5 Dangerous Symptoms of Having Scabies in Human

Scabies is one type of disease caused by fungi. Fungus can nest in human body like on skin, hair and also nails. In medical terms, scabies is referred to as tinea or infection of the dermatophyte fungus.

Scabies on the body referred to as tinea corporis, Scabies on the scalp is called as tinea capitis, while scabies located on the face called tinea facei. Scabies on the thighs and legs is called as tinea cruris. You may also read about Natural Ways to Treat Scabies At Home

Fungus can grow and multiply well in warm and humid environments. For example in the pool, bathroom, and in the area of ​​skin folds. Therefore public bathroom is one of the most frequent spots of this scabies. Scabies is very easily transmitted by humans. Even can be transmitted through pets such as cats and dogs.

Transmission can be through physical contact with people with scabies directly. Mushroom spores are very easy to move from one place to another. Things that are easily affected by mold such as towels, clothes, chairs and more. therefore it is highly recommended for people with scabies to not share personal objects. This is because it is very vulnerable to ring fungus infection. Children are often exposed to scabies. They usually get the scabies fungus from the ground because the kids often play on the ground.

Symptoms of Having Scabies in Human 

The main and most common symptom experienced by scabies is the appearance of a red rash that has a ring shape with irregular lines at the edges. This rash can appear anywhere and can widen anywhere. This rash will usually also feel scaly and it will also feel very extraordinary itch. If the ringworm is severe it can expand and also form a watery bump that often blisters. Here are some of the characteristics of scabies:

1. Fungus On The Upper Body

The upper body is usually characterized by the appearance of a red rash with a circular shape on the skin. This red-appearing rash usually occurs because the skin is irritated. But on the inner skin will look normal. If the scabies getting worse, it will become dilated and blister with a very intense itching. Even accompanied by the appearance of pus on the margins. See Also How to Treat Skin Fungus on The Face

2. Fungus On Scalp

Scabies can also appears in the head. This is characterized by the appearance of a small, scaly area. The skin will feel sore can even cause baldness in the place. Scabies makes hair loss and leads to scalp becoming very itchy. If it gets worse, this scabies can become pus and it will become a dry wound. Sometimes there will also appear large swells that swell. This wound can secrete pus that will cause the sufferer to have fever and also swelling of the lymph nodes. 

3. Fungus on The Legs

In addition to the upper body and head, scabies can also appear in the legs, groin and nails. Children, especially boys will usually appear scabies in the crotch. Scabies can also spread to the inner thighs and also the buttocks area.

4. Fungus on The Sidelines of The Foot

There are many symptoms of having scabies in human that you should notice on yourself. There is also scabies that appears on the legs. Precisely located on the sidelines of the finger that causes itching, dry and also make skin peel. The ringworm is quite severe will make the feet taste to be scaled on the heel and also the side of the foot. In addition, scabies on the foot is also usually cause blister sores, burning sensation and also sore on the skin. See also Causes of Small Warts on Face

5. Fungus on Nails

Scabies on the crotch and feet often occurs simultaneously. Patients usually inadvertently move the spores of the fungus on inner thighs to foot or vice versa. This happens when using a pair of pants or when to remove it. If the scabies occurs on the nail, nails will become thick and change color, become brittle and easily dislodged. At the edge of the toenail is also usually will be sore because of irritation on the skin of the foot. See also Causes of Paronychia Toe

Sometimes the symptoms of having scabies in human is almost the same as other types of skin diseases such as eczema and ringworm. If you experience the symptoms mentioned above then you should immediately conduct a check up to the doctor in order to get proper and prompt treatment from the doctor. See also Causes of Small Warts on Neck

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