How to Whiten Skin in Groin Area Without Irritation

Blackened groin is one of common thing that any woman ever experienced. Many of them do not take this seriously because it happens on the area that hidden under clothes and rarely being seen.

How to Whiten Skin in Groin Area Without Irritation

But, when it comes to sexual activity, how can you not take this as a serious issue? think twice. Blackened groin will decrease self-confidence and you will get disturbed towards it. If you look for the way to whiten your blackened groin, you can apply these methods below:

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Causes of Dark Groin

  • Obesity – friction among thigh and groin
  • Unbalanced Hormone – unstable hormone (mostly for women).
  • Panties that are too tight – friction among panties and area V.
  • Clothes that are too tight – friction among clothes and groin.
  • Fungal infections – the amount of sweat.
  • Suffering any kind of disease – another disease can lead to this problem.
  • Age – getting old lead you to various disease.
  • By using lemon and lime

Lemon and lime are two kind of fruit that we can easily find anywhere. Both of them contain a big amount of Vitamin C. The high amount of it effective to whiten the blackened spot on groin. It also has an ability to whiten face skin. That is why many beauty products out there use lemon and lime as one of the ingredient.

To whiten groin, you can cut lemon and lime into pieces. You can smell it on the your blackened groin. If you do this routinely, you will definitely get a good result afterwards.

  • By using milk and yogurt

Milk and yogurt is another natural ingredient you can use to whiten your blackened groin. The nutrition and vitamin that contained in both of them are effective to whiten your skin. To get its benefit, You can blend milk and yogurt and use it as your liquid soap. Another way you have to try, smear it on your groin and let it stand for a moment.

  • Turmeric Powder

Turmeric contains a lot of nutrition and vitamin that good for you body. Like Vitamin C, B1, carbohydrates, proteins, etc. Turmeric often be used to avoid skin from irritation. That’s why it helps you from irritation that may happen on your groin. For a good result, you can combine turmeric powder with lemon lime water, then smear it.

  • Cucumber

Cucumber is absolutely familiar to all of us. Beside its function as an ingredient for food and some beauty products, cucumber also has an ability to whiten your blackened grain. You can cut it into pieces and smear it on your groin. Wait until it finally dry before you wash your groin with water.

  • Coconut Oil

How to whiten skin in groin area without irritation? Coconut Oil rich in Vitamin E that good for your health. Vitamin E as antioxidant, maintain the health of your skin. You can smear it and let it stand for a moment before wash it with water and soap.

  • Papaya

The rich amount of Vitamin A in papaya effective to increase skin health and lighten it. To use it you can smoothen papaya and smear it on your groin. One thing you have to consider is do not ever use raw papaya because it will cause allergy on your skin.

  • Potato

Potato has a good ability to vanish black spot and various black spots on your skin. To get a clear and white groin, you can smoothen potato by using blender and smear it on your groin.

  • Olive Oil

Being compared to other vegetable oils like palm oil, olive oil is the best due to the vitamins that contained inside it. You can simply apply it on your blackened oil without any further way.

  • Rice Flour

Beside its function that mostly be used for food, rice flour also has an ability to repair skin health. You can combine rice flour with citric acid and use it as as scrub for your blackened skin.

  • Orange Peel

Orange peel contains a lot of Vitamin C. To get a good result on whiten your groin, there is two ways you can choose. The first one is to rub it on your groin, and then the second one is smoothen orange peel and apply it on your groin.

  • Bengkoang

Despite of not contain vitamin like other ingredients above, Bengkoang still have a good formula to whiten groin. You can simply smear it on your groin as same as way before. Do not worry for its side effect because it has nothing at all.

  • Betel Lime and Lime

Combine betel lime and lime juice. The smear the combination of them on your blackened groin. Let it dry for a while then wash it by using water and soap. While washing it be careful with your female area, because it can lead your skin to irritation.

  • Make Your Own Whitening Cream

The groin area is quite susceptible to irritation because that area is very close to female area. Caring the groin area is risky because it can hit female area. To reduce the possibility of irritation, you can make your own whitening cream by combining turmeric powder, yogurt, and lemon juice. You can use it as same as using usual whitening cream.

To Keep Groin Skin Stays White

  • Try to not to wear panties that are too tight and good for your sweat circulation
  • Try to not to shave your area V hair with shaver or threasing cream because it can possibly happen to irritation to your skin. Anything that relates to hair do has several effects.
  • Try to not to use powder on your groin because it will lead you skin to become moist and cause fungal irritation.

These are various ways you can choose to help you to get a healthy, white, and beautiful groin.

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