How to Prevent Chapped Lips During Fasting Ramadan

Having chapped lips during fasting can lead someone to lose their confidence. The appearance becomes less optimal if lips looks dry. Then, how to prevent chapped lips during fasting Ramadan?

Don’t worry, because we have several ways on how to get rid of chapped lips while fasting you can try easily at home.

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  • Avoid drink caffeine when breakfasting and pre-dawn meal

Consuming food or beverage more than its actual amount has come a habit for most of people who fasting in ramadan.

During fasting period, try to avoid and limit the amount of caffeine you consume that include in food or beverage because caffeine can reduce skin moisture. You can try to drink herbal tea instead of coffee with high caffeine.

  • Use honey

To prevent lips from cracking due to its dry texture, you can try to use pure honey on your lips. Ensure to use authentic honey before apply it on your lips.

Due to fasting, you can’t use it at day but you can use it before bed time or during pre-dawn meal. Not only for lips, honey can also boost up your energy during fasting.

  • Use lip balm

Using lip balm for both women and men can prevent the apperance of chapped lips to occur.

You can use lip balm that contains high moisturizer and of course lip balms that has SPF label alongwith natural oil so your lips will be protected from the danger of sunshine.

  • Avoid salty and spicy food

To anyone who has dry lips, breakfasting with spicy food and salty food may sound indeed delicious but it will lead your lips to become chapped.

You can consume food which is not too salty or too spicy at breakfasting and pre-dawn meal to keep your lips stays healthy.

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  • Use Petroleum Jelly

Try to apply petroleum jelly once you got your lips chapped is one of the best solution.

Treat your lips by using petroleum jelly at leasr 2 – 3 times per week by applying it to the lips every night before going to bed. The ingredients include in petroleum jelly will work perfertly at night.

  • Consume a lot of water during breakfasting and pre-dawn meal

It’s pretty clear has someone who has chapped lips means that their body experiencing dryness, so one thing that they must to do is to drink a lot of water when it comes to breakfasting and pre-dawn meal. Make sure to drink 8 glasses of water before fasting in ramadan.

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  • Remove dead skin cells in lips

Chapped lips that accompanied by cracks is actually the result of dead skin cells. Before experiencing discomfort of it, you can remove the dead skin cells first by cleaning it. You can use toothbrush, then brush your lips by using it.

  • Don’t exfoliate lips skin

Peeling skin is a bad habit where your hands will barely pull the dry skin of the lips and can cause sores on the lips so it will lead you to feel uncomfortable. Therefore, don’t exfoliate lips skin by using hands.

  • Eat vegetables and fruits during breakfasting and pre-dawn meal.

Internal treatment such as consuming vegetables and fruits during breakfasting and pre-dawn meal can also reduce the risk of lips to become chapped.

Make sure to consume vegetables and fruits that rich of minerals and vitamins because it can make skin become moist.

  • Not licking lips

Another way oh how to prevent chapped lips during fasting ramadan is by not licking your chapped lips.

Licking chapped lips has become a bad habit become most people think saliva will make chapped lips become moist. But the truth is, saliva will not make your lips become moist.

  • Use aloe vera

The function of aloe vera is beneficial for moisturizing and softening lips so it will prevent your lips to experience chapped lips. You can use aloe vera before going to bed during ramadan.

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  • Avoid citrus fruits

Not every fruits is good for body health, you still need to select it correctly and see what is content that include in the fruit. Orange and grape are two examples of fruits that contain citrus that can trigger your lips to become chapped.

  • Use cucumber

You can slice cucumber and make it into pasta, smear it all over your lips before going to bed every night during ramadan is beneficial to prevent chapped lips. This method is effective to make your lips become healthy and hydrated.

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These are ways on how to prevent chapped lips during fasting ramadan you can easily try at home in order to get a healthy yet beautiful lips appearance. Stay Healthy, Good People!

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