11 Ways to Get Rid of Burning Fingers After Eating or Cutting Chili

Maybe your hands often experiences hot heat that caused by chili because you are a spicy food enthusiast. It feels like your hands will turn hot, apparently feels like burning after cutting chili as your food ingredient.

Ways to Get Rid of Burning Fingers After Eating or Cutting Chili

Below this, we will give you several ways to get rid of burning fingers that occurs because of chili.

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  • Washing Hands

No matter whether you are done eating food that contains chili or you are on processing the chili itself and you get burning fingers afterwards, go wash your hands as soon as possible. After being soaped, you can wash it by warm water. You can rub the burning fingers by using sponge until the heat disappears.

  • Using Yogurt or Liquid Milk

Yogurt and Liquid Milk can be another option to overcome the burning feel on your fingers after doing activities that relates with chili. Both of yogurt and liquid milk have proven as ingredients that are effective to neutralized the sour taste in chili. You can use either of them to wash your hand.

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  • Using Alcohol

Washing your hands maybe not quite effective for your, but take it easy if you have alcohol at home. 85 percents amount of alcohol has proven as a way to make your burning fingers feels better due to the effect of chili. Make sure to use alcohol in a healthy way.

  • Using Tomato Sauce

After eating or processing chili and you get your fingers burn, tomato sauce can be a cure for that condition. You can soak your hands in tomato sauce, then wait for about 15 minutes. Don’t forget to wash you hands with clean water afterwards for a good result.

  • Making Baking Soda Pasta

Apart from the dangers of baking soda itself, have you ever heard that a paste of baking soda can help to overcome the heat on the fingers due to chili? You can try to make your own baking soda pasta by mixing two main ingredients: water and baking soda. Apply the paste on the burning fingers, wait until them dry, and clean with water afterwards.

  • Applying Salt

Not only for cooking ingredient, salt can another option if you want to get rid of burning fingers that caused by chili. You can wipe salt all around the burning fingers, go warm it on the stove until the salt melts, and use the liquid that produced by melted salt as a paste on your finger until the hot feel disappears.

  • Using Olive Oil

Olive oil is a natural ingredient that is safe to overcome the burning fingers that occurs because of chili. Before eating chili or processing it, make sure you have smeared your hands with olive oil. You may also read benefits of drinking olive oil.

  • Using Vegetable Oil

Besides of olive oil, you can also use vegetable oil as an ingredient to overcome the burning fingers. The way to apply it is as same as olive oil: by smearing it all over the burning fingers. You may also read side effects of vegetable oil.

  • Dipping Hands into Ice Water

Some of you might find that the previous ways are not quite effective, but try to consider ice water as another option. When the hot feel occurs, go put your hands in an ice water and soak them afterwards. You may also read effect of drinking cold water after exercise

  • Soaking Hands into Warm Water

The next option is to soak your hands into a bowl of warm water. It probably can help because usually the heat from chili can be quickly removed. You can mix the bowl with both warm and cold water, the dip your hands inside it for about 3 seconds. The hot feel can be disappear if you repeat this method 2-4 times.

  • Soaking Hands into Rice Water

The last option to overcome burning fingers that caused by chili is by using rice water that have mixed with anti-fat soap. You can use the combination of them to soak your hands. It helps to decrease the heat of your burning fingers if you wash your hands with clear water afterwards.

These are 11 ways to get rid of burning fingers that often occurs after eating of cutting chili. We hope the listed ways above will help you. Happy trying!

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