on your toes, lift your butt up so that you’re in a toe-touch position again.
  • Bend your knees and lower butt again to the floor and stand all the way up.
  • You just accomplished one rep. perform 15 reps to complete the exercise.

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  1. Squats Interchange:
  • A Swiss ball or a weighted stability ball that you need, put it about one foot in front of you.
  • Lift your right leg and touch the top of the ball with your foot, swipe the ball to the right side, make landing with your feet at shoulder distance.
  • Bend at your knees and lower your body down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Push yourself back to standing position.
  • Do same as using left side instead of right side.
  • You can do this exercise without a Swiss ball or similar ball too. Raise your knee up to about hip-height, swipe your leg out to the side, and land with feet at shoulder distance.
  1. Box Jump :
  • Jumping on box is an easy exercise to get rid of cellulite on calves. Arrange one or few boxes with height of 12 to 18 inch or 30cm to 45cm. Squat back, then jump up as swinging your arms forward. Land firmly on the box to absorb the impact. Step down and repeat. You may use stair cases instead of box.
  1. Curtsy Lunge And Squat:
  • For this exercise you need a weighted stability ball, place it about one foot in front of you then,
  • Touch your left foot to the top of the ball. Swipe the ball to the right, moving right leg across you body.
  • Land with your right foot crossed in front of your left, like a curtsy/bow.
  • Stand up as you raise your left leg to touch the top of the ball. Swipe the ball to the left and land with your feet at shoulder distance.
  • Twist your knees to lower down, raise your back up.
  • Go over again with your right foot, swipe to the left and curtsy or bow, swipe to the right and squat.
  • It’s completion of one rep. perform it 15 reps.
  1. Massage therapy:
  • To melting away stored fats and toxins from cellulite concentrated areas, rub your palms together until you generate heat then place your palms directly on those areas, apply many times as much possible.
  • Hot compress is also applicable on the cellulite affected area.
  • Essential oil is helpful to remove Cellulite. Lavender and rosemary essential oils are effective in releasing toxins from the body such as cellulite and other stored fats.
  • Pour hot and cold water directly on cellulite affected area using a shower head, change from hot to cold then cold to hot water for 5 minutes to get the desired results. Apply this every day until cellulite disappear.
  • Sea Salt can be used to massage cellulite affected areas. Rub well to the direction of heart in circular motion, lightly with sea salt.
  • One of the most effective parts of any scrub for cellulite is rubbing in a circular motion, as it stimulates circulation and helps back down underlying areas of any fat. Coffee may be helpful more than other scrubs and also a great exfoliant or to open up the pores, and on stretch marks. Not completely but will certainly fade out.
  1. Yoga:

Yoga poses requires a considerable amount of effort from your calves. That is what you need to make your calves smaller. Body, mind and spirit as whole in addition to help you deal with emotions while sitting as yoga position. This is Best ways to get rid of cellulite on calves.

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Tips to Prevent Cellulite

  1. Drink More Water: To keep the skin well hydrated,drink enough water throughout the day and this habit reduces the cellulite. Drinking 8 glasses of water in a day is a good idea.
  2. Vegetables and Fruits: Broccoli, salad, cabbage, strawberries, Kiwi, oranges, carrot, and bananas are good sources of antioxidants and minerals, these help to reduce Cellulite, these vegetables and fruits contain immense vitamins and minerals which are foods for healthy skin. Habit of eating healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables is the best choice.
  3. Exercise: It’s better to choose exercises which are meant to improve tone and texture of calf muscles. Cycling, running and swimming do not require any gym instruments and can be done easily outside. These exercises are good for toning calf muscles and will help diminish cellulite of calf.
  4. Ground Coffee: Try this too, Mix ground coffee in a bowl with small amount of water to make paste. Then spread over the prepared paste on calf area which has orange peel like look. Rub the area in circular motion for few minutes by tips of your fingers. Clean the area after few minutes. Repeat it three times in a week.Caffeine is known to reduce cellulite on calf.
  5. Soft Brush Massage: To decrease cellulite, massaging by a soft brush on calf area two times in a day also applicable as home remedy. But need long time for a good result.
  6. Blood Flow:  The major ways to increase blood flow are exercise and massage. You need to increase blood flow to remove fat, fluid from the area and it is essential for the health and strength of the collagen fibers. Hot bath and sauna or Hyperthermia, and alternating hot and cold applications or contrast hydrotherapy are known to increase blood flow. Many women are familiar with this through some of the hot and cold dipping pools utilized in reduction in the appearance of cellulite likely due to the fluid effect.
  7. Building the Muscle: The most important is the building of muscle underneath the skin. Weight training is the only form of exercise capable of strengthening muscle and tightening the connective tissues of the body and the effective cellulite exercises. A lower body resistance-training program that focuses on muscle growth is essential.
  8. Fibers Remodeling: The hardest part is strengthen and remodeling the fibers to prevent from cellulite on calves or even to get rid, our best results will come with combining the fat burning techniques with the collagen issue through deep tissue stimulation including heat, light therapy.
  9. Burning accumulated fat: Carbohydrates are the major simulator of the hormone insulin. You need to burn fat to get rid of Cellulite, so, somehow need to block or bypass the simulators generated by carbohydrate. It can be done by following low carbohydrate diet adding regular exercises.

Calves seem to be most overlooked body part in the lower body. Try these above mentioned home remedy tips on regular basis to keep under control your Cellulite disorder worries. Feel confident and don’t be so much upset because of any cellulite not only for cellulite on calves.

Remember, around 90% of women are having this syndrome.  Get used to with drinking enough water, eating vegetables and fruits, regular exercises to reduce cellulite. Toning your calf muscles may help to lessen the growth of cellulite. To tone the calf muscles, perform exercises mainly for calf muscles a few times a week.  15 Best ways to get rid of cellulite on calves home remedy tips by MedicPoles, hopefully will help you to shape up your body as you desire. Good luck!

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